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Part One. General statement of organization and activities 1

I. Jurisdiction, authority, powers, and duties 1

II. Historical background 9

III. Organization 13

A. Subcommittees 13

B. Rules of the Committee on Government Operations 13

IV. Activities, 103d Congress 19

A. Investigative reports 19

B. Legislation 21

C. Reorganization plans 25

D. Committee prints 26

E. Committee action on reports of the Comptroller General 26

Part Two. Report of committee activities 29

I. Matters Of Interest, Full Committee

A. General 29

1. Oversight plans of the committees of the U.S. House of

Representatives 29

2. Views and estimates for fiscal year 1995 29

3. Legislation 29

a. Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 29

b. Department of Environmental Protection Act 31

c. Federal Acquisition Improvement Act of 1993 34

d. Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 36

e. Revolving Door Sunshine Act of 1993 39

f. Government Savings and Reform Act of 1993 40

g. The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 40

h. The Expedited Rescissions Act of 1993 43

i. National Historical Publications and Records Commis-

sion 43

tThe Ban on Smoking in Federal Buildings Act 44

. Making appropriations for the Treasury Department,

the U.S. Postal Service, the Executive Office of the

President, and certain independent agencies for fiscal

year 1994 44

l. National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year

1994 44

m. National and Community Service Act 46

n. Local Flexibility Act of 1993 47

o. North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation

Act 47

p. To provide for the conveyance of certain land in the

District of Columbia to the Columbia Hospital for

Women to provide a site for the construction of a

facility to house the National Women's Health Re-

source Center 48

q. The Thrift Depositors Protection Act of 1993 48

r. Minor Boundary Adjustments and Miscellaneous Park

Amendments Act of 1993 49

s. Health Security Act 49

t. The Iraq Claims Act of 1993 50

u. National Narcotics Leadership Act Amendments of

1993 50

v. Government Management Reform Act of 1994 50


Part Two. Report of committee activities—Continued

A. General—Continued

3. Legislation—Continued

w. Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of

1994 (Local Partnership Act of 1993) 51

x. Uruguay Round Agreements Act 52

y. Base Closure Community Redevelopment and Homeless

Assistance Act of 1994 53

z. Veterans Health Programs Improvement Act of 1994 53

aa. Hopewell Township Investment Act of 1994 53

bb. The Expedited Rescissions Act of 1994 53

cc. The Budget Control Act 54

dd. National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year

1995 55

ee. Making appropriations for the Department of Trans-
portation and related agencies for fiscal year 1995 56

ff. To provide for the management of portions of the Pre-
sidio under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the
Interior 56

gg. Vegetable Ink Printing Act of 1994 57

nn. President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Col-
lection Extension Act of 1994 57

ii. Federal Mandates Relief for State and Local Govern-
ments Act of 1994 57

jj. To amend the Federal Property Act to authorize dona-
tion of Federal surplus property to providers of nec-
essaries for impoverished individuals 57

kk. To provide travel and transportation expenses to the
families of certain deceased career appointees in the
senior executive service 57

11. Guam Excess Lands Act 58

mm. To require that certain payments made to victims
of Nazi persecution are disregarded in determining
eligibility for need based services 58

4. Investigations 58

a. Allegations of Reprisals at the Internal Revenue Serv

ice 58

b. Employment practices at the Immigration and Natu

ralization Service 59

B. General management 60

1. Oversight of implementation of the Chief Financial Officers

Act of 1990 60

2. Procedures for the promulgation and review of executive branch regulations 61

3. Economy and efficiency of the U.S. Health Care System 63

4. Oversight of the General Accounting Office 66

5. Review of the recommendations by the Vice President's National Performance Review 67

6. Program evaluation efforts in the Federal Government 68

7. Debt collection 69

8. Evaluation of Executive Order 12837, on reducing adminis-
trative expenses in Federal agencies 69

9. The effect on emplovment of shifting Federal funds from
Defense to State and local governments 70

C. Budget process 70

D. Automatic data processing 73

1. Major committee ADP/IRM investigations 74

a. General FTS 2000 oversight 74

b. Review of Federal electronic commerce/electronic data

interchange [EC/EDI] efforts 77

c. Review of VA's Veterans Benefits Administration [VBA]

