A new and comprehensive gazetteer of England and Wales, illustr. by a series of maps. 4 vols. [in 2].

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Page 391 - Two MODERATORS, nominated by the Proctors, and appointed by a Grace of the Senate. They act as the Proctors substitutes in the Philosophical Schools, superintending alternately the exercises and disputations in philosophy, and the examinations for the degree of Bachelor of Arts.
Page 390 - House, from its members wearing their hoods lined with white silk. All the rest constitute the Non-Regent or Lower House, otherwise called the Black-Hood House, its members wearing black silk hoods. But Doctors of more than two years...
Page 392 - FELLOW COMMONERS, who are generally the younger sons of the nobility, or young men of fortune, and have the privilege of dining at the Fellows' table, from whence the appellation possibly originated.
Page 148 - Bath and West of England Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.
Page xvii - Which will well enough account for the frequent intermixture of parishes one with another. For if a lord had a parcel of land detached from the main of his estate, but not sufficient to form a parish of itself, it was natural for him to endow his newly erected church with the tithes of those disjointed lands ; especially if no church was then built in any lordship adjoining to those out-lying parcels.
Page 253 - About half a mile above Bolton the valley closes, and either side of the Wharf is overhung by solemn woods, from which huge perpendicular masses of grey rock jut out at intervals.
Page xxv - The great cloister, which had two entrances to the church, at the eastern and western ends of the aisle of the nave, for the greater solemnity of processions.
Page 154 - Roland, and the emprises of the paladins who had fallen in the dolorous Pass of Roncevaux. Taillefer, as his guerdon, had craved permission to strike the first blow; for he was a valiant warrior, emulating the deeds which he sung. His appellation...
Page 392 - University is 408. 3. NOBLEMEN GRADUATES, DOCTORS in the several faculties, BACHELORS IN DIVINITY (who have been Masters of Arts), and MASTERS of ARTS, who are not on the foundation, but whose names are kept on the boards for the purpose of being members of the Senate. The expense of keeping the name upon the boards varies a little in some colleges — in general it is about £4. per annum.
Page 154 - The cry was raised, that the duke was slain, and they began to *'ętęd. fly in every direction. William threw off his helmet, and galloping through the squadrons, rallied his barons, though not without great difficulty. Harold, on his part, used every possible exertion, and was distinguished as the most active and bravest amongst the soldiers in the host which he led on to destruction.

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