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Boast not, mistaken swain, thy art
Bow the head, thou lily fair
By the gaily circling glass

188 251 341


Can love be controllid by advice
Celia hoard thy charms no more
Celia too late you would repent
Chloe brisk and gay appears
Chloe's the wonder of her sex
Chloris yourself you so excel
Come all ye youths whose hearts e'er bled
Come gentle god of soft repose
Come here fond youth, whoe'er thou be
Come, Leila, fill the goblet up
Come little infant love me now
Come live with me and be


Come shepherds we 'll follow the hearse
Corinna cost me many a prayer
Cruel invader of my rest
Cupid instruct an amorous swain
Cynthia frowns whene'er I woo her

216 219 213 - 211 237 137 253 112 299 225


91 203 350


Damon, if you will believe me
Daphnis stood pensive in the shade -
Dear Chloe what means this disdain
Dear Chloe while thus beyond measure
Dear Colin prevent my warm blushes
Dear is my little native vale
Despairing beside a clear stream
Drink to me only with thine eyes


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Fly, thoughtless youth, th' enchantress fly
For ever, Fortune, will thou prove
For tenderness fram'd in life's early day
From all uneasy passions free
From anxious zeal and factious strife
From place to place forlorn I go

155 309 133 320


226 326 201

Gentle air, thou breath of lovers
Gently touch the warbling lyre
Good madam, when ladies are willing
Good morrow to the day so fair
Go plaintive sounds, and to the fair
Go tell Amynta, gentle swain

305 129 104

Had I a heart for falsehood framed

310 Hail to the myrtle shade

124 · Hard is the fate of him who loves

306 Hark, hark, 'tis a voice from the tomb

295 How blest has my time been, what days have I known 274 How yonder ivy courts the oak



278 346

I cannot change as others do
I did but look and love awhile

envy not the proud their wealth
I ne'er could any lustre see
I never knew a sprightly fair
I prithee send me back my heart
I smile at love and all his arts
If all the world and love were young
If ever thou didst joy to bind
If the quick spirit of your eye
If truth can fix the wavering heart
If wine and music have the power
I'll range around the shady bow'rs
In a cottage embosom’d within a deep shade
In Chloris all soft charms agree

312 277 330 284 303 114 220 333 108 285 335 194

In vain, dear Chloe, you suggest
I tell thee, Charmion, could I time retrieve
It is not, Celia, in our power
It was a friar of order


241 196 191 37

Late when love I seem'd to slight
Let not love on me bestow
Let the arubitious favor find
Love and folly were at play
Love's a dream of mighty treasure
Love's but the frailty of the mind

221 199 132 206 203 193

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Mistaken fair, lay Sherlock by
Mortals learn your lives to measure
My bauks they are furnish'd with bees
My days have been so wonderous free
My dear mistress has a heart
My love was fickle once and changing
My sheep I'neglected, I broke my sheep-hook
My temples with clusters of

grapes I'll entwine My time, ye Muses ! was happily spent

210 151

84 331 131




- 268

Not, Celia, that I juster am
Now see my goddess, earthly born

190 121

O Nancy, wilt thou


with me
O young Lochinvar is gone out of the West
O’er moorlands and mountains rude barren and bare
Of all the girls that are so smart
Of Leinster fam'd for maidens fair
Oft on the troubled ocean's face
Oh had my love ne'er il'd on me
Oh how vain is every blessing
Oh turn away those cruel eyes
On a bank beside a willow
On Belvidera's bosom lying

161 337

80 282

49 134 311 351 214 138 18


One morning very early, one morning in the spring
One parting kiss my.



Prepar'd to rail, resolv'd to part
Pursuing beauty men descry

136 230



Sabla, thou saw'st the exulting foe
Say, lovely dream, where couldst thou find
Say, Myra, why is gentle love
Say not Olinda I despise.
Says Plato why should man be vain
She loves and she confesses too
Should some perverse malignant star
Sigh no more ladies, ladies sigh no more
Stella and Flavia


Strephon has fashion, wit, and youth
Strephon, when you see me fly
Swain thy hopeless passion smother
Sweet are the charms of her I love
Sweet maid, if thou wouldst charm my sight

191 156 340 227 242 260 231 238 119 207 265 342

Take, oh, take those lips away
Tell me, Damon, dost thou languish
Tell me no more I am deceived
Tell me not how fair she is
Tell me not I my time misspend
Tell me no more of pointed darts
* Tell my Strephon that I die
The boatmen shout, 'tis time to part
The day is departed and round from the cloud
The Graces and the wand'ring Loves
The heavy hours are almost past
The merchant, to secure his treasure
The nymph that I lov'd was as cheerful as day
The rose had been wash’d, just wash'd in a show'r
The shape and face let others prize

261 322 209 324 153 345 143 276 272 223 107 215 315 281 334

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There is one dark and sullen hour

144 The sun was sunk beneath the hill

70 The western sky was purpled o’er.

77 This bottle's the sun of our table

342 Tho' cruel you seem to my pain

146 Thy fatal shafts unerring move

102 'Tis not the liquid brightness of these eyes

123 'Tis now since I sat down before

228 To all you Ladies now at land

291 To fair Fidele's grassy tomb

140 Too plain, dear youth those tell-tale eyes

1 17 To the brook and the willow that heard him complain 139 Turn, gentle hermit of the dale

42 ?Twas when the seas were roaring


Vain are the charms, of white and red


Waft me, soft and cooling breeze,
Wake, ye nightingales, oh wake
Waken, Lords and Ladies gay
We all to conquering beauty bow
What, put off with one denial
When all was wrapt in dark midnight
When charming leraminta sings
When Damon languish'd at my feet
When daisies pied and violets blue
When Delia on the plain appears
When first 1 dar'd by soft surprise
When first I saw Lucinda's face
When first I saw thee graceful move
When first I sought fair Celia's love
When first upon your tender cheek


Philander fell a prize
When gentle Celia first I knew
When here Lucinda first we came
When lovely woman stoops to folly

125 313 300 273 198

53 131 319 259 109 275


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