Joannis Rossi antiquarii Warwicensis Historia regum Angliae

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impensis J. Fletcher & J. Pote, 1745 - Great Britain - 236 pages

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Page xxiii - Dayes had a great Devotion to this Place, and made an Oratory there. Some adde unto it, that after he had done great Victories in outward Parts, and had beene foe long...
Page xxiv - Magdalene, and founded a. Chauntery Preifts there to ferve God. He fett up there an Image of E. Guido Gyant like, and enclofed the Sylver Welles in the Meadowe with pure white flicke Stones like Marble, and there fett up a praty Houfe open like a Cage covered, onely to keepe Comers thither from the Raine.
Page xxviii - Earl and his wife, during their lives ; and afterwards for the health of their souls, and the souls of all their parents, friends, with all the faithful deceased.
Page 3 - ... it, that to one who desireth a retired life, either for his devotions or study, the like is hardly to be found, as Leland in his MS, Itinerary, made temp. H. 8., doth well observe. It is a house (saith he) of pleasure, a place meet for the Muses : There is silence, a pretty wood, Autra in vivo saxo, the river rouling over the stones with a pretty noyse.
Page 3 - Several caves are there hewen out of the firm rock, one of which, if we may believe tradition, was made by the renowned Guy, when he was an heremite here.
Page xxii - ... vera felicitas. Bona igitur fama (ad quam pervenire omnes vehementer expetunt) non in opibus aut magistratibus, principumve aulis ac palatiis quaerenda est, sed a rectis cogitation ibus, honest is laboribus, studioque et exercitatione virtutis re vera est exspectanda.
Page 234 - ... feu potius reverentia & pietas qua te profequor perbelle deceperit. Verum utcunque res fit, quod petis tribuam, quod quaeris ofFeram, & comite gratia quod pulfas aperiam, pro viribus efficiens, ut quam ocyus te Aufpice, te Autore, te Judice in lucem exeant. Juftum eft enim aliquid pro eo fentire...
Page xxvii - Heremite repair; who finding the natural Rock fo proper for his Cell, and the pleafant Grove, wherewith it is back'd, yeilding entertainment fit for folitude, feated himfelf here.
Page 2 - Dugdale reported that all but two of his works 'are perish'd, or in such obscure hands, that it is not known to me where they can be seen'.6 What we have are five copies each headed ' Ex tabella Jo(h)annis Rowse ', that is from some longer compilation.
Page 234 - Aquilamque volare doceam. Nugis noftris ut te onerem potius quam ornem cogis. Propterea fi quid inconcinnum ineruditumque offenderis, hoc non folum meo imbecilli ftudio attribues, fed & tuas licentiae tam liberas.

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