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Sketch of the History of Bolsover and Peak Castles by the Rev.

Samuel Pegge, M. A. (“ Bibl. Top. Brit. No. XXXII.") with
MSS. notes, and Major Rooke's original Drawings. 4to. London.

1785. A Narrative of what passed at the Revolution House at Whittington in the Year 1688, by H. Rooke, Esq.

Nottingham. 1788. 2 A View of the present State of Derbyshire, in two Volumes, by James 165 Pilkington. 8vo.

Derby. 1789. 14 The History of Derby from the remote Ages of Antiquity, &c. by W. Hutton, F. A. S. S. 8vo.

London. 1791. 5 An History of the Manor and Manor-House of South Winfield, hy Tho. Blore, F. S. A. 4to.

London. 1793. 6 An historical Account of Beauchief Abbey, from its first Foundation to its final Dissolution, by the Rev. Samuel Pegge, L. L. D. 4to.

London. 1801. 7 The Works of the late Edward Dayes, containing an Excursion through

the principal Parts of Derbyshire, &c. 8vo. London, 1805. 13 Seasonable Considerations on a navigable Canal intended to be cut

from the River Trent, at Wilden Ferry in the County of Derby, to the River Mersey in the County of Chester. 4to. (another copy

in No. 1.) 1 An Answer to the new Objections against making the River Derwent

navigable. 2 Derwent; an Ode. 4to.

London, Chatsworth, a Poem. 4to. 17 A short Description of Castleton, by J. M. Hedinger, 12mo, Derby.

For Maps of this County, see “ Gough's Maps, &c. No. 2 and 8."



CODEX membranaceus in quarto, ff. 21.

Registrum Abbatiæ de Derley. 2 An Inventorye of the Goods of Peter Frecheville, Esq. of Stavlay,

taken and prysed the xxii of February, 1581. A Roll on Parchment.

3 Five Rolls on Parchment, with the Seals affixed.

i. Of the Aid from the Clergy of the Hundreds of Scarsdale and the

High Peak, for making the King's eldest Son a Knight. 7 James I.

1609. ii. Of the Aid from the Gentry of the Hundred of Scarsdale on the

same Occasion. iii. Inquisition concerning the same Aid for Scarsdale and the Peak. iv. A Rate of Composition for an Aid, for the Marriage of the King's

eldest Daughter, for the Hundred of Scarsdale. 10 James I. 1612. v. The Roll of the Sums found by Inquisition for the said Hundred

on the same Occasion.

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36 THE olde Lawes and Statutes of the Stannarie of Deuon. 4to.

London. 1574.
The Lawes and Statutes of the Stannarie of Deuon. folio. London. 1600.
The Proposal for raising the Price of Tin, &c. 4to.
A Proposal for raising of a Fund of 150,0001. to encourage the Tinners
in Devonshire and Cornwall, &c.

1750. 34 A Pamphlet of the Offices and Duties of euerie particular sworne Offi

cer of the Citie of Excester : collected by John Vowell, alias Hoker. 4to.

London. 1584. The Order and Usage of the keeping of a Parliament in England, and

the Description of tholde and ancient Cittie of Excester, by John

Vowell, alias Hooker. 4to. 24 The antique Description and Account of the City of Exeter, by John

Vowell, alias Hoker, Gent. 4to. (See No. 32.) Exon. 1765. 7 The true lamentable Discourse of the burning of Teuerton. 4to.

London. 1598. An Account of the late dreadful Fire at Tiverton, &c. by Samuel Smith, M. A. 8vo.

London. 1732 Tiverton : a Poem, by Henry Kiddell. folio.

London, 11 Fourtie Articles in the High Court of Parliament, against William Lang, who was Vicar of Bradworthy. 4to.

London, 20 The Humble Petition and Information (to the King) of Sir Lewis

Stucley, Knight, Vice-Admiral of Deuon, touching his owne Behauiour in the charge committed vnto him, for the bringing vp of Sir Walter Raleigh, and the scandalous Aspersions cast vpon him for the same. 4to.

London, 1618. A true Relation of those sad and lamentable Accidents, which happened

in and about the Parish Church of Withycombe in the Dartmoores, on Sunday the 21 of October last. 4to. (For the second Edition of this Tract, see “ Gloucestershire, No. 24.”)

London. 1638. A true Relation of an Apparition in the Likenesse of a Bird with a

white Brest, that appeared hovering over the Death-Beds of some of the Children of Mr. James Oxenham of Sale Monachorum. 4to.

London. 1641.


24. Articles of Agreement betweene his Excellency Prince Maurice, and

the Earle of Stamford upon the Delivery of the City of Excester. 4to.

