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preceded it; and he must equally trust in the indulgence of his readers to excuse numerous inaccuracies which no doubt pervade it.

He has however no hesitation in speaking of the merits of the second section of this volume, relating to Savoy and Piedmont, which has been prepared by a friend and fellow-traveller, most intimately acquainted with those countries, which he has explored in almost every direction, and on many different occasions. The routes contained in it possess great interest, from the want of other information respecting the country they traverse, from the extreme accuracy with which they are described, and from their being derived, not from books, but from personal knowledge. They will probably be the means of throwing open to English travellers a region little visited hitherto, but rossessing, from its romantic beauties, the highest claim to attention.


The admirable work of Professor Forbes, “Travels through the Alps,' the most remarkable contribution to their history since that of De Saussure, furnished the Editor with valuable information for the edition of 1846.


* The present edition has been very carefully revised, and corrected, as far as possible, down to the present time; some new routes have been added, and others have been re-written.


1 Basle to Berne, by the Mün- 23 Lucerne to Berne, by Sum-

ster Thal (Val Moutiers)



and Bienne - Ascent of the 24 Soleure to Berne



2 Basle to Schaffhausen

8 Berne to Thun, Interlachen,

3 Basle to Soleure, the Weissen-

Lauterbrunnen; over the Wen-

stein, and Bienne, by Liesthal

gern Alp to

Grindelwald ;

and the Ober Hauenstein

Ascent of the Faulhorn ; over

4 Basle to Lucerne, by the

the Scheideck to Meyringen;

Unter-Hauenstein, Olten, Aar-

and by Brienz, back to Thun 67

burg, and Sempách

12 26 Lauterbrunnen to Kandersteg

5 Basle to Aarau, by the Staf-

by the Passes of the Seefinen,


14 Furca, and Dündengrat 82

6 Basle to Zürich, by Brugg, 27 Lauterbrunnen to Kandersteg

the Baths of Schintznach, and

by the Tschingel Glacier and

Baden : Rly. Baden to Zürich 15 Gasteren Thal


7 Schaffhausen to Constance 19 27A Passage of the Strahleck from

8 Schaffhausen to Zürich, by

Grindelwald to the Grimsel. 84


24 28 Pass of the Grimsel --- Mey-

9 Zürich to Constance, by ringen to Ober Gestelen and


27 Brieg


10 Zürich to St. Gall.

28 29 Pass of the GriesOber Ges-

13 Zürich to Berne, by Baden

telen to Domo d'Ossola, by

and Lenzburg

28 the Val Formazza (Pommat)

14 Zürich to Coire, by the lakes

and Falls of the Tosa


of Zürich and Wallenstadt 29 30 Pass of the Furca, from the

15 Zürich to Zug and Lucerne,

Grimsel to Hospital, on the

by Horgen and the Rigi 34 St. Gothard, by the Glacier

16 Zürich to Lucerne, over the

of the Rhone



35 | 31 Pass of the Surenen, from

17 Lucerne to Schwytz and Brun-

Stanzstadt and Buochs to

nen, including the fall of the

Altorf, by the convent of

Rossberg and the ascent of

Engelberg and the base of

the Rigi

40 the Titlis


18 The Lake of Lucerne. — Lu- 32 Pass of the Susten— Meyringen

cerne to Flüelen

51 to Wasen


19 The Pass of the Brünig. 33 Pass of the Joch— Meyringen

Lucerne to Meyringen and

to Engelberg


Brienz, by Alpnacht and Sarnen 56 34 Pass of St. Gothard,-- from

22 Lucerne to Berne, or Thun,

Flüelen, the Lake of

by, the Entlebuch

61 Lucerne, to Bellinzona 99

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35 Pass of the Nüfenen (Novena), 67 Constance St. Gall

from Obergestelen to Airolo 110 Coire, by Rorschach, Rheineck,

38 Pass of the Gemmi.—Thun to

Ragatz,and the Baths of Pfeffers 186

the Baths of Leuk (Loèche), 68 St. Gall to Altstetten and Coire

and to Leuk in the Vallais 110 by the Baths of Gais, Appen-

39 Pass of the Rawyl.Thun, or

zell, and the Pass of the

Interlachen, to Sion, or Sierre,

Stoss, with excursions to the

crossing the Grimmi

116 Weissbad, the Wildkirchlein,

40 Pass of the Sanetsch — Saanen

and the Hoch Sentis


to Sion

118 69 St. Gall_to Rapperschwyl,

41 Thun to Vevay, by the Sim-

on the Lake of Zürich, by

menthal; Baths of Weissen-

Herisau and Heinrichsbad 197
berg, Saunen, Château d'Oer, 71 Schaffhausen to Coire, by
and Gruyères ; footpath over

Toggenburg and Wildhaus 198

the Dent de Jaman

119 72 Wesen to Glarus, the Baths of

41a Château d'Oex to Aigle, by

Stachelberg, and the Panten-

the Val des Ormonds

122 brücke.Pass of the Klausen

42 Berne to Lausanne, by Frey-

to Altorf



123 73 Baths of Stachelberg to Bri-

43 Berne to Lausanne, by


gels, in the Valley of the

and Avenches (Aventicum) 127 Vorder-Rhein, over the Kis-

44 Berne to Neuchâtel

129 tengrat .


