The Saucy Jack, and the Indiaman. By a blue jacket

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Page 188 - A THOUSAND miles from land are we, Tossing about on the roaring sea ; From billow to bounding billow cast, Like fleecy snow on the stormy blast : The sails are scattered abroad like weeds ; The strong masts shake, like quivering reeds ; The mighty cables and iron chains, The hull, which all earthly strength disdains, They strain, and they crack ; and hearts like stone Their natural, hard, proud strength disown.
Page 176 - Nay, take my life and all; pardon not that: You take my house, when you do take the prop That doth sustain my house; you take my life, When you do take the means whereby I live.
Page 245 - WHEN at the first I took my pen in hand, Thus for to write, I did not understand That I at all should make a little book In such a mode : nay, I had undertook To make another; which when almost done, Before I was aware, I this begun.
Page 118 - Tis woman that seduces all mankind, By her we first were taught the wheedling arts: Her very eyes can cheat; when most she's kind, She tricks us of our money with our hearts.
Page 61 - Slave, I have set my life upon a cast, And I will stand the hazard of the die: I think, there be six Richmonds in the field ; Five have I slain to-day, instead of him: — A horse ! a horse ! my kingdom for a horse ! [Exeunt.
Page 42 - Of ocean, and the harvests of its shores. Thy spirit is around. Quickening the restless mass that sweeps along ; And this eternal sound — Voices and footfalls of the numberless throng — Like the resounding sea, Or like the rainy tempest, speaks of thee. And when the hours of rest Come, like a calm upon the mid-sea brine, Hushing its billowy breast — The quiet of that moment too is thine ; It breathes of Him who keeps The vast and helpless city while it sleeps.
Page 1 - They fix the bars, and heave the windlass round ; At every turn the clanging pauls resound ; Up-torn reluctant from its oozy cave The ponderous anchor rises o'er the wave.
Page 10 - With roomy decks, her guns of mighty strength, Whose low-laid mouths each mounting billow laves : Deep in her draught, and warlike in her length, She seems a sea- wasp flying on the waves.
Page 259 - On you the blast, surcharged with rain and snow, In winter's dismal nights no more shall beat ; Unfelt by you the vertic sun may glow, And scorch the panting earth with baneful heat. No more the joyful maid, with sprightly strain, Shall wake the dance...
Page 220 - Toll for the brave! The brave that are no more! All sunk beneath the wave, Fast by their native shore ! Eight hundred of the brave, Whose courage well was tried, Had made the vessel heel, And laid her on her side. A land-breeze shook the shrouds, And she was overset; Down went the Royal George, With all her crew complete.

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