How to Create a Website From Scratch - Complete Guide: Creat a Website By Your Own & Optimize It To Rank Well On Google Search

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Nowadays everything moved to online and the internet usage is increasing day by day. Google is the most used search engine by the users around the world. As of now, more than 92% of the online users are using the Google to find information about the products, services and to learn more about the new things. Hence website is important for all the businesses. From this insights it is clear that if you would like to get more reach for your business online, then you should have a proper website which is optimized perfectly to rank well on Google and in other search engines.

This book covers everything about creating a new website starting from the scratch. As a business owner or a blogger, This book will give you complete insights about website creation and optimizing the site to rank well on Google Search. This book was written by Dinesh Kumar VM, SEO & Digital PR Manager at ClickDo Ltd. Fernando Raymond, CEO of ClickDo Ltd is the publisher of this book with Kasun Sameera who is head of Design & Web Development at ClickDo Ltd.

Whether you are a business people or a college student or a newbie, this book will guide you to create a website by yourself. if you are planning to learn everything about website creation and basic optimization. Then, this book would be the best choice for you. On top of all, You can check our SeekaHost University where we have well-crafted courses like SEO Course, Google AdWords Course, Blogging Course and many more.


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About the author

Dinesh Kumar VM, born and raised in India, is an experienced SEO Consultant and also an expert in Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Remarketing. He is a SEO & Digital PR Manager at ClickDo Ltd which is a #1 SEO Company in London. He also works closely with SeekaHost, a web hosting company & helps with online marketing activities. 

Dinesh also wrote books on various topics like Link Building, Google Ads, How to Create a Website. He also created a complete online course for “Google AdWords” which is available at SeekaHost University.

He works closely with many business owners in London on behalf of ClickDo Ltd by helping them with SEO & other online marketing activities.

The entrepreneur Fernando, born and raised in Sri-Lanka and currently living in London, United Kingdom, is the CEO of ClickDo™ - an SEO and Online Marketing Services Agency, SeekaHost - a global web hosting company and ClickDo Solutions (PVT) Ltd. – a software development company based in Sri Lanka.

He shares his business expertise and knowledge in books he has authored such as “The Ultimate Sales Machine”, “Social Media Marketing and SEO Strategy For Hospitality Industry”, “How To Do SEO & Rank #1 on Google?: Learn The SEO Skills To Rank Higher On Google” and “How To Rank Higher on Google: 32 Steps to Rank Your Website Higher on Google”.

Fernando’s other passions are traveling, living the life of a digital nomad and supporting people to work remotely or build online businesses to live a flexible and enjoyable life. 

Kasun is a UX/UI Web Designer and Front End Developer living in the Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Kasun was schooled at Richmond College, Galle, and left school in 2003 and got into Lanka Bell which is a world-class telecommunications operator that provides a full range of telecommunication services to businesses and residential customers in Sri Lanka. From a young age, Kasun have dreamed of having a role in the IT sector.

Being a professional web designer, Kaun design websites using Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Corel Draw, Illustrator and, Anime Studio. Also, code sites with pure XHTML and CSS using a little JavaScript, VB Script, Actionscript and a lot of Usabilities, Accessibility, and Web Standards.

Kasun has worked with over 300 business owners in the UK and most of the ClickDo clients websites are created by Kasun. Kasun recently designed the SeekaHost UK website.

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