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Of Foreign Works, M. Modeste Pareletti; M. Bucholz; M. Hassenfratz; M. Vauquelin; M. Klaproth; M. Robiquet; M. C. L. Berthollet; M. Guvton-Morveau; Prof. Proust; M.Coutelle; Dr. Haldat; J. B. Mollerat; Mr. W. Maclure, F. Phil. Soc. of Philadelphia; M. Descroizilles, Senr. ; B. L; M. Laugier; M. Fourcroy ; M. Theodore de Saussure; M. Prieur; M. J. C. Delametherie; M. Parmentier; M. Theodore de Grotthuss; M. Peyrard; M. Gehlen.

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The Engravings consist of 1. Figures 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7, (in one Quarto Plate) of Mr. Troughton's Apparatus for dividing Astronomical Instruments; 2. Figs. 2 and 3, of Mr. Troughton's Apparatus for dividing Astronomical Instruments; 3. Diagrams illustrating the Art of Aerial Navigation, by Sir George Cayley, Bart; 4. Leaf of the Mimosa Pudica, by Mr. Robert Lyall; 5. Sir George Cayley on Aerial Navigation; 6. Apparatus for procuring Potassium; 7. Dr. Wollaston's reflecting Goniometer; 8. The Intervertebral Joint of the Shark; 9. Mr. Miller's Drag for finding and raising the Body of a Person drowned; 10. His Reel Safeguard, for the Security of a Person going to the Assistance of one Drowning; 11. His Missile Rope to be flung to a Person in Danger of being drowned; 12. Apparatus of Messrs. Allen and Pepys, for the Respiration of Gasses by Animals; 13. Lieutenant Spratt's Homograph; 14. Mr. White's improved File for Letters, Receipts, &c.; 15. Diagrams illustrative of certain Properties of Solids, by John Gough, Esq.; 16. Capt. W. Bolton's Method of rigging his

Jury Mast, and setting up a Ship's lower Rigging. TABLE

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