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moving. The beauteous Villaria *, who only was formed for his paramour, became the object of his affection. His first speech to her was as follows:

MADAM, It is not only that nature has made us two the most accomplished of each sex, and pointed to us to obey her dictates in becoming one; but that there is also an ambition in following the mighty persons you have favoured. Where kings and heroes, as great as Alexander, or such as could personate Alexander, have bowed, permit your general to lay his laurels. According to Milton;

The Fair with conscious majesty approv'd

His pleased reason.Fortune having now supplied Orlando with necessaries for his high taste of gallantry and pleasure, his equipage and economy had something in them more sumptuous and gallant than could be received in our degenerate age; therefore his figure, though highly graceful, appeared so exotic, that it assembled all the Britons under the age of sixteen, who saw his grandeur, to follow his chariot with shouts and acclamations; which he regarded with the contempt which great minds affect in the midst of applauses. I reinember, I had the honour to see him one day stop, and call the youths about him, to whom he spake as follows:

“Good bastards-Go to school, and do not lose your time in following my wheels: I am loth to hurt you, because I know not but you are all my own offspring: hark ye, you sirrah with the white hair,

* Barbara, daughter and heiress to William Villiers lord viscount Grandison of the kingdom of Ireland.

I am sure you are mine: there is half a crown. Tell your mother, this, with the half crown I gave her when I got you, comes to five shillings. Thou has cost me all that, and yet thou art good for nothing. Why, you young dogs, did you never see a man before?' • Never such a one as you, noble general,' replied a truant from Westminster. • Sirrah, I believe thee; there is a crown for thee. Drive on, coachman.'

This vehicle, though sacred to love, was not adorned with doves; such an hieroglyphic denoted too languishing a passion. Orlando therefore gave the eagle, as being of a constitution which inclined him rather to seize his prey with talons, than pine for it with murmurs.

From my own Apartment, August 2. I have received the following letter from Mr. Powel of Bath, who, I think, runs from the point between us; which I leave the whole world to judge.

- To Isaac BICKERSTAFF, Esquire. Sir,

Bath, July 28. • Having a great deal of more advantageous business at present on my hands, I thought to have deferred answering your Tatler of the twenty-first instant until the company was gone, and season over ; but having resolved not to regard any impertinencies of your paper, except what relate particularly to me, I am the more easily induced to answer you, as I shall find time to do it. First, partly lest you should think yourself neglected, which I have reason to believe you would take heinously ill. Secondly, partly because it will increase my fame, and consequently my audience, when all the quality shall see with how much wit and raillery I show you—I do not care a farthing for you. Thirdly, partly because being without books, if I do not show much learning, it will not be imputed to my having none.

I have travelled Italy, France, and Spain, and fully comprehend whatever any German artist in the world can do; yet cannot I imagine, why you should endeavour to disturb the repose and plenty which, though unworthy, I enjoy at this place. It cannot be, that you take offence at my prologues and epilogues, which you are pleased to miscall foolish and abusive. No, no, until you give a better, I shall not forbear thinking that the true reason of your picking a quarrel with me was, because it is more agreeable to your principles, as well as more to the honour of your assured victory, to attack a governor. Mr. Isaac, Mr. Isaac, I can see into a mill-stone as far as another, as the saying is; you are for sowing the seeds of sedition and disobedience among my puppets, and your zeal for the good old cause would make you persuade Punch to pull the string from his chops, and not move his jaw when I have a mind he should harangue. Now, I appeal to all men if this be not contrary to that unaccountable and uncontrolable dominion, which by the laws of nature I exercise over them; for all sorts of wood and wire were made for the use and benefit of man; I have therefore an unquestionable right to frame, fashion, and put them together as I please ; and having made them what they are, my puppets are my property, and therefore my slaves ; nor is there in nature any thing more just, than the homage which is paid by a less to a more excellent being ; so that by the right, therefore, of a superior genius, I am their supreme moderator, , although you would insinuate, agreeably to your levelling principles, that I am myself but a great puppet, and can therefore have but a co-ordinate jurisdiction with them. I suppose, I have now suf. ficiently made it appear, that I have a paternal right to keep a puppet show; and this right I will maintain in my prologues on all occasions.

. And therefore, if you write a defence of your, self against this my self-defence, I admonish you to keep within bounds ; for every day will not be so propitious to you as the twenty-ninth of April ; and perhaps my resentment may get the better of my generosity, and I may no longer scorn to fight one who is not my equal, with unequal weapons ; there are such things as scandalums magnatuns; therefore, take heed hereafter how you write such things as I cannot easily answer, for that will put me in a


: I order you to handle only these two propositions, to which our dispute may be reduced ; the first, whether I have not an absolute power, whenever I please, to light a pipe with one of Punch's legs, or warm my fingers with his whole carcase ? the second, whether the devil would not be in Punch, should he by word or deed oppose my sovereign will and pleasure ? and then, perhaps, I may, if I can find leisure for it, give you the trouble of a second letter.

• But if you intend to tell me of the original of puppet-shows; and the several changes and revolutions that have happened in them since Thespis, and I do not care who, that is Noli me tangere ! I have solemnly engaged to say nothing of what I cannot approve. Or, if you talk of certain contracts with the mayor and burgesses, or fees to the constables, for the privilege of acting, I will not

write one single word about any such matters ; but shall leave you to be mumbled by the learned and very ingenious author of a late book, who knows very well what is to be said and done in such cases. He is now shuffling the cards and dealing to Timothy ; but if he wins the game, I will send him to play at back-gammon with you; and then he will satisfy you that deuce-ace makes five.

And so, submitting myself to be tried by my country, and allowing any jury of twelve good men and true, to be that country; not excepting any unless Mr. Isaac Bickerstaff to be of the pannel, for you are neither good nor true : I bid you heartily farewell ; and am, Sir,

Your loving friend,


ADVERTISEMENT. Proper cuts for the historical part of this paper, are now almost finished, by an engraver lately arrived from Paris, and will be sold at all the toyshops in London and Westminster.

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