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information above communicated. They to the English Bible Society at Amster. have also voted to the Bible Society at dam. Calcutta the sum of 5001., to enable At the commencement of the last them to reduce the prices of Bibles and year, the translation of the New TestaTestaments for the poor Europeans in ment into the Chinese language had India; and have also sent 500 Englisli been completed by the Rev. R. Morris Bibles and 1000 Testaments for sale or son; and from later advices, it appears distribntion at the discretion of the that the whole had been printed. A Corresponding Committee. For the practicable and sure made of circubooks and printing paper they have lating it has been adopted by the Rev. sent, the Directors of the East India W. Milue, Mr. Morrison's colleague, Company have liberally granted freight among the numerons. Chinese settlers free of expense.

in. Java, Malacca, and Penang. He One of the first objects of the Com: distributed nearly 750 ..copies among mittee of the Columbó Society was to the Chinese at Java; together with 500 ascertain the number of Christians in copies of the Book of Genesis. He Ceylon, and the languages most familiar supplied eight Chinese schools with to them. The result of the inquiries Testaments for the schoolmasters, by gives the niimber of native Protestants whom they were used as school-books. as 150.000, and that of the Catholies Mr. Milne received from Governor about 50,000, of which the great ma- Raffles encouragement and assistance jority speak Cingalese, and the rest in his charitable labour. The ComMalabar or Tamul. Scarcely a copy mittee have encouraged a further edi. of the Sériptures in either of these lan- tion of Mr. Morrison's Chinese New guages is to be purchased in Ceylon. Testament, by an additional grant of The edition, therefore, of 5000 copies 10001. By the joint labours of Mr." of the Cingalese New Testament, com- Morrison at Canton, and of the Missionpleted at Caléutta, proved highly ac. aries at Serampore, it may be expected ceptable.«! A new 'translation is now that a perfect version of the Chinese carrying on under the superintendance Scriptures will be accomplished. 1.. of a gentleman eminently well qualified for the task, W. Tolfrey, Esq. The

GREAT BRITAIN, ridi whole of the Gospels have been trans A deputation of the Committee had lated and corrected. The translation the honour to wait on the Emperor of of the New Testament into the Pali, is Russia and the King of Prussia, in June also in the course of execution. To last, for the purpose of tendering to remedy the great want of Tamul Serip them the thanks of the Society, for their tures, it has been recommended to pur- gracions patronage of the principle of ehase a number of copies from the its Institution. The deputation was Tranquebar press. [-]

, most graciously received; and their The intelligence from Madras relates majesties condescended to accept coprincipally to the distribution of English pies of the Society's Reports. Bibles and Testaments forwarded for Notwithstanding the number of Aux. that purpose, and it is very satisfactory. iliary Societies, Brauch Societies, and The demand for the Scriptores in Bible Associations, which had been the native languages, is still consider- previously established, the addition able. We do b i i ! ! !! during the last year has not been in

To the Bible Society at Bombay, the considerable. Sixteen new Auxiliary Committee have voted 10001.

Societies have been forincd in England, On the 4th of June, 1814, an Aus- three in Wales, nine in Scotland, and iliary Bible Society was established at two in the Colonies. From these, and Batavia, under thie "sanction of Lieu- the other Societies previously formed, tenant-Governor Raffles. The first a sum has been received, amounting efforts of this Society will be directed to nearly 62,000). to print the Scriptues in the LowMalay The Committee, in acknowledging dialect, into which they have not yet the zeal and energy wlrich hiáve prompt.! been translated. The contributions at 'ed such extensive contributions, express Batavia liave been liberal, and the their hope that the facts stated in their Committee have assisted them by a Reports will not only confirm, but grant of 5001. The Dutch Governor- enlarge the estimate of thel utility of General of Batavia, lately appointed in the Society; by shewing that the appliHolland, was one of the first subscriber's cation of the pious munificence of the

123 2020

United Kingdom bas proved extensively evinced the continuance and growth of beneficial.

that lively interest which the Institu• The experience of the last year in- tion has ever possessed in the hearts of duces the Committee to repeat their our Scottish bretbren.

