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Mercy, bow we may know if it belong to us. 258 Pray in Faith, home we may do it.
Mifery of Man by the Fall, imo-fold, and whas. 98 Prayer a sovereign Means to elude Temptations.
Mistakes of Sin being pardoned when it is not 543 Power of God, how it is seen.
Moderation, in what Cafe 'tis good:

612 Prefumptuous Sin how we may keep from it
Moral Law, is it fill in force to Believers? 238 Promises of God, to Tlings in them to Comfort us.
Morions of the Spirit, how they may be known from a. Properties of bad Debtors, wherein we have them

462 Prolperity, the danger of it.
Morion, how to know when it comes from our own Hearts, Providence of God, That and What it is.

79 and when from Satan.


Providence of God, how exerted towards Sin. 81 Murder, how many ways 'tis commited.


Prudence and Holinels, whereix a Christian joins them
Murder, the Heiroufnefs of it.


Punishment of Sabbath breaking

• 291 Name of God, how we may take it in vain. 266 Necellity why the Kingdom of Grace Showld be increafed. Qualifications of our Interceffor, what they are, 111

430 Qualifications and Properties of the Kingdum of Heaven. Nighbour,low we may be kept from covetingwka: is kis.

437 335 Qualifications of God's Mercy.

255 New Creature, what it is.


New Creature, does God give a new Soul in it? Ibid Redeemed, hovo shall we know that we are of the number.
New Creature, what kind of Work it is.

139 New Creature, the Counterfeits of it.

615 Regenerate Persons, what Comfort he may have under New Creature, the ncceflity of being so. 621 the imperfections of his Obedience.

339 O

Repentance, the Counterfeits of it.
Obedience, how it must be qualified so as to be accept able. Repentance, the Ingredients in it.

522 209

Resignation to God's Will in Affliction, how it may be Means in der to attain it.


491 Obedience, perject to the Noral Low, cannot be given. Resurection, by what Argurnents may it be proved.

337 Original Sin, what Names it bas.

Righteous, Mall they only de raised.

Original Sin has somuthing Privative and Positive in it. What Rocks of Support there are for tempted Souls.

Ibid. Rule of Obedience, what it is.
--- The Effects of it.


Originalšin,why God leaves it in ys after Regeneration. Sabbath, why God appointed it.

Seventh Day Sabbath, why we do not keep it. 273
Sabbath. why the forft Day of the Week fubstitute in Place

Ibid., Pardon of Sin, wly so fem seek after it.

2,6 Parents, how they should carry it towards their Children. wbbath, how we are

, to fanétifie it!
Sacrament, what Names and Titles are given it in Scrip-

Right Participation of the Sacrument in three Things. Saints in Glory, whether know each other.


19? 393 Peace, the feucral kinds of it.

Saints, why God Juffers them to be buffetted by Satan's

270 Peace, whether greacless Persons have it.


505 True Peace, the signs of it.

--- The Counterfeits of it.


Sanctification its necessity, wherein it appears.
Perseverance, by what means effected,


200 201

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of it.


Utint are the signs of it. Perseverance, notives to it. 186

159 Perseverance of Saints built upon 3 ummovable. Pillars. Sanctified Persons, have they all Affæreance ?

How it may be attained.

192 Pcople of God, winy jo frequently in an affli&cd State

. Sanctified Persons, whether they have such an Afurance As excludes all doubting.

Ibid. 228

Sanctified Persons, whether they have all true Peace. People of God, how he delivers them out of Trouble. 231

171 Pleasing God, what it implies. 70. Satan's Malice in Temptation.

550 Prayer, what it is. "Satan's Temptation, the Subtilty of it. ***

92 Why made to God only. Ibid. Satan's Diligence and power in tempring.

551 What are the parts of it. 376 Satan's Subtilty in Tempting.

Ibid Prayers, in what ordèr se mul direct them to God. Saran comes upon us*at two Times in our Weaknefs. 553

380 Satan tempes five fort of Persons more than orkers. 54 Praying in Faith, what it implies. 400



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Satar, wly he fets chiefly orz cyr Faith. . 561 Suðmilion to God's wil, what may hand with it, and
Satan, by wkát Methods he difurls the Saints Peace "wkat not.

