Hansard's Parliamentary Debates

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Page 487 - House has met before that day, or will meet on the day of the issue), issue his warrant to the clerk of the Crown to make out a new writ for electing another member in the room of the member whose seat has so become vacant.
Page 809 - I, AB, do sincerely promise and swear, That I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to their Majesties King William and Queen Mary: So help me God. I, AB, do swear, That I do from my heart, abhor, detest, and abjure as impious and heretical, that damnable doctrine and position, that Princes excommunicated or deprived by the Pope, or any authority of the See of Koine, may be deposed or murdered by their subjects, or any other whatsoever.
Page 423 - Viet. c. 105; which enacts, that "in all cases in which an oath may lawfully be and shall have been administered to any person, either as a juryman or a witness, or a deponent in any proceeding, civil or criminal, in any court of law or equity in the United Kingdom, or on appointment to any office or employment, or on any occasion whatever, such person is bound by the oath administered, provided the same shall have been administered in such form and with...
Page 445 - A statute can seldom take in all cases. Therefore the Common Law, that works itself pure by rules drawn from the fountain of justice, is for this reason superior to an act of Parliament...
Page 447 - Commons at the table in die middle of the said House, and whilst a full House of Commons is there duly sitting with their Speaker in his chair...
Page 425 - Act, the said Words (upon the true Faith of a Christian) shall be omitted out of the said Oath...

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