. carnest recommendation of the esta. The progress made in Ireland has blishment of Bible Associations, not also been very considerable. Varions oniy as a means of increasing the funds auxiliaries to the Hibernian Bible So. of the Society, but of ascertaining and ciety have been formed; and that So-supplying the wants of the Scriptures ciety has also successfully adopted the by the lower orders of the community, plan of Bible Associations. In the last in a mode calculated to strengthen the two years the Hibernian Society has bonds of Christian charity, and to con- issued between 80 and 90,000 copies of *nect the various classes of society in the Scriptures: making with the issues the same labour of love. Bible Asso- of former years, a total of nearly ciations have not only become more 200,000 copies. The desire to possess general in the United Kingdom, but the Scriptures, and exertions to satisfy have been adopted at St. Petersburgh, it, have been greatly angmented. The Amsterdam, and other parts of Conti- Committee, convinced that the Irish are nental Europe. The Committee hope anxious to read the Scriptures in their that these examples will produce ex- native tongue, have determined to print tensive imitation ; by interesting the an edition of the whole Bible in the mass of the population in the distribu- Irish language,

tion of the holy Scriptures, the vene- The amount of copies of the Scrip. -ration for them will be increased, and tures, issued from March 31, 1814, to the means of circulating them facilitated March 31 of the present year, isand enlarged Nor should it be over

126,156 Bibles, looked, that while these Associations

123,776 Testaments; leave a larger disposeable fund at the making a total issued, from the com service of the Parent Institution, and mencement of the Institution, to that supply the inferior orders of society, period, of without occasioning it trouble or ex

516,479 Bibles, pense, they cherish those moral senti

718,778 Testaments: , , , ments in the mass of the community, in all, 1,235,257 copies ; exclusive of which are in a high degree conducive about 64,025 circulated at the charge to personal virtue and to public Lappi- of the Society from depositories abroad; ness,

making a total of 1,299,282 circulated The addition to the funds of the by the British and Foreigo Bible So Society, by the liberality of indivi- ciety, L duals, has not been inconsiderable dur. The Committee conclude their Re-, įng the last year.

port with the following reflections. I Scotland, during the last year, has

That an institution formed for promoting the circulation of the holy,

Scriptures, and restricted to that object, • While this Report was passing alone, would approve itself to the good through the press, intelligence was re- sense, piety, and benevolence of the ceived, that a commander of one of his Christian world, was reasonably to be Majesty's packets, on the Falmouth anticipated ; and the result has exstation, had established a Bible Asso- ceeded the most sanguine expectaciation among his ship's company, head- tions, ing the list with his own name, and whether we look at home or abroad, regularly collecting the weekly pence we see an ardent active zeal for dit., from his officers and crew. This is fusing the heavenly liglat, which was" considered to be the first Marine Bible graciously revealed to guide the beAssociation; and if the example should nighted pilgrims of the earth to the be extensively followed, a regular eco. mansions of eternal rest, peace, and nomical mode of supply will be esta. joy, moving in a wide circle of Chris. blished for the navy and army; and the tian charity, wbose circumfereuce emmoral advantages conpected with this braces the wliole human race: a zeal system will be conveyed to this name which breathes the spirit of the heals rous and important class of our fellow. venly hymn, when the angel announced subjects.

the birth of the Saviour of the World, CHRIST, OBSERV, No. 161. 4 C

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“ Glory to God in the highest, and on the easterh-gvarter of the globe, for earth peace, good-will to men."

dispersing the gloom of ignorance and Let us freely indulge the delight ex- idolatry, demand all the aid and encited by contemplating this cheering and couragement which this country ean animating spectacle ; although the po- bestow; while millions even of the litical horizon no longer displays that household of faith can hope to obtaih serenity, which enlivened the pro- only from the benevolefice of their spects and exhilarated the hopes of the Christian bretliren, that bread and Society at the period of its last Anni. water of life for which they are hmversary. It is to be remeinbered, and gering and thirsting. It is not of a confidence is connected with the re- single territory only of whieh it is said, 'collection, that the foundation of the “There is such want of the Scrip. British and Foreign Bible Society was turės in this eventtyy that a copy of laid in a time of wär; and that its fabric the Bible is searcely to be obtained for has been reared in all its fair propor- alinost any money." . . .

tions, and has acquired solidity and Your Committee, not offering, for : extension, during the prevalence of themselves and the members of the "Storins which threateved the annihila- Society; tië tribute of finteigned grate tion of social order in Europe, and with titude and devotit thanksgivibg to it tlie destruction of religion itself.' Almighty God, and biiinbly imploring : Let us advert to the piety of those the continuance of the Divine fateur foreign nations, which; depressed by on the proceedings of the Society, have the calamities of war, and impoverished only to express their hopes, that ah by its devastations, during even the increasing sense of the infinite importcontinuance of it have witnessed a good anée of the holy Scriptures to the tetticonfession in this holy čalise ; and let poral and eternal well-being of shartthis country, which only heard from a Kind, will imparti net vigour and distance the thunder of the tempest activity to tfiat zeal which at this pewhich burst on the continent of Enropé, tiod animates Christians for the diffe. be grateful that it was blessed with the sion of them that the charity which means and disposition to supply that has been consécrated to this pious use, assistance which alone was wanted to will never cease to flow, until it shall give operation and activity to the pioüs have watered all the parehed and barren zeal of our foreign associates.