Subnillion to God's Will, what it is.

Satan, in what Repeat he is the Evil One. 595 when we de 1100 Subnit to God's Will in Afflictions. 491
Scriptures, kow proved to be the Word of God. 18 Subiliyof Satarito make Mien miji arzy in the use of dear.
Scriptures, why called Canonical.

Scriprures, o compleat Rule.


Scriptures, what is the main Scope and End of them. Temptations , whence they come.

Ibid. Tempted, two Cases of them spoken to.
Scriptures, how Mould we lo search them as to find Life. Temptations of Satan, Means to defeat them. 573
Sezlons Satan tempts in.

525 Temptation, what good may come out of it. 576
--- What it is.

Ibid. Theft, whence it doth arise.
Seasons when God deliv:rs his People 046 of Trouble, what --- How many sorts of it there are.

they are.
222 --- What are the Aggravations of it.

Selt Murder, how many ways one may be guilty of it. Vain Thoughts, how they come in, in hearing the lord.

Self-Examination, what is required to it. 369 Vair Thoughts, how we may get help against them.
--- What it is.

--- By what Rule it ma 9 be done.
Ibiche --- the Evil of them.

--- Mly it must be done before we approach the Lord's Vain Thoughts in Prayer, 1:0w we may cure then, 377
370 Tongue, how it is Evil

Servant, how he must Honour lis Master. 294 Evil Tongue, the leveral sorts of. 623, 624, 625
Serrpents, how we must b like them, and wherein 120€ Tongue, Rules for governing it

632 Tongue-Sins, Motives to bew.ore of them. 632
Sin, cormited in Time, why it should be purifb'd to

Torments of Hill, what they are.

Eterni y.

Trinity of Persons proved.

72, ;3
Sin, the Evil of it obvious in its original and Nature. Truth of God.

66, 67

--- In the Price paid for it, and the Effees of it. Visiting Iniquity, what is meant by it. 232
Sin of our first Parents, what it is.

Unchargeableness of God.
Sin, wly called a Dibt.

sí, Unchangable God, how to get a Part in him. 48
--- In what Since it is the worst Debt.

Ibid Unpardoned Soul, how miserable it is.
Sin, huw we may kriow that it is forgiven. 535 Voritious Objercion against God's Uviquity anwered. 34
Sin, the Evil of it.

Sir, worse thin Afriction.

581 Several Ways of Satan totonipt Men
Sm, how we may fo reprove it, as to love the Perfum. Weasiness in wall coing, what escafions it. 632
610 --- The Evxl of it

Sins, how we may kulow they are pardored. 25Ncans to keep us from being weary izz Well-doing 637
Sit's o Gal's People 17:01 provoke him than those of the Will of God, what is meant by it.


593 Will of God, how we are to do it, that we may find 36-
Gili, w.rje than Death and Hell. . .


1.1.-* Sin we should particularly take heed of. 588 W ji of God, kowe we may Evangelically do it. 483
Socinians Error sbout ile Second Perfort of the Trinity. Will of God, how we may come to do it aright. 49;
73 Wisdom of God, wherein it appears

* ulat Sorrow goes before Forgiones.

522 Wisdom and Immocenty, neceffary Qualifications of
Soul-marder, who are guilty of it.
310 Chriflian.

Goul, tre Excellency oj it.
516 Wisdom, wherein it chiefly confills..

Ibid. -
Luul drets for receiving the S.crament, wherein it conills. The Word's efetturrily working, what is meant by it. 356

309 Word low we may read effettually..
Scul dierted; that w.gut aftur nec how they may be Curr How it may be heard effeétually. -.


: : 107 World, why God made it
Sirirual, what it is to be lo.

32 World, in what Sence it is Evil. .
Spirit. how it can be said to be grieved.

88 What Worship is most utable to God.
Since of Nature, is a kirgaon o Larkness. 418 To Worship God in the Spirit, what it is Ibid.
Subrnillion to God's Will, what it is nct. 486 Wrath to come, what we shall do to escape it.

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