Mr. O'Leary's Defence; Containing a Vindication of His Conduct and Writings During the Late Disturbances in Munster: With a Full Justification of the Catholics, and an Account of the Risings of the White-boys, in Answer to the False Accusations of Theophilus, and the Ill-grounded Insinuations of the Right Reverend Doctor Woodward, Lord Bishop of Cloyne

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P. Byrne, 1787 - Catholics - 175 pages
An answer to P. Duigenan's 'An address to the nobility and gentry'.

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Page 147 - You are hereby cautioned not to pay ministers tithes, only in the following manner, viz., potatoes 4s. per acre, wheat and barley Is. 6d. per acre, oats and meadows Is. per acre. Roman Catholic clergy to receive for marriages 5s., for baptism Is.
Page 108 - RE you ready, with all faithful diligence, to banish and . drive away all erroneous and strange doctrine contrary to God's Word; and both privately and openly to call upon and encourage others to the same?
Page 68 - Nor are we much concerned, whether in that immensity beyond the grave, there may be an intermediate place between the two extremes of complete happiness and complete misery — a place where the soul atones for venial lapses, and pays off a part of the debts it has contracted here. It is equal to us where a man pays his debts, whether here or in purgatory, provided he pays ourselves what he- owes us; and however clamorous a mitred divine may be about a popish purgatory, HE MAY PERHAPS GO FURTHER,...
Page 43 - ... limb from limb at his altar, had not a gentleman stepped forward and said, that he himself was the gentleman who had applied to the magistrate for that purpose. The gentleman himself narrowly escaped with his life, through the interposition of the Vicar-general, who had the presence of mind to step, with the crucifix in his hand, between the gentleman and the enraged multitude, crying out to them with a loud voice, ' I conjure you, in the name of that God whose image I hold, not to pollute his...
Page 175 - ... 1837, derived their information from this little compendium. Not having the text of the fagas before them, they generally difmiffed the fubject with a brief and not very explicit allufion, hefitating, perhaps, as to what degree of confidence they could fafely repofe in this then folitary authority. Hiftory of the Voyages and Difcoveries made in the North. Tranflated from the German of John Reinhold Forfter. Dublin, 1786. The author traces with much detail the colonization of both Iceland and...
Page 146 - I am ashamed, in a Christian community, to defend on Christian principles the cause of universal peace. He who proclaimed peace on earth and goodwill to man ; who commands us to love our enemies, and to do good to them who despitefully use us and persecute us...
Page 124 - Irifh language, to increafe theflore of the literary republic. '1 he prelate, whofe function it is to fanctify the fouls of the natives, recommends the growth of their grain for the food of the clergyman's body^, and the abolition of their language for the good of their fouls. Thus the Irifh peafant muft work double tides to fail for heaven.
Page 98 - Your Lordship,' as the case may be." Earl Grey, from Downing-Street, Nov. 20, 1847, as secretary of state to a Queen, who made her royal " Declaration against Popery," from her throne in the House of Lords, on Monday, Nov. 20, 1837. " I do declare, that no foreign prince, prelate, or potentate, hath, or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm.
Page 17 - Catholics, in their disqualified situation, they could not with either prudence or propriety follow any other line but that of a strict neutrality in a political question, on which neither the friends nor opponents of a parliamentary reform would acknowledge them competent to determine. This tamed tone will not fail to strike on comparing it with his intrepid letter 2 written not two years before. Meanwhile the National Congress was announced to hold its first meeting. 'Whatever underhand engines...
Page 82 - ... I. Miss DM MULOCH : Only a Woman. Who trusts himself to woman, or to waves, Should never hazard what he fears to lose : For he that ventures all his hopes, like me, On the frail promise of a woman's smiles, Like me will be deceived, and curse his folly. OLDMIXON : Governor of Cyprus. O woman, lovely woman, nature form'd thee To temper man : we had been brutes without thee.

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