spots of the frabitable globe, and that Let us hail the extensive manifesta- the seed of the Word, which has been Yion of that spirit, which, during the so extensively sown, may bring forth interval of public tranquillity; ha's en- the fruits of righteousness even an larged the continental connexions of hundred fold. in it, i'

the Society : in the fullest confidence, · Whatever may be the final resalt of * that if the late change in the political the efforts now making for promoting circumstances of Europe should in any the happiness of the human racey by degree limit its operations, they will supplying them with the best means be renewed with the vigour of reco- of moral and religious improvement, vered elasticity, when the pressure is enough tias appeared in the records of removed.

" the British and Foreign Bible Society, In the preceding considerations, your and in those of its several Auxiliaries, Committee not only see grounds for ex- 'to shew, that in this respect the Scrip ultation and hope, but the most powers tores have not been distributed in vain; ful motives for the uprelaxing conti- that numerous instances have occurred nuance of the Society's exertioris. If in which they have proved sources of mich has been accomplished, much still joy and consolation to the desolate and remains to be done, in order to bring afflicted; and that even the moral and the work to its desired perfection. The religious state of comintinities bas beth fostering care of the Society is more greatly meliorated by the perosal of than ever necessary for the support of them, as well as 'by the Christian feel. Institutions which it'has planted. The ings a wakened through the Association voice of the stranger is still feard, made for their distribution. The Unto pleading for its assistance, in the plain. feigned anxiety which has been et tive solicitation of the inan of Mace- hibited in many countries where the Honia, « Come and help us! The Bible is scarcely procurable, to obtain prodigious operations carrying on in a copy of it, affords gratifying pre

pumption; that the possession of this in London, in the month of May last, invalaable treasure is considered, and to all of their body throughout the has proyed, what a gracious God iyworld. We do not mean that the ac. tended it to be, a real blessipg r count of their sufferings for tithes, or

It shall come to pass, says the Al for military claims, is more touching mighty, by the mouth of the prophet, than in former years, or that their testithat “ I will gather all nations and mony to a free Gospel-ministry, &c, is tongues, and they shall see my glory." a whit more convincing, however it may It is not for qs to know the times and have been “ gaining ground among us.” Bensong, wuich God has kept in his own But passing by these peculiarities,

power; but we may be permitted to which are essential to their separate . indulge a humble hope, that the distri- existence, we must confess ourselves

bution of that revelation which displays much gratified with the general strain · bis glorious perfectious, may be made of the communication. “It is," they instrumental to the accomplishment of say, “ from this holy source” (viz. the the prophetie word.

Divine power) “ that every enjoyment Let it be our care to improve the both spiritual and temporal flow's: it is - times and seasons wbich are given to to the Lord Almighty that we are in

ps, for making known the ways of God debted for the blessing of existence, ppon earth, and His saving health to for the means of redemption, and for all nations, and to encourage, by our that lively hope of immortality which example and assistance, that zeal which comes by Jesus Christ. To his service, has been so happily kindled: incul. then, dear Friends, iu obedience to the eating, both by our conduct and re- manifestation of his power, let us offer commendation, a strict adherence to our talents; to the glory of his great the principle of our Institution; to the and excellent name, let us devote our gravily of its object, and the import- strength and the residue of our days." gece of its end; as the surest means of They anxiously caution Friends consolidating that spirit of Christian against an eager pursuit after the things Love, which harmonizes the various of this life. societies co-operating in this sacred “That contentment which charac. cause, and of rendering the Institution terizes the pious Christian, is a treasure itself both permanent and extensively which we covet for all our members; beneficial.

and we especially desire that those who Above all, let us pray that the influ. are setting out in life may so circum. ence of that boly Book which we cir- scribe their expectations, and limit their eulate, may not only he felt in our domestic establishments, as not to bring bearts, but exhibited ip our lives; that upon themselves expenses which could the members of this and every other only be supported by an imprudent ex. similar institution may let their light so tension of their trade. Care in this shine before men, that their Heavenly respect will enable them to allot more Father may be glorified ; and finally, of their time to the service of their felthat those who distribute and those who low-men, and to the promotion of the receive the holy. Scriptures, may be Lord's cause. We believe that, were

found among the number described parents to instil into the minds of their . by the Apostle in his Apocalyptic vi- children principles of moderation and sion .. ith SSUT

