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- Despotic Rule. — Heir Apparent. — Political Condition of Songhay.
- Intercourse with Egypt. - Commerce. — Ariny.- The Rumá. - Po-
litical Situation of Timbúktu. - Latest Events.

in Relation to the Berber Tribes. — Dangerous Situation. – Officer sent

from Hamda-Alláhi to catch me. — Host repulsed. — Letter from

Hamda-Alláhi. - Interview with the Chief of the Tademékket.

- Knowledge is Power. - Presents.- Large Troop of Bérabísh

Horsemen. - Letter and News from Europe. — Hostile Gathering. -
Leave Town again. – An Embassy. — Return to Town. - Alwab's
Account of Mungo Park. - Letter of Franchise. — Momentous Death
of the Chief of the Bérabísh 'Ali Weled 'Abéda - Out to the Camp.





l'age 104

XII. Map of my Routes between Kátsena and Say :
XIII. Map of my Routes between Say and Timbúktu, in-

cluding the Survey of the Niger ·



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1. View of Timbúktu from the Terrace of the Traveller's House

To face Frontispiece. 2. The Komádugu at Zéngiri

- to face 3. Salt Lake near Búne. 4. Búwa-Kolosso 5. Wúshek 6. Badamúni. .. 7. Market of Sókoto 8. Valley of Fógha 9. The l'sa (Niger) at Say 10. Songhay Village 11. Mountains of Hómbori 12. Niger at Korome 13. Arrival at Kábara • 14 Entrance into Timbuktu

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A'bbega and Dýrregu
Bird's-eye View of Site of Birni .
Repairing the Wall of Gesma
View of Gúre .
Ground-plan of Wúshek ..
Ground-plan of Oasis of Badamúni
Ground-plan of Zinder .
Remarkable Fortifications of Kúrrefi
Ground-plan of Dúchi .
Rúdu, or elevated Sleeping Hut
My Quarters in Wurno
Ground-plan of Wurno


View of Gúlumbé -
Architecture of Champagóre
Front of Residence of Galaijo
Smelting Furnaces
Ground-plan of Hut at Namantúgu
View of the Interior of same Hut -
The Lamórde of A'ribínda -
Ground-plan of House in Tínge .
View of Tinge -
Isolated Cones of Hómbori Range -
Native Huts and Corn-stacks
View of Dúna . . . .
Peculiar Thatchwork . .
Hómbori Range .
Variety of Huts at I'sayé -
Cliffs resembling artificial Fortification
Castellated Mounts
Interior of Imóshagh Tent
Mounts of Núggera .
Flat-topped Cones
View of Bámbara
Ground-plan of my Quarters in Timbúk tu


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