Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Volume 26

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Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1858 - Asia

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Page 274 - A Dictionary of Science, Literature, and Art : Comprising the History, Description, and Scientific Principles of every Branch of Human Knowledge ; with the Derivation and Definition of all the Terms in General Use. Edited by WT BRANDE, FRSL and E. ; assisted by Dr.
Page 291 - Fcap. pp. 250. 2s. Geological Papers on Western India. Including Cutch, Scinde, and the south-east coast of Arabia. To which is added a Summary of the Geology of India generally. Edited for the Government by HENRY J. CARTER, Assistant Surgeon, Bombay Army. Royal 8vo. with folio Atlas of maps and plates; half-bound. Ł2 2s.
Page 31 - I also went thither with Philip Brito, and in fifteen days arrived at Syriam, the chief port in Pegu. It is a lamentable spectacle to see the banks of the rivers set with infinite fruit-bearing trees, now overwhelmed with ruins of gilded temples and noble edifices ; the ways and fields full of skulls and bones of wretched Peguans, killed or famished or cast into the river, in such numbers that the multitude of carcases prohibits the way and passage of any ship...
Page 31 - Temples, and noble edifices; the wayes and fields full of skulls and bones of wretched Peguans, killed or famished and cast into the River, in such numbers that the multitude of carkasses prohibiteth the way and passage of any ship; to omit the burnings and massacres committed by this the cruellest of Tyrants that ever breathed.
Page 166 - HISTORY (a) of the revolt of Ali Bey, against the Ottoman Porte, including an account of the form of government of Egypt ; together with a description of Grand Cairo, and of several celebrated places in Egypt, Palestine, and Syria : to which are added, a short account of the present state of the Christians who are subjects to the Turkish government, and the journal of a gentleman who travelled from Aleppo to Bassora. By SL Koff/ioroXiTijj.
Page 140 - ... rounded, 4-10 subequal and with the llth oval. The thorax is small only half as large as the head, rather narrowed, strongly transverse, twice as broad as long, slightly emarginated in front, the anterior angles rounded, contracted below the middle, subquadratic and prolonged at the base, posterior angles depressed, longitudinally divided by a deep furrow. The elytra are striated and, like the thorax, densely punctured and thinly pubescent.
Page 241 - consists in the lowlands of different kinds of grasses, which are frequently dry; but in Tibet it is chiefly composed of various woody plants, which form the main vegetation of these arid regions. In the hills to the west of the Indus these animals are to be found wandering pretty well throughout the year; but in the early summer, when the grass and the water in the pools have dried up from the hot winds, the greater number, if not all, of the ghorkars migrate to the hills for grass and water.
Page 144 - Cum prsecedente sed rarius et per occasionem nocte ad lumen cepi. The shape of the body is quite that of the former but the insect is larger. The head is less distinctly punctured than in the former and there is an additional impression in the middle of the forehead. The thorax is also less deeply punctured, but the divisional furrow is more so than in the preceding species. The anterior tibise appear somewhat less deeply notched.
Page 285 - The smaller one fell alto about perpendicularly. The smaller does not appear in any respect like a fragment of the larger one. The specific gravity of the smaller One when it fell was about 3'3, water being the standard of unity. I observed that the specific gravity was increased after exposure to a shower, or rather that of the smaller one was. I did not try that of the larger. The crack on the convex side of the larger one I did not perceive at all till it hid been wet, and then at first it was...
Page 137 - BEMBIDIID^EI have not hesitated to refer my ng to this tribe. The head is as broad as the thorax and altogether of about the same size, it is strongly triangular from the eyes to the tip of the mandibles, the forehead is impressed with 2 deep longitudinal furrows, the eyes are large, rather oval and prominent, behind them the head is abruptly contracted into a thick neck. The antennae are long and thick reaching nearly to the middle of the body, joints 1 and 11, 2 4 5-10 are subequal amongst themselves,...

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