Chronicles and Characters of the Stock Exchange

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Page 12 - Once did She hold the gorgeous east in fee; And was the safeguard of the west: the worth Of Venice did not fall below her birth, Venice, the eldest Child of Liberty. She was a maiden City, bright and free; No guile seduced, no force could violate; And, when she took unto herself a Mate, She must espouse the everlasting Sea. And what if she had seen those glories fade, Those titles...
Page 88 - Gideon is dead," writes one of his contemporaries, in 1762, " worth more than the whole land of Canaan. He has left the reversion of all -his milk and honey, after his son and daughter, and their children, to the Duke of Devonshire, without insisting on the Duke taking his name, or being circumcised.
Page 115 - I am one who will lift up my hands against it. In such a cause even your success would be hazardous. America, if she fell, would fall like the strong man. She would embrace the pillars of the state, and pull down the constitution along with her. Is this your boasted peace, to sheathe the sword, not in its scabbard, but in the bowels of your countrymen...
Page 22 - Alley, and its adjacencies. The limits are easily surrounded in about a minute and a half, viz., stepping out of Jonathan's into the Alley, you turn your face full south ; moving on a few paces, and then turning due east, you advance to Garraway's ; from thence, going out at the other door, you go on still east into Birchin Lane ; and then halting a little at the Sword-blade Bank...
Page 95 - I secured above one hundred and twenty votes, on that vital question to ministers. Eighty thousand pounds were set apart for the purpose. Forty members of the house of commons received from me, a thousand pounds each. To eighty others, I paid five hundred pounds a piece.
Page 340 - France it was long deemed unlawful, " because it is an offence against public decency to set a price upon the life of a freeman, which is above all valuation." Another great objection was the fear that individuals might destroy themselves to enrich their families ; and though this exaggerated view of the case is provided for in modern policies, yet the following anecdote will prove that the fear was not altogether groundless. So early as the middle of the...
Page 77 - ... there. His brother Hume Campbell, who has been in a state of neutrality, begins to frequent the House again. It is plain I am no monied man, as I have forgot, till I came to my last paragraph, what a ferment the money-changers are in! Mr. Pelham, who has flung himself entirely into Sir John Barnard's* hands, has just miscarried in a scheme for the reduction of interest, by the intrigues of the three great Companies and other usurers.
Page 132 - Holborn had a lottery ticket presented to her by her husband ; and on the Sunday preceding the drawing her success was prayed for in the parish church, in this form : ' The prayers of this congregation are desired for the success of a person engaged in a new undertaking.
Page 294 - The Prince of Hesse Cassel,' said Rothschild, 'gave my father his money; there was no time to be lost; he sent it to me. I had 600,000/. arrive unexpectedly by the post ; and I put it to such good use, that the prince made me a present of all his wine and his linen.
Page 304 - was the reply. " What ! happy when, just as you are going to dine, you have a letter placed in your hands, saying, ' If you do not send me 500, I will blow your brains out...

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