The heir of Vallis

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Page 314 - The author of these various manuals of the social sciences has the art of stating clearly the abstruse points of political economy and metaphysics, and making them level to every understanding.
Page 314 - Universally and cordially do we recommend this delightful volume. We believe no person could read this work and not be the better for its pious and touching lessons.
Page 305 - Architecture," we understand Mr. Ruskin to mean the seven fundamental and cardinal laws, the observance of and obedience to which are indispensable to the architect, who would deserve the name. The politician, the moralist, the divine, will find in it ample store of instructive matter, as well as the artist.
Page 306 - What fine things the lectures contain ! What eloquent and subtle sayings, what wise and earnest writing ! How delightful are their turns of humour; with what a touching effect, in the graver passages, the genuine feeling of the man comes out ; and how vividly the thoughts are painted, as it were, in graphic and characteristic words.
Page 312 - These conversations present a distinct and truthful image of Goethe's mind during the last ten years of his life. And never was his judgment more clear and correct than in his closing years. The time spent on the perusal of this book will be usefully and agreeably employed. Mr. Oxenford's translation is as exact and faithful as it is elegant."— Spectator.
Page 310 - Times. III. MEN, WOMEN, AND BOOKS. 2 vols. post 8vo,' with Portrait, 10s. cloth. " A book for a parlour-window, for a summer's eve, for a warm fireside, for a halfhour's leisure, for a whole day's luxury ; in any and every possible shape a charming companion.
Page 309 - A more noble and dignified tribute to the virtues of her sex we can scarcely imagine than this work, to which the gifted authoress has brought talents of no ordinary range, and, more than all, a spirit of eminent piety.
Page 304 - This book is one which, perhaps, no other man could have written, and one for which the world ought to be and will be thankful. It is in the highest degree eloquent, acute, stimulating to thought, and fertile in suggestion. It...
Page 305 - A generous and impassioned review of the works of living painters. A hearty and earnest work, full of deep thought, and developing great and striking truths in art."- — British Quarterly Review.
Page 301 - Of the Topes opened in various parts of India none have yielded so rich a harvest of important information as those of Bhilsa, opened by Major Cunningham and Lieut. Maisey ; and which are described, with an abundance of highly curious graphic illustrations, in this most interesting book."— Examiner.

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