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ERMON being ended, Prayer was made for a Blessing upon the Doctrine deliver'd. The King being to renew the Covenants, first the National Covenant, then the solemn League and Covenant were diftinctly read.

After the reading of these Covenants, the Minifter pray'd for Grace to perform the Contents of the Covenants, and for faithful Stedfasiness in the Oath of God; and then (the MiniIters and Commissioners of the General Assembly, defir'd to be present, ftanding before the Pulpit) he ministred the Oath unto the King; who kneeling, and lifting up his right Hand, did swear in the words following: 1 Charles King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, do

assure and declare, by my solemn oath, in the Presence of Almighty God, the Searcher of Hearts, my Allowance and Approbation of the National Covenant, and of the Solemn League and Covenant abovewritten, and faithfully oblige my Self to prosecute the Ends thereof in my Station and Calling; and that I for my self and Succeffors, Mall consent and agree to all Acts of Parli.iment enjoining the National Covenant, and of th: Solemn League and Covenant, and fully establish Presby terian Government, the Directory of Worship, Confe lion of Fuith, and Catechisms in the Kingdom of Scotland, as they are approu'd by the General Assemblies of this Kirk and Parliament of this Kingdom : And that I shall give my Royal Assent to Alls and Ordinances of Para liament, passed or to be passed, enjoining the same in my other Dominions : And that I Mall observe these in my own Practice and Family, and Mall never make opposition to any of these, or endeavour any change tbereof.

After the King had thus folemnly sworn the National Cove. nant, the League and Covenant, and the King's Oath subjoin'd unto both, being drawn up in a fair Parchment, the King did subscribe the same in presence of all,

Thereafter the King afcendeth the Stage, and fitteth dową in the Chair of State,

Then the Lords, Great Constable, and Marshal, went tą the four corners of the Stage, with the Lyon going before them; who fpoke to the People these words : Sirs, I do pre: jent unto you the King, Charles, the rightful and undoubted Heir of the Crown and Dignity of this Realm : This day is by the Parliament of This Kingdom appointed for hos Coronation; and are you not willing to have him for your King, and become Subjekts to his Commandments ?

In which Action the King's Majesty stood up, showing him. self to the People in each corner: And the People express’d their Willingness by chearful Acclamations, in these words, God faze the King, Charles the Second


Thereafter the King's Majesty, supported by the Consable and Marshal, cometh down from the Stage, and fitteth down in the Chair, where he heard the Sermon.

The Minister, accompany'd with the Ministers before mention'd, cometh from the Pulpit toward the King, and requireth, if he was willing to take the Oath, appointed to be taken at the Coronation.

The King answerd, He was most willing.

Then the Oath of Coronation, as it is contain'd in the eighth A&t of the first Parliament of K. James, being read by the Lyon, the Tenour whereof followeth:

craveth, That the Prince and the People be of one perfet Religion, which of God's mercy is now presently profess’d within this Realm : Therefore it is statuted and ordaind, by our Sovereign Lord, my Lord Regent, and three Estates of this present Parliament, all Kings, Princes, and Magistrates whatsoever, holding their place, which bereafter at any time Mall happen to reign, and bear rule over this Realm, at the time of their Coronation, and receit of their Princel Authority, make their faithful Promise in the presence of the Eternal God; That enduring the whole course of their lives, they shall serve tbe same Eternal God to the uttermost of their power, according as he hath requir’d in his most Holy Word, reveald and contain’d in the New and Old Testaments : And according to the Same Word, Mball maintain the true Re:igion of Christ Jesus, the Preaching of his Holy Word, and due and right Ministration of the Sacraments now receiv'd, and preach'd within this Realm. And Mall abolish and gain-tand all false Religions, contrary to the fame : and shall rule the People committed to their charge, according to the Will and Command of God reveald in his foresaid Word, and according to the loveable Laws, and Constitutions receiv'd in this Realm, no ways repugnant to the fail Word of the Eternal God; and Mall procure to the uttermost of their Power, to the Kirk of God, and whole Christian People, true and pera felt Peace, in time coming. The Right and Rents, with all just Privileges of the Crown of Scotland, to preserve and keep inviolated; neither that they transfer, nor alienate the fame. They fall forbid ' and repress in Estates and Degrees, Reaf, oppression, and all kind of Wrong. In all judgments they shall command and procure that Justice and Equity be kept to all Creatures, without exception, is the Lord and Father of Mercies be merciful unto them : and out of their Lands and Empire they Mall be careful to root i alt Hereticks, and Enemies to the true Worship of God, that shall be conviet by the True Kirk of God of the aforesaid Crimes : And that they mall faithfully affirm the things above written by their folemn Oath.

