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User Review  - JPSM - Borders

I was pleasantly surprised on how I got sucked into this story. It has so many elements. There's a great love story, family support, and an amazing friendship that is tested and triumphant. I absolutely loved this book!! Read full review


User Review  - justreading - Borders

A must read for women! I won't go into the description b/c you can see that for yourself... But I will say that as a wife/ mother/daughter and a best friend I can relate to all of the themes of this ... Read full review

Best Book I've Read in Awhile

User Review  - Katie EE - Borders

This was an amazing book. I couldn't put it down, it is a touching story. If you are in the mood for a good, wholesome best friend story, this is the book you must read. I have passed it on to all my friends who have also fallen in love with it. Read full review

A trip down memory lane...

User Review  - AliSha097 - Borders

Firefly Lane is not the usual type of book I enjoy. However, when my best friend suggested I read it, I found out what all the hype was about. I often found myself thinking back on my own childhood & laughing at the things that my friends & I used to do. Very touching. Read full review

loved it!!

User Review  - beachfictionlover - Borders

A big book that you can get lost in. You are still disappointed when it ends but really feel like you know each character well enough that you can put it down and remember it for days....recommend it for all ages! My mom and gramma also enjoyed it! Read full review


User Review  - djjc1 -

I actually purchased 2 of these books one for my girlfriend and one for my sister. I had just finished listening to the audio version of this book and LOVED THE STORY!!! Neither of them listen to ... Read full review

Amazing Book

User Review  - purpleme - Borders

This is the best book I have read in a very long time. It was an amazing book. It's as if you truly know the characters. She had you laughing and crying right along with them. I couldn't put the book ... Read full review

Just finished and and thinking about starting over

User Review  - KellySellsAtlanta - Borders

I finished this book in less than 1 week and could hardly put it down. I love how it takes the reader through the seventies, eighties, nineties and early 2000's while following through the emotional ... Read full review

Great character development

User Review  - CAdispatcher - Borders

I was hooked the moment I began reading. The characters began as being drastically different from one another. The more the author exposed the characters the more you saw how much they needed each ... Read full review

Friendship forever...

User Review  - candygurl02 - Borders

Its a really good book and informative about the disease. I would say... bittersweet ending... True friends are hard to find... Read full review

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