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An excellent book! Should be required reading for all those who use experiential learning approaches. Clearly written. Thought provoking and very useful for all educators.

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Very poorly written; too many long sentences and the grammar structure does not make it an easy read. The over utilisation of big words succeeds only in making the book read like it was written by someone desperate to sound more intelligent than they are in reality and is, at the very least, extremely pretentious.
The majority of the content is very 'airy-fairy' and lacks substance which compounds the points raised above when it is considered the author writes from the point of view of what sounds like some sort of extremely dull feminist hippy.
I think there may be some useful info hidden in the depths of guff if you are writing an essay on reflective learning however.
My recommendation would be to avoid this book unless you are instructed to read it in order to complete some form of graded assigniment.

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