London. 1643. 20 A true and strange Relation of a Boy, who was entertained by the De

vill to be Servant to him with the Consent of his father, about Crediton in the West, &c. 4to.

London. 1645. A true Narration of the most observable Passages in and at the last Seige of Plymouth. 4to.

London. 1644. Sir Thomas Fairfax Letter to both Houses of Parliament relating the Storming and Taking of Dartmouth. 4to.

London. 1645. A true Copy of the Articles agreed on at the Surrender of Exeter. 4to.

(See also“ Gough, General Topography, No. 180.") London. 1646. The Life and Death of Mr. Ignatius Jurdain, one of the Aldermen of

the City of Exeter, by Ferdinand Nicolls. 12mo. London. 1655. 12 Hell open'd, or the infernal Sin of Murther punished, being a true Relation of the poysoning of a whole Family at Plymouth, &c. 12mo.

London. 1676. 4 Antiquities of the City of Exeter, collected by Richard Izacke, Esq. Chamberlain thereof. 8vo.

London. 1677. 5 Another edition. 8vo.

London. 1681. 6 Another copy, with MSS. notes by Mr. Eve. 2 Another edition. 8vo.

London. 1724. Another edition. 8vo.

London. 1731. 35 Another edition. 8vo.

London. 1734. 9 Another edition. 8vo.

London. 1741. The antient History and Description of the City of Exeter, compiled and digested from the works of Hooker, Izacke, and others. 8vo.

Exeter. 33 An alphabetical Register of Benefactions towards the Relief of the Poor

of the County of Devon, and City and County of Exon, &c. by

Richard Izacke, Esq. 8vo. (See also No. 20.) London. 1736. 20 A true and impartial Relation of the Informations against three Witches, and their Execution, &c. 4to.

London. 1682. A plain and easie Method, shewing how the Office of Overseer of the Poor may be managed, &c. by Richard Dunning. 4to. London.

1685. 16 Danmonii Orientales Illustres, or the Worthies of Devon, by John Prince, Vicar of Berry-Pomeroy. folio.

Exeter. 1701.


8 The chorographical Description, or Survey of the County of Devon, with the City and County of Exeter, by Tristram Risdon. 8vo.

London. 1714. 18 A Review of Part of Risdon's “ Survey of Devon," by William Chapple. 4to.

Exeter. 1785. 20 The Devonshire Woman, or a wonderful Narrative of Frances Flood. 12mo.

Reading. 1723. 29 Observationes de Aere et Morbis epidemicis, ab anno 1728, ad finem

Anni 1737 Plymuthi factæ ; his accedit Opusculum de Morbo
Colico Damnoniensi, Auctore Joanne Huxham, M. D. 8vo.

Londini. 1739 30 Observationum de Aere &c. Volumen alterum. 8vo.

Londini. 1752. 31 Observationum Tomus tertius. a Patris MSto edidit J. Cor. Huxham, A. M. 8vo.

Londini. 1770. 10 Essai sur les différentes Espèces de Fiévres, avec l'Histoire et Traite

ment d'une Colique épidémique qui règna en 1724, dans le Devonshire, per Jean Huxham, M. D. 12mo.

à Paris. 1768. An Essay concerning the Cause of the Endemial Colic of Devonshire, by George Baker. 8vo.

London. 1767. Some Observations on Dr. Baker's “Essay &c." by Francis Geach, to

which are added some Remarks on the same Subject by the Rev. Mr. Alcock. 8vo.

London. 1767. An Answer to the “Observations” of Mr. Geach, and to the “Cursory “Remarks” of Mr. Alcock, &c. by Dr. Saunders. 8vo. London.

1767. A Reply to Dr. Saunders’ Pamphlet, relative to the Dispute concerning

Devonshire Cider, by Francis Geach. 8vo. London. 1768. 25 A candid Examination of what has been advanced on the Colic of Poi

tou and Devonshire, by James Hardy, M. D. 8vo. London. 1778. An Answer to the Letter addressed by Francis Riollay, Physician, to

Dr. Hardy on his Hints concerning the Origin of the Gout in his
Publication on the Colic of Devon, by James Hardy, M. D. 8vo.
MSS, notes.

London. 1780.
An Account of the Births and Burials with the Number of Inhabitants at

Stoke Damerell, by the Rev.Mr. Barrow. (“Philos. Trans. No. 439.”) Afflictions improved: a Sermon preached at Crediton on Aug. 21,

1743. after the dreadful Fire, with a short Account of that terrible Conflagration, by Micaiah Towgood. 8vo.

London, 1743.

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