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The Lessons in this Reading Book are somewhat longer, more difficult, and of more sustained interest than those in the book for Standard II., and are therefore better suited to the more developed intelligence of the children for whom they have been written.

The lessons on History and Geography are intended rather to whet the appetite for such subjects, than fully to satisfy it. We would venture to remind the young teacher that such lessons, the geographical ones especially, will be rendered more pleasant to the children, and in every way more useful, if they are illustrated by maps and such other diagrams and appliances as may be obtainable.

Questions have not been placed at the ends of the lessons : we think teachers prefer to frame their own. The space thus placed at our disposal we have been glad to make use of by inserting more poetry and illustrations than we could otherwise have done. In this way we hope the book has been rendered more attractive, without being less useful.

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1. THE tiger, the fiercest of all animals, is found only in Asia, and chiefly in that part of Asia called

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