Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis ...: no.I, Piers, Sir H. A chorographical description of the country of West-Meath. 1770

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Charles Vallencey
Luke White, 1786 - Ireland

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Page 118 - ... and thus the portion is quickly paid ; nevertheless, caution is taken from the Bridegroom, on the day of delivery, for restitution of the cattle, in case the Bride die childless within a certain day limited by agreement, and in this case every man's own beast is restored.
Page 117 - ... summer fare with; for if they can hold out so long with bread, they count they can do well enough for what remains of the year till harvest ; for then milk becomes plenty, and butter, new cheese and curds and shamrocks, are the food of the meaner sort all this season.
Page 156 - ... clerk, not being in orders, and to his heirs for ever •, with this intent, that he...
Page 64 - ... all houfes of offices fit to make preparation for entertainment of fuch as came at all times to vifit, or otherwife to confult or debate their concerns ; and here it was that the fatal rebellion, which broke out with fo much fury and havock on the"Englifh and Proteftants in this kingdom in 1641, * In the year 1236.
Page 169 - For the churches, they are for the most part in ruins ; such as were presented to be in reparation are covered only with thatch. But the incumbents, both parsons and vicars, did appear to be such poor, ragged, ignorant creatures — for we saw many of them in the camp — as we could not esteem any of them worthy of the meanest of those livings, albeit many of them are not worth above forty shillings per annum.
Page 156 - ... being an officer of the Church, took beginning in this manner : When any lord or gentleman had a direction to build a church, he did first dedicate...
Page 149 - ... men of the country ; for the beef, which they eat in their houses, is for the most part stolen out of the English pale ; and for that purpose, every one of them keepeth a cunning thief, which he calleth his Cater.
Page 170 - Deputy do finish these beginnings, and settle these countries, as I assure myself he will, this will prove the most profitable journey for the service of God and his majesty, and the general good of this kingdom, that hath been made in the time of peace by any deputy these many years...
Page 112 - Thisarifeth thro' that great care and concern every man hath left he mould be over-reached by his neighbour ; and they will take upon them to be judges to an extreme nicety of the quality and quantity of each rood of ground ; and, to make fure work, will bring their ropes to meafure, as formally as a furveyor his chains. Their manner of divifion is thus, To each plough they reckon a certain number of acres, which by a general name is called a...
Page 154 - Irifli countries ufually married, or if he were not married he had children, and after his death, if any of his fons were qualified with learning, he was chofen by the dean and chapter to be Corbe ; and if none of his fons were capable, another of that fept or furname was chofen without doubt.

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