$500 million computer modernization 79

d. Investigation of GSA implementation of the Brooks ADP

Act 83

e. Review of the effectiveness of Air Forces Standard Sys

tems Center [SSC] procurement management 84

f. Review of the need for Chief Information Officers 85 Page

Part Two. Report of committee activities—Continued

D. Automatic data processing—Continued

1. Major committee ADR/TRM investigations—Continued

g. Review of National Aeronautics and Space Administra

tion [NASA] supercomputer procurements 86

h. Investigation of questionable contracting practices with

in the Office of the Secretary of Defense 88

i. Review of indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity [IDIQ]

contracts for personal computers and associated resources 89

2. Savings achieved through implementation of Public Law

89-306 (the Brooks Act) 89

E. Federal procurement policy 97

1. Oversight of the General Services Administration 98

2. Committee investigation of GSA leasing practices 99

3. Investigation of Justice Department suit against GAO bid protest authorities 99

4. General oversight of Federal procurement 100

5. Investigation of Defense Logistics Agency Preferred Vendor Program 103

6. Review of Detroit Veterans Hospital procurement process .. 104

7. Review of Department of Defense acquisition law advisory panel's operation 105

8. Oversight of the General Services Administration minority contracting practices 106

9. Oversight of the Department of the Treasury multiuser acquisition contract [TMAC] 106

10. Review of GSA's management of the Multiple Award

Schedules Program 107

F. Federal Anti-Narcotics Program 108

II. Investigations


Legislation and National Security Subcommittee, Hon. John Conyers, Jr.,
Chairman Ill

1. "Reimbursement of Defense Contractors' Environmental Cleanup
Costs: Comprehensive Oversight Needed to Protect Taxpayers,'
House Report No. 103-408, November 22, 1993, Fifth Report by

the Committee on Government Operations Ill

2. "State Department Mismanagement of Overseas Embassies: Correc-
tive Action Long Overdue," House Report No. 103—409, November

22, 1993, Sixth Report by the Committee on Government Operations 114

3. "Further Legislation Needed for Release of Kennedy Assassination
Records," House Report No. 103-587, July 12, 1994, Eighth Report

by the Committee on Government Operations 117

4. "The Milstar Communications System: Comprehensive Reevaluation
Needed," House Report No. 103-864, October 20, 1994, Seventeenth
Report by the Committee on Government Operations 119

5. "World Food Program: Funding and Management Improvements Can
Strengthen Delivery of Food Aid," House Report No. 103-865, Octo-
ber 24, 1994, Eighteenth Report by the Committee on Government
Operations 121

6. "National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Management Con-
trols Must be Strengthened to Protect Taxpayers," House Report
No. 103-869, October 31, 1994, Twenty-second Report by the Com-
mittee on Government Operations 122

Human Resources and Intergovernmental Relations Subcommittee, Hon.
Edolphus Towns, Chairman 124

1. "Poison Control Centers: On the Brink of Extinction," House Report
No. 103-860, October 19, 1994, Thirteenth Report by the Committee

on Government Operations 124

2. "Misused Science: The National Cancer Institute's Elimination of
Mammography Guidelines for Women in Their Forties," House Re-
port No. 103-863, October 20, 1994, Sixteenth Report by the Commit-
tee on Government Operations 125


Commerce, Consumer, and Monetary Affairs Subcommittee, Hon. John M.
Spratt, Jr., Chairman 127

1. "North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA] Rules of Origin
and Enforcement Issues," House Report No. 103-407, November 22,
1993, Fourth Report by the Committee on Government Operations .... 127

2. "Bank Regulation and Bank Lending to Small Business, House Re-
port No. 103-^410, November 22, 1993, Seventh Report by the Com-
mittee on Government Operations, Together with Separate Views 128

3. "The Administration and Enforcement of Employment Taxes—A Sta-
tus Report on Ideas for Change," House Report No. 103-861, October
19, 1994, Fourteenth Report by the Committee on Government Oper-
ations 130

4. "Financial Management and CFO Act Reforms in the Department
of Commerce," House Report No. 103-862, October 20, 1994, Fif-
teenth Report by the Committee on Government Operations 131

5. "Uncertainty and Data Quality Problems Affecting Federal Reserve
Monetary Policy," House Report No. 103-866, October 27, 1994,
Nineteenth Report by the Committee on Government Operations 133

6. 'Trade With Russia and the Newly Independent States [NIS]," House
Report No. 103-867, October 27, 1994, Twentieth Report by the
Committee on Government Operations, Together with Additional
Views 134

7. "Financial Management in the Customs Service," House Report No.
103-868, October 31, 1994, Twenty-first Report by the Committee

on Government Operations 134

8. 'Problems Facing Minority and Women-Owned Small Business, In-
cluding SBA Section 8(a) Firms, in Procuring U.S. Government Con-
tracts: An Interim Report," House Report No. 103-870, November
29, 1994, Twenty-third Report by the Committee on Government
Operations, Together with Additional Views 135

Information, Justice, Transportation, and Agriculture Subcommittee, Hon.
Gary A. Condit, Chairman 137

