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Whitehallo Delober 27" 1743

Dear Gauge

in 올

I am extremely obliged to you for your lifter the inte
to me in English, must have been to judge of it bz et petiteres
translated from the French, you know enough of the to remember
Person nez ziren he lienzilincus, ne nad Inuel faheet nemen
in telling you that I am plea
a place in your thoughts and that I most hearhite
Congratulate you on quer Escape in that fatal day to this
Country; who has been to blame time must ther, the General

Ihle having

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cijuspected of vent A findeck, Thore neared lo'limi
het entisely cleared as got in Re minds.
ali ngaun ni

the fearbalas, and bare behures of the
Private men

and ot the sake home do sushia to the
Courage an? remahan Bei oppien after they arze
ätandard inn Themefile manner. The whole caffein
is to be enquired into
wird into and is an ari

and if any are quiltz a must
Thay bil. Ka purih, al hat irtibe ht je helifaction
The letter you write from Edinburgh never

and that to weight most probably met 21h the same
Jate. Recte vi now latach tiul mart and
Crutches, Le

he was that has the foot at contenor, and





the he has shold his leg, he has not yet much ute
fis, facelia ti nell'ab et Dealtor encompletne
from Rence en sandag your briller a la Cour demain
but his beauty rather decreasd, the rest of your friends
(aka failles i frustamies

from phim's, hei wands are avete
go on as usual, but we have many new fules amongan
Smit Gemek sathenig was yeur hade. The allerka
of everybody is entirely upon the north, and are vais
with great impatience horee the feet the arrivee
of Mental wade site in that country will have
open the rebels; by their not having Get marcha
Southward it seems as if they la labə the long teh op
it aside, some go no far as to imagine that they

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