The Naval History of Great Britain: From the Earliest Times to the Rising of the Parliament in 1779. Describing, Particularly, the Glorious Atchievements in the Last War. Also the Lives and Actions of Illustrious Commanders and Navigators, Volume 4

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Page 122 - Much more, sir, is he to be abhorred, who, as he has advanced in age, has receded from virtue, and becomes more wicked with less temptation ; who prostitutes himself for money which he cannot enjoy, and spends the remains of his life in the ruin of his country.
Page 258 - Spitalfields and other communities, engaged in associations; and even the managers of the theatres offered to raise a body of their dependents for the service of the government.
Page 258 - ... all communication between France and Canada by the river St. Laurence; so that Quebec would fall of course into the hands of the English, who might expel the French entirely from America, open a correspondence with the remote Indians, and render themselves masters of the profitable fur trade, which was now engrossed by the enemy.
Page 412 - Almighty, whom alone he feared, and whose gracious protection he had often experienced, was pleased to remove him from a life of honour to an eternity of happiness on the 29th day of July 1752, in the 49lli year of his age. Susannah, hi-, afflicted wife, caused this monument to be erected.
Page 406 - Life, which were filled with great and gallant Actions,' but ever accompanied with adverfe Gales of Fortune, that the brave, the worthy, and the good Man meets not always his Reward in this World. Fifty-eight Years of faithful and painful...
Page 406 - ... to find his gracious and Royal Master ' mixing his concern with the general lamentations of the public, ' for the calamitous fate of so zealous, so valiant, and so able a ' commander ; and as a lasting memorial of the sincere love and " esteem borne by his widow to a most affectionate and worthy " husband, this honorary monument was erected by her.
Page 444 - Chagre ; and at Carthagena conquered as far as naval force could carry victory. After these services he retired without place or title,' from the exercise of public to the enjoyment of private virtue.
Page 46 - ... pounds per annum. Then the parliament might venture to annihilate one half of it, by freeing the people from the taxes upon coals, candles...
Page 266 - The court were of opinion, that the in" formation the charge was founded upon was not " true, and that the evidence in fupport of the charge " was not fufficient to make it good ; and that many witnefles *< witnefles in fupport of the charge, as likewife thofe ** in the admiral's defence, had refuted the whole ; " therefore the court unanimoufly acquitted Vice Ad" miral Leftoefc of the whole and every part of the " charge*" On the 1 6th of June, the trial of Admiral Matthews commenced.
Page 406 - ... gales of fortune, that the brave, the worthy, and the good man, " meets not always his reward in this world. Fifty-eight years

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