45 Bienne to Yverdun and Lau- 74 Rapperschwyl to the Rigi and

sanne, by the Lakes of Bienne

to Schwytz, by Einsiedeln,

and Neuchâtel

131 with excursion to Morgarten 203

48 Neuchâtel to La Chaux des 75 Schwytz to Glarus, by the

Fonds and Locle

135 Muotta-thal, the Pass of the

49 Pontarlier in France) to

Pragel, and the Klönthai 209

Neuchâtel, by Motiers Travers 136 75a From Muotta to the Baths of

50 Yverdun to Geneva, by Orbe,

Stachelberg in the Lintthal,

with excursion to the Lac de

by the Bisithal



138 76 Glarus to Coire, up the

53 Dijon to Geneva

140 Sernft-thal


55 The Lake of Geneva

150 77 Coire to Andermatt on the

56 Geneva to Martigny, by Lau-

St. Gothard, up the Valley of

sanne, Vevay, Chillon, Ber, and

the Vorder-Rhein, to Dissentis,

St. Maurice

152 and across the Oberalp . 214

57 Geneva to Martigny, by 78 Pass of the Lukmanier --Dis-

Thonon and Meillerie, along

sentis to Olivone, in the Val

the south shore of the Lake



of Geneva

163 79 Muotta to Altorf by the Pass

58 Bex to Sion, by les Diablerets

of the Kinzig Culm


and Col de Cheville

164 80 Amstäy to Dissentis by the

59 Passage of the Simplon.-Mar-

Pass of the Kreuzli


tigny to Milan, by Sion, Brieg, 80A Dissentis to Airolo by the

and Domo d'Ossola


Uomo Pass.


60 Tourtemagne to Interlachen, 80B Splügen to Ilanz by the Pass

by the Lötschthal and Kan-

of the Valserberg



177 80c Reichenau to Splügen by the

61 Aosta to Sion, by the Val-

Savienthal and Pass of the

pelline and Col de Collon-



Evolena to Zermatt, by the 81 The Prettian ; Mayenfeld to

Col d'Errin

180 Fideris and Davos


66 Constance to St. Gall, by the 81A Coire to Davos Plaz by the

Lake of Constance


Pass of the Strela


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PAGE 818 Davos Plaz to the Baths of 87 Coire to Splügen, by the Via Tarasp in the Engadin, by


235 the Fluela Pass

227 88 Pass of the Splügen — from 82 Pass of the Julier, from Coire

Splügen to Chiavenna and up the Valley of Oberhalb

the Lake of Como .

240 stein, to the Baths of St. Mo- 89 Chiavenna to St. Moritz, and ritz in the Engadine

228 the source of the Inn, by 83 Coire to Ponte in the Enga

the Val Bregaglia and the dine, by Weissenstein and the

Pass of the Maloya

244 Albula Pass

229 90 Pass of the Bernardin.-Splü81 The Engadine.-St. Moritz to

gen to Bellinzona .

246 Nauders, and the Pass of 91 Bellinzona to Magadino and Finstermünz

230 Locarno on the Lago Maggiore 249 85 Pass of the Bernina, from 92 Bellinzona to Lugano and Samaden, in the Enga

Como, by the Monte Cenere . 253 dine, to Tirano, in the 93 Luino, on the Lago Maggiore, Valteline, by Pontresina and

to Menaggio, on the Lago di Puschiavo

233 Como, across the Lago Lugano 255





SKELETON Tours.—Page 263.




PAGE 101 Arona, on Lago Maggiore, to

d'Aosta, by Zermatt and the Varallo, in the Val Sesia 264 Pass of the Mont Cervin.-102 Baveno to Varallo, by the

Tour of Monte Rosa

280 Lake of Orta and the Col de 107 From Turin to Aosta and CorColma.

267 mayeur.— The Val d'Aosta 290 103 Arona to Turin by Romagnano 269 108 Martigny to Aosta.—Pass of 104 Varallo to Châtillon, in the

the Great St. Bernard . 296 Val d'Aosta, by the Passes 108ASt. Bernard to Cormayeur, of the Col de Val Dobbia,

by the Col de Serena . 303
the Col de Ranzola, Gressonay, 109 St. Branchier to Aosta, by the
and Col de Jon, crossing the

Valley of Bagnes, the Gla-
Val de Lys and the Val

ciers of Charmontane, the Col

270 des Fenêtres, and the Val 104A Pass of the Turlo from


304 Alagna to Pestarena . 273 110 Martigny to Cormayeur, by 105 Vogogna, in Val d'Ossola, to

the Col de Ferret

307 Visp, in the Vallais, by the 111 Aosta to Ponte in Val d'Orca, Val Anzasca, the Pass of the

by Cogne, Fenêtre de Cogne,
Monte Moro, and the Valley

the Col de Reale, and Val

309 106 Visp to Châtillon, in the Vai 112 Ponte to Villeneuve, by the

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of Saas

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