The Minifter tender'd the Oath unto the King, who kneel. ing, and holding up his Right hand, swere in these words: By the Eternel and Almighty God, who liveth and reigneth for ever, I Mall observe and keep all that is contain'd in this Oath.

This done, the King's Majesty litteth down in his Chair, and repofern hir self a little.

Then the King ariseth from his Chair, and is disrobed by the Lord Great Chamberlain of the Princely Robe, wherewith he entred the Kirk, and is invested by the said Chamberlain in his Royal Robes.

Thereafter, the King being brought to the Chair on tle North-lide of the Kirk, Tupported as formerly, the Sword was brought by Sir William Cockburn of Langtown Gentleman-Usher, from the Table, and deliver'd to Lion King of Arms, who giveth it to the Lord Great Constable, who putteth the same in the King's hand, faying, Sir, Receive this kingly Sword, for the diforce of the Faith of Chrilt, and Protection of his Kirk, and of the true Religion, as it is presently profejjed within this Kingdom, and according to the National Chvenant, and Lengue and Covenant, and for executing Equity and Julie, and for plinijl ment of all iniquiry and iijuftic?.

This done, the Great Conftable receiveth the Sword from the Ring, and girdeth the same about his fide,

Thereafter the King fitteth down in his Chair; and then the Spurs were put on him by the Earl-Marshal.

Thereafter, Archibald Marquis of Argyle, having taken the Crown in his hands, the Minister prayed to this purpose :

That the Lord would purge the Crown from the sins and transgressi01'5 of thein ibat did reign before him : That it might be a pure Crown; That God would settle the Crown upon the King's Head : And since Men that set it on, were not able to settle it ; that the Lord would put it on, and preserve it. And then the said Marquis put the Crown on the King's Head.

Which done, Lion King of Arms, the Great Conftable ftanding by him, caufith an Herauld to call the whole Noblemen one by one, according to their Ranks; who coming before the King kneeling, and with their Hand touching the Crown on the King's Head, swore these words : By the Lternal and Als mighty God, who liveth and reigneth for ever, I shall support thee 19 my utmojt. And when they had done, then all the Nobility held up their hands, and ware to be loyal and true Subje&ts, and faithful to the Crown.

The Earl-Marshal, with the Lion, going to the four Corners of the Stage, the Lion proclaimeth the Obligatory Oath of the People. And the People holding up their hands all the time, did swear, By the Eiernul and Almighty God, who liveab


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and reigneth for ever, we become your Liege-men, and Truth and Faith Ball bear unto you, and live and die with you against all manner of folks whatsoever, in your service, according to the National Covenant, and folemn League and Covenant.

Then did tlie Earls and Vicounts put on their Crowns: and the Lion likewise put on his.

Then did the Lord Chamberlain loose the Sword wherewithi the King was girded; and drew it, and del er'd it drawn into the King's hands, and the king put it into the hands of the great Constable to carry it naked before hiin.

Then Jokn Earl of Crawford and Lindsay took the Scepter, and put it in the King's Right hand, saying, Sir, receive this Scepter, the sign of Royal Power of the Kingdom, that you may govern your self right, and defend all the Christian People committed by God to your charge, punishing the wicked, and prote{ting the just.

Then did the King ascend the Stag., attended by the Officers of the Crown and Nobility, and was installed in the Royal Throne by Archibald Marquis of Argyle, saying, Stand and bold fult froin henceforth, the place whereof you are the Lawful and Righteous Heir, by a long and lineal Succesion of your Futhers, which is now delivered unto you by authority of Almighty God.

