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mentality of a minister of Satan; that was the longa : est and forest trial that I had met with since my release from Sinai. I was then a young father in Christ, and too fond of my children, and therefore violence and cruelty were used, both by the false and true brethren; the former influenced the latter : but this was appointed, that my affections might be beat off by violence, and soon after I was ordered to London. But if that cruel usage had not come upon me, I should have come to London like a filly dove without a heart; but the children I had swaddled the enemy carried away; so that I was ready to fondle any that the Lord should give me elsewhere.

At Richmond I had a little more fishing in these troubled waters; but we must arise and depart, for this is not our reft, it is polluted. I was in hopes that the greatest part of the burden and heat of the day was over ; but evil days and wearisome nights are che lot of them who labour in the word and doctrine. Let me lay a little of this weight upon thy shoulders, and fail not to bring me forth in thy petitions ; for God knows it is for the hope of Israel that I am entangled in these briars. Remember my bonds.


Church-street, Paddington.




To the Rev. Mr. HUNTINGTON.


I HAVE received and read your last favour, and am not a little astonished at what you tell me. Indeed I can see where you are, and do sympathize too with you from my heart; and though I am not able to give you any help, yet my poor prayers are in your present calamity; and I believe the Lord has of late set you much on my heart, nor have I the leait doubt but that he will bring you through all this with a high hand.

I have a great desire to turn comforter: however this I will venture to say, that your late journey was contrived by Infinite Wisdom; and whatever they are who have their hands in it, it will be found to be one of the all things that shall work, not only for your own good, but for the good of hundreds besides; and I can see, with half an eye, that Satan will be the greatest loser by it at the long run; for I know that his wiles will be further discovered, and that himself will be closer pursued; and at every step of ground he loses my soul will rejoice, for I hate liim with a perfect hatred. :

I cannot I cannot read this letter without being filled with indignation. Lord, how long wilt thou fuffer hypocrites, liars, impostors, and devils, to prosper! and the just to see iniquity and look at grievance, and suffer spoiling and violence to remain before them! What shall we say to all these things ? This I will say, that I do not now wonder that the Lord's dealings puzzle such a poor creature of the night as I am, when they try those whom he so dearly loves, those who have had so much of his secrets, and such as he has instructed with so strong a hand. Many times has my heart heaved against him for favouring those whom I know at the same time he hates, and continuing to frown upon them whom he knows love his truth, his cause, his people, and his name. Now it staggers me when I think how that arrogant and presumptuous hypocrite could write such a book against you. It is a testimony against his own soul; the infernal hatred of his heart recorded by his own hand: sure I am he is gone beyond the bounds of fear. And here I am tumbling and stumbling in the dark, and cannot get the use of any of my faculties; I cannot, if I was to die, commit to paper what I see, and what I conceive in my thoughts. But the devil helps his own children; and I am as sure, as there is a God in heaven, that he will damn that hypocrite, if he lives and dies in his present state.

I do earnestly pray the Almighty (if I am co live longer in the world than you, that, when your head

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is laid in the grave, I may never afterwards go to London ; but that he would hide me in some country place near a wood, give me food and raiment, and make me useful in my little sphere to some poor and simple people. This is my wish and desire, and never to be stationed where Satan's seaç is.

When will it be convenient for me to spend a few days with you? I hope you will favour me with a line in the course of next week; and if your mind and circumstances are at liberty, tell me when I may come; if not, I will wait till they are.

The Lord be with you, bless and strengthen you for the work he has cut out for you. He surely will; himself has promised it, and he has done it, and will do it to the end. This is the prayer of him who sincerely loves you, and who owes himself to you.

June 3, 1796.



To the Rev. Mr. HUNTINGTON.



May the best of blessings attend you, and may our good Lord crown you continually with lovingkindness and tender mercies, and may he hold you up against the host of foes that you are surrounded with and must cut through, by the fword of his Spirit, to the honour of his great and holy name, and to the comfort and establishment of his little, little Aock, in this kingdom ; and to the confusion pow, and one day to the utter confusion of these his enemies. .

It may be truly faid of them, Behold! ye despisers ! and wonder, and perish; for I work a work in your day which ye will in no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you! But, blessed be God, not all; for some can thank God, from the heart, that ever he was pleased to raise you up amongst us, according to his word, to confound the wisdom of the (worldly) wise, and to bring to nothing the (pre



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