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Who by his all-commanding might 25

Did fill the new-made world with light.

For his ire.
And caus'd the golden-tressed fun,
All the day long his course to run. 30

For his ire.
The horned moon to shine by night,
Amongst her spangled sisters bright.

For his &c. 35

He with his thunder-clasping hand
Smote the first-born of Egypt land.

For his &c. 40

And in despite of Pharao fell,
He brought from thence his Israel.

For his ire.
The ruddy waves he cleft in twain 45

Of the Erythræan main.

For his ire.
The floods stood still like walls of glass,
While the Hebrew bands did pass. 50

For his ire.
But full soon they did devour
The tawny king with all his power.

For his ire. 55

His chosen people he did bless
In the wasteful wilderness.

For his ire. . 60

In bloody battel he brought down
Kings of prowess and renown.

For his &c.
He foil'd bold Seon and his host, 65

That rul'd theAmorrean coast.

For his ire.
And large-limb'd Og he did subdue,
With all his over-hardy crew. 70

For his ire.
And to his servant Israel
He gave their land therein to dwell.

For his ire. 75

He hath with a piteous eye
Beheld us in our misery.

For his ire. 8#

And freed us from the slavery
-Of the invading enemy.

For his ire.
All living creatures he doth feed, 8$

And with full hand supplies their need.

For his &c.
Let us therefore warble forth
His mighty majesty and worth. .§•

For his ire.
That his mansion hath on high
Above the reach of mortal eye.

For his mercies ay indure, 95

Ever faithful, ever sure.


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