1. "A Citizen's Guide on Using the Freedom of Information Act and
the Privacy Act of 1974 to Request Government Records," House
Report No. 103-104, May 24, 1993, First Report by the Committee

on Government Operations 137

2. The Immigration and Naturalization Service: Overwhelmed and Un-
prepared for the Future," House Report No. 103—216, August 25,
1993, Second Report by the Committee on Government Operations,
Together with Additional Views 138

3. "Look Who's Minding The Forest: Forest Service Reforestation Pro-
gram Due for a Major Overhaul," House Report No. 103-218, August

5, 1993, Third Report by the Committee on Government Operations .. 138

4. "Improving the Management of the Farmers Home Administration
Single-Family Housing Portfolio Through Centralized Servicing and
Mortgage Escrowing, House Report No. 103-609, July 19, 1994,
Ninth Report by the Government Operations Committee 139

5. "Information Resources Management in a Reconfigured U.S. Depart-
ment of Agriculture," House Report No. 103-610, July 19, 1994,
Tenth Report by the Committee on Government Operations 140

6. "Criminal Aliens: A Federal Responsibility and a State and Local
Burden," House Report No. 103-645, August 1, 1994, Eleventh Re-
port by the Committee on Government Operations 141

Employment, Housing, and Aviation Subcommittee, Hon. Collin C. Peterson,

Chairman 141

1. "The Section 8 Project-Based Assistance Program: Waste and Mismanagement," House Report No. 103-859, October 19, 1994, Twelfth Report of the Committee on Government Operations 141


Legislation and National Security Subcommittee 143

1. The Air Force C-17 Airlifter Program 143

2. Budget enforcement for reconciliation 146

3. Foreign government procurement discrimination 147

4. Office ofNational Drug Control Policy 149 Page

Legislation and National Security Subcommittee—Continued

5. Impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement on government procurement and public sector 156

6. Follow-on Early Warning System 160

7. The effectiveness of the current legal framework for U.N. peacekeep-
ing operations 160

8. National Performance Review: Capital budgeting for investment 161

9. National Performance Review: Biennial budgeting proposals 162

10. Use of value engineering by Federal agencies 162

11. The B-1B bomber 164

12. Cold war era human subject experimentation 165

13. Employment discrimination at the Immigration and Naturalization Service 167

14. The U.S. presence overseas: Is downsizing the answer? 170

15. The activities of the Agency for International Development's Agency Center for University Cooperation in Development 170

16. The Peace Corps' Office of Inspector General 171

17. The Peace Corps' new country entry 172

18. The Navy AOE-6 Program 173

19. Alleged sale to the Department of Defense of foreign-made machine tools as domestic products 174

20. The Strategic Target System [STARS] 175

21. Performance of the Patriot Missile 177

22. Defense Mapping Agency 177

23. U.S. aid to developing African states 178

24. TAO-187 Kaiser Class Oiler Program 179

25. B-52 bomber crash at Fairchild Air Force Base 180

26. Alleged retaliation against Dr. Mitchell Faktor, MC, U.S. Army 180

27. GSA internal restructuring and results of National Performance Review 181

28. Agency implementation of the Chief Financial Officers Act 182

Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources Subcommittee 185

1. Joint hearing on elevation of the Environmental Protection Agency

to Cabinet-level status 185

2. Review of Federal recreation concessions management 186

3. Potential health risks from carpets and carpeting materials 188

4. Management problems and contracting activities at EPA laboratories 189

5. DOD's Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program
[CSEPP] 192

6. Adequacy of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Agreement
States Program 193

7. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Electricity Regulation
Program 194

8. EPA*s Pesticide Program and Food Safety Reform 196

9. Benefits and drawbacks of the superfund liability provisions 197

10. Reliability of U.S. isotope supplies and the U.S. Department of Energy's Isotope Production and Distribution Program 199

11. Risk based decisionmaking at the Environmental Protection Agency ... 200

12. Adequacy of EPA efforts to assist small water systems in complying with the Safe Drinking Water Act 201

13. EPA and State hazardous waste disposal facility siting policies 203

14. Federal and State efforts to maintain clean air in national parks

and wilderness areas 205

15. Intrastate land exchange leads to destruction of Gettysburg Battlefield property 206

16. Radioactive contamination at sewage treatment plants 207

17. Superfund implementation issues 209

18. Joint hearing on communication fees for the private use of public lands 210

19. Mismanagement of hundreds of millions of dollars of governmentowned property by U.S. Department of Energy contractors 212

20. The Interior Department's failure to correct serious problems in the management of the Indian trust funds 213

Human Resources and Intergovernmental Relations Subcommittee 215

1. Review of the Federal Government's fragmented Social Service Pro-
grams 215

2. Emergency wards and the drug crisis 216

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