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167 Mr. Hutchins' History as prepared for the Press in five Volumes 20 S

4to. Collections from the Registers of the Bishops of Salisbury, for this



34 S


22 Notes, Books, Memoranda, Pedigrees, Antiquities, &c. in Mr. Hut

chins' hand-writing, in 6 vol. 4to. and 7 vol. 8vo. ?

Two Port-folios containing Letters, loose Notes and other miscella36) neous Papers formerly belonging to Mr. Hutchins, and by him

made use of in his History.


THE 6 IE Petition (to Parliament) of Peter Smart, a poore Prisoner in the King's Bench. 4to.

1640. A short Treatise of Altars, Altar-furniture, Altar-cringing, &c. when the

Holy Communion was administred in Durham Cathedral, 1629, written by Peter Smart, senior Prebendarie, a little before he was

expeld, &c. 4to. The Articles or Charge exhibited in Parliament against D. Cozens of Durham, anno 1641. 4to.

London. 1641. Most fearefull and strange Newes from the Bishoppricke of Durham,

being a true Relation of one Margret Hooper of Edenbyres, who was most fearefully possessed and tormented with the Devill, &c. 4to.

London. 1641. The Legend of St. Cuthbert, with the Antiquities of the Church of

Durham, by B. R. Esq. 12mo. (See No. 5.) London. 1663. 17 The ancient Rites and Monuments of the Monastical and Cathedral

Church of Durham, by John Davies. 12mo. London. 1672. 12 Another copy; interleaved, and with the Additions and Emendations of

James Mukleton of Grays Inn, copied by R. Gale. 16 Durham Cathedral, as it was before the Dissolution of the Monastry.

Durham. 1733. 15 The second edition. 12mo.

Durham. 1761. 13 The Antiquities of the Abbey, or Cathedral Church of Durham, &c. 8vo.

Newcastle. 1767. 14 Another copy. 6 An Account of a Salt Spring, and another Medicinal Spring on the

Banks of the River Weare or Ware, by Mr. Hugh Todd. (“ Phi“ los. Trans. No. 163.") 4to.

1684. Extract of a Letter from Dr. Chr. Hunter concerning a Roman Inscrip

tion found near Lanchester. “ Philos. Trans. No. 354.”) 1717



Remarks upon the above Inscription by Mr. Roger Gale. (“ Philos.

“ Trans. No. 357.") 7 The remarkable Account of the late rebuilding Winlaton Chapel. 4to.

London. 1721. An Enquiry into the ancient and present State of the County Palatine

of Durham. MSS. notes. (See also No. 6 and 9.) 4to. 1729. 9 Perjury Display'd, or a Narrative of the Case of the late Deputy Comptroller of Sunderland, the Causes of his Dismission, &c.

London. 1752. 10 The Life of Bernard Gilpin, (Joint-Founder of Kepier School in Hough

ton-le-Spring, with MSS. additions chiefly relative to that School.) 8vo.

London. 1752. 6 Clackshugh : a Poem, in Miltonic Verse. 4to.

London. 1755. The Poll for Knights of the Shire for the County of Durham. 4to.

Newcastle. 1761. 5 Collections relating Sherburn Hospital (by Geo. Allan.) 4to. 1773. An Address and Queries, relative to the compiling a complete County History. 4to.

Darlington. 1774. The Recommendatory Letter of Oliver Cromwell, for erecting a College

and University at Durham, with his Letters-Patent (when Lord

Protector) for founding the same, &c. 4to.
An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons for appointing the Sale of

Bishops' Lands for the use of the Commonwealth in 1646, with a
Particular of the Bishop of Durham's Lands, and various other

Acts during Oliver Cromwell's Usurpation.
A Letter from William Frankeleyn to Cardinal Wolsey relating cer-

tain Coal Mines at Whickham, and other Rights and Privileges

of the Bishoprick. The Legend of Saint Cuthbert, or the Histories of his Churches, at Lin

disfarne, Cunecascestre, and Dunholm, by Robert Hegg. 1626. 4to. (See No. 8 and 9.)

