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for he says r. I say p. 221. 1. 7. for there r. these p. 231.

for he means r. the means p. 233. noie l. 4, for there mentioned r. Rom. viii. 34. p. 315. l. 16. for-inculcates r. inculcate

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1. 5.

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Design of the work. Dr. Priestley's lou

dable motives in addressing the youth of the universities. The real author of the letter to bim under the name of an undergraduate.

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HERE cannot be a more commend

able employment than to endeavour, , in any degree, to form or excite the minds of youth to piety and virtue, and to assist them in their enquiries after truth; those

among thein especially, who, like you, are destined



ings, which


to act important parts upon the theatre of theworld, and who must, by your situations, do much good or much harm in it.

This I profess to be my aim and ambition in these thoughts which I have publickiy addressed to you, respecting the matters in discussion between Dr. Horne and Dr. Priestley, in which


bear a considerable part; and in my farther notification of certain things, in some others of Dr. Horne’s writ


you most effentially, and which you may be otherwise apt to take upon trust without examination, from

deference to his authority, and known worthy character.

And from an earnest desire in particular to aslist you in understanding the revelation, which we believe the Divine Being to have given of himself, and of his will, and moral government over the human race, to which we belong; I have been farther prompted to lay before you some samples of the only just method of interpreting the sacred volume, which contains that revelation, with a large exemplification of the contrary method; and

; have closed the whole with a catalogue of



the false readings of Scripture, which have been introduced at different times, and continued, through an undue prejudice in favour of the doctrine of the trinity and the divinity of Jesus Christ; accompanied with a list of the mistranslations of our english bible, which have arisen from the same cause, and still remain.

Wo unto you when all men fall. Speak well of you, says our Saviour Christ, Luke vi. 26. to his apostles, who were to carry on the instruction and reformation of the world, after he had left it; to warn them, that a general applause, in their department, was not to be obtained without mean compliances, and soothing men in their idolatry and sinful practices.

This wo assuredly belongs not to Dr. Priestley, whatever be his merits or demerits in other respects. His frankness in publishing the progress of his inquiries into the scriptures, and early christian antiquity, and the doctrines and opinions he has drawn from those sources, oftentimes contrary to what had been established and held sacred


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for ages,

has excited the zeal and dispicafure of thofe againit him, who from various and different motives would have every thing relating to religion remain quiet and untouched; and of others, who unhappily suppose the salvation of mankind to depend upon holding certain articles of belief, which he maintains to be void of all foundation : so that

many set no bounds to their evil speaking, and ignorant censures of him. Such however has been the lot in all

ages, among their cotemporaries, of the trueit friends and benefactors of mankind, who have set themselves to oppose and correct popular errors, especially in the things of religion. Socrates, one of the most virtuous of men, and a preacher of truth in his day, according to the lights given him, was accused of poisoning the minds of youth. If the dispassionate wise and good approve, the accusations of others may be more easily borne. Whether any just cause of complaint or offence, has been now given, you will judge from what I Mall offer.

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Dr. now

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