When the King was set down upon the Throne, the Minifter spoke to him a word of Exhortation, as followeth.

Sir, Tou are set down upon the Throne in a very difficult time : I shall therefore put you in mind of a Scriptural expression of a Throne, i Chron. 23. 23. It is said, Solomon fate on the Throne of the Lord.' Sir, you are a King, and a King in Covenant with the Lord; if you would have the Lord to own you to be his King, and his Throne to be your Throne, 1 defire you may have some thoughts of this ex

1. It is the Lord's Throne ; Remember you have a King above you, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, who commandeth Thrones : He setteth Kings and Thrones, and dethroneth them at his pleasure : Therefore take a word of advice : Be thankful to him, who hath brought you through many wanderings to set you on this Throne : Kiss the Son, lejt be be angry; and learn to serve him with fear, who is terrible to the Kings of the Earth.

2. Your Throne is the Lord's Throne, and your People the Lord's People : Let not your heart be lifted up above your brethren, Deut. 17. 20. They are your brethren, not only flesh of your files, but brethren by Covenant with God; let your Government be refreshing 'sinto them, as the rain on the mown grass. 3. Your Tyrone is the Lord's Throne ; beware of making his Tirone a Throne of Iniquity : There is such a Throne, Plal. 94. 20. which frameth mischief by a Law : God will not own such a Throne, it hath no fellowship with him. Sir, there is too much iniquity upon the Throne by your Predecesfors, who framed mischief by a Law; such Laws as have been destructive



to Religion, and grievous to the Lord's People : You are on the Throme, and have the Scepter ; beware of touching mischievous Laws therewith. But as the Throne is the Lord's Throne, let the Laws be the Lord's Laws, agreeable to his Word; such as are terrible to evil doers, and comfortable to the godly, and a relief to the poor and oppressed in the Land. 4. The Lord's Throne putteth you in mind whom you nall have about the Throne ; wicked Counsellors are not for a King upon the Lord's Throne : Solomon knew this, who said, Prov. 25. 5. Take away the wicked from before the King, and his Throne shall be eftablith'd in Righteousness. And Prov. 20. 8. A King upon the Throne scattereth away all evil with his eyes. 5. The Lord's Throne putteth you in mind, that the Judgment on the Throne should be the Lord's ; take the Exhortation, Jer. 22. from the beginning; the Prophet hath á Command to go to the House of the King of Judah, and say, Hear the Word of the Lord, O King of Judah, that sitteth upon the Throne, and thy servants, and thy people; Execute ye Judgment and Righteousness, and deliver the Spoil out of the hand of the Oppressor : and do no wrong, do no violence to the Stranger, the Fatherless, nor the Widow, neither med innocent blood in this place. If ye do this thing indeed, then mail there enter by the gates of this House, Kings fitting upon the Throne of David. But if ye will not bear these words, I swear by my self, saith the Lord, This house shall become a desolation. And ver. 7. I will prepare Destroyers against thee.

Sir, Destroyers are prepar'd for the Injustice of the Throne; I intreat you, execute righteous Judgment; if you do it not, your House will be a Desolation. But if you do that which is right, God shall remore the Destroyers, and you shall be eftabilh'd on your Throne: and there shall yet be Dignity in your Houfe, for your Servants, and for your People.

Lastly, If your Throne be the Throne of the Lord, take a word of Encouragement against Throne-Adversaries. Your Enemies are the Enemies of the Lord's Throne: Make your Peace with God in Christ, and the Lord shall scatter your Enemies from the Throne, and he shall magnify you yet in the fight of these Nations, and make the milled People fubmit themselves willingly to your Government. Sir, If you use well the Lord's Throne, on which you are set, then the two words in the place cited, 1 Chron.29. 23. spoken of Solomon fitting on the Throne of the Lord, He prospered, and all Israel obey'd him, shall belong unto you; your People fhall obey pou in the Lord, and you shall prosper in the fight of the Na. tions round about.

Then the Lord Chancellor went to the four Corners of the Stage, the Lion King of Arms going before him ; and proclaim'd his Majesty's free Pardon to all Breakers of Penal Sta. tutes, and made offer thereof. Whereupon the People cried, God Jave the King.


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