Darlington. 1777. The Origin and Succession of the Bishops of Durham, from the original MS. in the Dean and Chapter's Library. (See No. 9.)

1779 A Sketch of the Life and Character of Richard Trevor, Lord Bishop of Durham. 4to.

Darlington. 1776. Inspeximus (31 Eliz.) of the Surrender made by Hugh Whitehead Prior

of the Monastery of St. Cuthbert to K. Hen VIII. 31 Dec. 1540.


5 The Foundation Charter of the Cathedral Church of Durham by King

Henry VIII. 12 May, 1541.
The Endowment of the Cathedral, &c. 16 May, 1541.
Commission to hear and determine the Appeal of Cuthbert Tunstall

Bishop of Durham, being deprived of his Bishoprick. 1 Sept. 1553.
An Act of Parliament empowering Q. Mary to make Statutes for

Cathedral and Collegiate Churches. 2nd April, 1554.
Statuta et Ordinationes Ecclesiæ Cathedralis Dunelmensis. 20 Martii,

1553. (imperf.)
Inspeximus of an Act of Parliament in the 1st year of Queen Mary for

the repeal of two Acts, 7 Edw. VI. touching the Dissolution of the Bishoprick of Durham, and for re-establishing, reviving, and re

storing it. 2 April, 1554. The Grant (3 Phil. and Mary) of Nomination, Presentation, and Col

lation of all the twelve Prebendaries in the Cathedral to Bishop

Tunstall and his Successors. 7 Feb. 1555.
Extracts from Rymer's “ Fædera,” and Strype's “Annals, &c.” rela-

tive to the Election of Bishop Pilkington.
Collections relating the Hospital at Gretham.
Collections relating St. Edmund's Hospital at Gatesheved. 1769.
Extracts from the Journals of the House of Commons, 1650. touching

the College at Durham being converted into a University.
Further Extracts concerning the Bishoprick of Durham, and sending

Members to Parliament, for the County, City of Durham, Bar

nardcastle, and Hartlepool. A Speech made at the Enthronement of John (Trevor) Lord Bishop of Durham, by James Douglas, D. D. Sub-Dean. 4to. Durham.

1771. 9 An Address to the Gentry of the County of Durham upon the Pro

priety of raising an additional Armament, &c. 8vo. Newcastle. 1779. 6 Observations on the Sulphur-Water at Croft near Darlington, by Robert Willan, M. D. 8vo.

London. 1782. The Village of Whitburn, a poetical Fragment. 4to.

1783. 2 The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham, by

William Hutchinson, F. A. S. 3 Vol. 4to. Newcastle. 1785. 9 General View of the Agriculture of the County of Durliam, by Joseph

Grainger, drawn up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture. 4to.

London. 1794.




An Oration by William Nesfield, M. A. and a Sermon by John Brewster, M. A. at the opening of the Iron Bridge at Wearmouth. 8vo.

Stockton. 1796. 4 The Parochial History and Antiquities of Stockton upon Tees, by John Brewster, M. A. 4to.

Stockton. 1796. 9 Copies of the Addresses to Mr. Burdon, &c. at the County Election.

London. 1802. A Tour in Teesdale. 12mo.

York. 1804. 9 Observations upon the Composition and Uses of the Water at the New

Sulphur Baths at Dinsdale near Darlington, by John Peacock. 8vo.

Newcastle. 1805.



Some Account of the Cathedral Church of Durham. (See among
Gough’s “ Maps and Plans, &c. No. 60.")

London. 1801.

For Maps of this County, see Gough's “ Maps, &c. No. 2, and 10."



ANTIENT and Modern Deeds, Charters, Grants, Surveys, and other

Instruments, Writings, Extracts, &c. relating the Manor, Borough, Township, Chapelry, and Parish of Stockton in the County of Durham, collected and transcribed by Joseph Ritson of that place. 1775. folio.

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