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Drawn by JM. Bernatz, from a Sketch by D' Barth



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the dendal (or principal street) being as yet fit for habitation, while the rest of the place wore a very cheerless aspect.

Returning, therefore, a few hundred yards in the direction from whence I had come, I chose my campingground on an eminence at the side of the path shaded by a majestic tamarind tree, and affording an open prospect over the characteristic landscape in the bottom of the irregular vale. Here I spent the whole afternoon enjoying this pleasant panorama, of which I made a sketch which has been represented in the plate opposite. I had now been suffering for the last two months from sore legs, which did not allow me to rove about at pleasure; otherwise I would gladly have accompanied my companion ‘Alí el A'geren on a visit to his friend Bashá Bú-Khalúm, a relative of that Bú-Khalúm who accompanied Denham and Clapperton. At this time he was residing in New Búne, where he had lately lost, by another conflagration, almost the whole of his property, including eight female slaves, who were burnt to death while fettered in a hut. As conflagrations are very common all over Negroland, especially in the dry season, a traveller must be extremely careful in confiding his property to these frail dwellings, and he would do well to avoid them entirely.

A cold northerly wind, which blew in the Wed morning, made us feel very chilly in our December 15th. open and elevated encampment, so that it was rather

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