@conomy, suited to their future expec. After this, I beheld, and lo, a great tations, it would, under the Divine blessmultitude, which po man could number, ing, not only conduce to their preserva

of all nations, and kindreds, and people, tion, but promote their safety and com- and tongues, stood before the throne, - fort in life.” M a zodation

and before the Lamb, clothed with The letter then censures the religious white robes, and with palms in their indifference which is content to attend bands, and cried with a lord voice, meetings for Divine worship but once Saying, Salvation to our God, which in the week, and strongly urges, that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the " the Christian practice, of daily readLamb. 1,, Bt.1 787

ing in families a portion of holy Scrip

ture, with a subsequent pause for retireYEARLY MEETING OF QUAKERS. ment and reflection," which is believed

We bave been much pleased with to be “ increasing ainongst us,” should • The Epistle addressed this year by the as a “ wholesome domestic regulation, Feneral Meeting of the Quakers, held be adopted every where. Heads of famsi

lies, who have themselves experienced President;-Sir John Sylvester, Bart the benefit of religious instruction, will Recorder; John Anstey, Esq.; Sir Clau. do well to consider whether, in this re- dius Stephen Hunter, Bart. ; Matthew spect, they have not a duty to discharge Wood, Esq.; and George Bridges, Esq., to their servants and others of their Aldermen; and Thomas Bell, Esq.," household. Parents looking sincerely Vice-Presidents ;--and Joseph Fry,Esq., for help to Him of whom these Scrip. 'Treasurer. : tores testify, may not unfrequently, on I t is proposed by this Society to such occasions, feel themselves enabled divide the City of London into districts; and engaged to open to the minds of each of which shall be under the direc their interesting charge, the great truths tion of a Sub-committe. All orderly of Christian duty and Christian redemp. persons of both sexes unable to read, of tion.". "

sixteen years of age or upwards, will be . It also earnestly recommends to the considered proper objects of its care. young to allot a portion of each day The men and women will be taught in to read and meditate upon the sacred separate places by persons of their own volume in private: and steadily to direct sex. their minds to Him who alone can open “ The moral and political importance and apply the Scriptures to their spiri- of such a Society for the City of Lontual benefit. "In these seasons of retire. don must be obvious to every reflecting · ment, seek for ability to enter into a mind, when it is considered that the close examination of the state of your aggregate of crimes by which our gaola own hearts; and, as you may be enabled, are crowded appears, from authentic secretly pray to the Almighty for pre- information, to be attributable, in i servation from the temptations with great degree, to ignorance. which you are encompassed."

* “ The necessity for this Institution in It concludes with exliorting “all of further evinced by the computation, every age and of every class, to remem- that there are many thousands of Adult ber, that if we obey the Divine com- Persons in the City of London alone, mandments, we shall do all to the glory and in England at large, upwards of of God; we shall always acknowledge oue million three hundred thousand, that it is of his mercy, if we ever become unable to read.. st, .. . partakers of the unspeakable privilege "The utility of instructing Adults is of the true disciples of Him who died already confirmed by abundant experi. for all, that they that live should not ence: similar societies having been benceforth live unto themselves, but established in the cities of Bristol, Bath, unto him who died for them, and rose Salisbury, and Norwich, the towns of again.'."

Ipswich, Yarmouth,Plymouth, Sheffield,

and Uxbridge, the borough of SouthINSTRUCTION OF ADULTS.

wark, and the village of Hackney, and A numerous and respectable Meeting in many other parts both of England and was held at the New London Tavern, Wales. . Hence it is confidently hoped, Cheapside, on Tuesday the 11th July; that such a design for the first city in the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, the world, will awaken and call into in the chair, to consider the propriety action every Christian and every påof instituting a Society for teaching triot, who has it in his power to promote Adult Persons, within the City of Lon- so good a cause. don, to read. His Lordship opened the ." Every person subscribing fire proceedings by a clear statement of the shillings or upwards, annually, or redimportance of the object for which the dering service as a teacher, will be Meeting was convened, and by a de- considered a member of this Society, claration of bis cordial approbation during the continuance of such subof it.', ; !

1 scription or service ; and every person Various other gentlemen having illus- giving a benefaction of five guineas, trated and confirmed his Lordship's for upwards, at one time, a member for statements, and expressed their convic- Jite, 8.8.191 ses until she tion of the benefit to be derived from Every person subscribing one such an Institution, a Society was esta guinea, or upwards, 'annually, will be blisbed, under the designation of THE' considered a governor during the cod. CITY OF LONDON SOCIETY FOR THE IN. tinuance 'of such subscription and STRUCTION DADULTS." The Right every person giving a benefaction of Hon. the Lord Mayor was appointed ten guiveas; or upwardi, * ode time,

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