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Chancellor and Supreme Court-Masters in Chancery.


Sec. Art.

DELAWARE. 5. V. The chancellor shall hold the

Court of Chancery. This court shall have all the jurisdiction and powers vested by the laws of this state in the Court of

Chancery. 13. VI. Until the General Assembly shall

otherwise provide, the chancellor

Sec. Art.

shall exercise all the powers which any law of this State vests in the chancellor, besides the general powers of the Court of Chancery; and the chief justice and associate judges shall each singly exercise all the powers which any law of this State vests in the judges singly of the Supreme Court or Court of Common Pleas.

Vacancy in Office of Chancellor, etc.


Sec. Art.

ALABAMA. 17. VI. Vacancies in the office of any of

the judges or chancellors of this State shall be filled by appointment by the Governor, and such appointee shall hold his office for the unexpired term and until his successor is elected or appointed and qualified.

Sec. Art.

be filled by election, but when the unexpired term does not exceed one year the vacancy may be filled by appointment, in such manner as the Legislature may provide.

NEBRASKA. 21. VI. In case the office of any judge of

the Supreme Court, or of any District Court, shall become vacant before the expiration of the regular term for which he was elected, the vacancy shall be Alled by appointment by the Governor until a successor shall be elected and qualified, and such successor shall be elected for the unexpired term at the first general election that occurs more than thirty days after the vacancy shall have happened. Vacancies in all other elective offices provided for in this article shall

MISSISSIPPI. 177. VI. The Governor shall have power

to fill any vacancy which may happen during the recess of the Senate, in the office of judge or chancellor, by making a temporary appointment of an incum. bent, which shall expire at the end of the next session of the Senate, unless a successor shall be sooner appointed, and confirmed by the Senate. When a temporary appointment of а judge or chancellor has been made during the recess of the Senate, the Governor shall have no power to remove the person or appointee, nor power to withhold his name from the Senate for their action.

State Officers.


Sec. Art.

KANSAS. 3. The Governor, Secretary and

Judges, and all other officers, both civil and military, under the Territorial government,

Sec. Art.

shall continue in the exercise of the duties of their respective departments until the said officers are superseded under the authority of this constitution.

Offices Abolished.


Sec. Art.

MARYLAND. 59. III. The office of “ State Pension Commissioner" is hereby abolished; and the Legislature shall pass no law creating such office, or establishing any general pension within this State.

Soc. Art.

WISCONSIN. 19. VII. The testimony in causes in equity

shall be taken in like manner as in cases at law; and the otfice of master in chancery is hereby prohibited.

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2 jurisdiction in law and equity, subject to such appellate juris3 diction of the Court of Appeals as now is or may be prescribed 4 by law not inconsistent with this article. The existing judicial

5 districts of the State are continued until changed as herein

6 after provided. The Supreme Court shall consist of the

7 justices now in office, and of the judges transferred thereto

8 by the fifth section of this article, all of whom shall continue

9 to be justices of the Supreme Court during their respective

10 terms, and of twelve additional justices who shall reside in

II and be chosen by the electors of the several existing judicial

12 districts, three in the first district, three in the second, and one

13 in each of the other districts; and of their successors.


14 successors of said justices shall be chosen by the electors of

15 their respective judicial districts. The Legislature may alter

16 the judicial districts once after every enumeration under the

17 Constitution, of the inhabitants of the State, and thereupon

18 reapportion the justices to be thereafter elected in the districts

19 so altered.

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