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General Miscellany.


Soc. Art.

CALIFORNIA. 22. I. The provisions of this constitu

tion are mandatory and prohibi. tory, unless by express words they are declared to be other

wise. 2. XVII. The holding of large tracts of

land, uncultivated and unimproved, by individuals and corporations, is against the public interest, and should be discouraged by all means not inconsistent with the rights of private property.

FLORIDA. 9. IX. There shall be exempt from taxa

tion property to the value of two hundred dollars to every widow that has a family dependent on her for support, and to every person that has lost a limb or been disabled in war or by misfortune.

Sec. Art.

for a compensation, whether the property stored be kept separate or not, are declared to be public

warehouses. 2. XIII. The owner, lessee or manager of

each and every public warehouse situated in any Own or city of not less than one hundred thousand inhabitants, shall make weekly statements under oath, before some officer to be designated by law, and keep the same posted in some conspicuous place in the office of such warehouse, and shall also file a copy for public examina ion in such place as shall be designate ed by law, which statement shall correctly set forth the amount and grade of each and every kind of grain in such warehouse, together with such other property as may be stored therein, and what warehouse receipts have been issued, and are, at the time of making such statement, outstanding therefor; and shall, on the copy posted in the warehouse, note daily such changes as may be made in the quality and grade of grain in such warehouse; and the different grades of grain shipped in separate lots shall not be mixed with inferior superior grades without the consent of the owner or consignee thereof.

IDAHO. 1. XVI. The Legislature shall pass all nec

essary laws to provide for the protection of live stock against the introduction or spread of pleuro-pneumonia, glanders, splenetic or Texas fever, and other infectious or contagious diseases. The Legislature may also establish a system of quarantine or inspection, and such other regulations as may be necessary for the protection of stock-owners and most conducive to the stock interests within this State.


MARYLAND. 6. VII. The qualified voters of Worcester

county shall, on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November, in the year eighteen hundred and sirty-seven, and every two years thereafter, elect a wreck master for said county, whose duties

ILLINOIS. 1. XIII. All elevators or store houses where

grain or other property is stored

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