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82 Biographical Sketches of eminent Persons, whose Portraits form part

of the Duke of Dorset's Collection at Knole, with a brief Description of the Place. 8vo.

London. 1795. 3 The History and Antiquities of Tunstall, by the late Edward Rowe

Mores, F. A. S. to which is prefixed, by the Editor, Memoirs of

Mr. Mores. (“ Bibl. Top. Brit. No. 1.") 4to. London. 1780. 26 The History and Antiquities of the three Archiepiscopal Hospitals, and

other charitable Foundations, at and near Canterbury, by Mr. Duncombe and the late Mr. Battely. (“ Bibl. Top. Brit. No.

“ XXX.") 25 Antiquities in Kent, hitherto undescribed, illustrated by John Thorpe, Esq. (“ Bibl. Top. Brit. No. VI.") 4to.

London, 1782. 58 The Royal Charter of Confirmation, granted by James II. to the Trinity House of Deptford-Strond, &c. MSS. notes. 8vo. London,

1730. 9 A brief Narrative, or the Remonstrance of John Kersey, sometimes

Chief Clerk of the Trinity House. &c. 4to. London. 1677. The Case of the licensed and warranted Pilots of the Trinity-House,

most humbly offered to the House of Commons. folio half sheet. The Earl of Berkeley's Speech to the Corporation of Trinity-House,

when his Lordship was elected Master. 8vo. London. 1681. Grants of Ballastage to the Corporation of Trinity House. 12mo.

London. 1733. Mr. Williamson's Memoirs of a few Passages transacted by Mr. Joseph Allen, late Master-Builder at Deptford. 12mo.

London. 1717. 18 Acts, &c. relating to Greenwich Hospital. fol. Viz.

7 William III. for the Increase and Encouragement of Sea


8 William III. to enforce the Act for the Increase and Encourage

ment of Seamen.
10 Anne, for better collecting and recovering the Duties granted for

the support of the Royal Hospital at Greenwich.
Commission for Greenwich Hospital, 7 William III.
The Preamble to the Subscriptions to Greenwich Hospital.
Her Majesty's Commission for Greenwich Hospital, April 8, 1704.

His Majesty's Commission, &c. i Geo. I.
Articles and Instructions for the better Government of His Majesty's
Royal Hospital at Greenwich. 4to.

London. 1741.



An historical Account of the Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich,

by the Rev. John Cooke, A. M. and the Rev. John Maule, A. M. Chaplains. 4to.

London. 1789. 2 The Grand Committee for Greenwich Hospital, 1695. folio half sheet.

An Abstract of the Commission for Greenwich Hospital, 1695. folio.
Queen Anne's Commission, &c. 4to. 1704.
The Commission of Geo. I. 4to.
Remarks on the founding and carrying on the Buildings of the Hos-
pital, by N. Hawksmoor. 4to.

London. 1728.
A Copy of a Patent granted by William III. to William Yarnold and

Robert Watson for supplying Greenwich with Water. 12mo.
The Case of the Royal Hospital, &c. with an Appendix containing ori-

ginal Papers, &c. and a Memorial from the Lieutenant Governor
in behalf of the Pensioners. folio.

1778. State of Facts relative to Greenwich Hospital. 4to. 1779. The Speech of the Earl of Sandwich in the House of Lords on an Enquiry into the Management of the Hospital. 4to.

London. 1779. Greenwich Hill: a Poem, by Mr. Manning. folio. London. 1697. Greenwich-Park: with other Poems, 4to.

London. 1718. A Proposal to the Inhabitants of Greenwich and Blackheath for an

Association to check Robberies. folio single sheet. 1792. 87 An Explanation of the Painting in the Royal Hospital at Greenwich

by Sir James Thornhill, French and English. 12mo. A concise Description of the Royal Hospital, &c. 12mo.

1793. Description abrégée de l’ Hôpital par Madame W. Charron. 12mo. 16 Cathedrall Newes from Canterbury, &c. by Richard Culmer. 4to.

London. 1644. The true Copies of some Letters, occasion'd by the Demand for Dilapidations in the Archiepiscopal See of Canterbury. 4to.

1716. The Survey and Demand in the Archiepiscopal See justified. 4to.

London. 1717. The Life of Dean L-ch, by a Yeoman of Kent. No Canterbury Tale. 1 2mo.

London. 1748. Some select Queries humbly offer'd to the Consideration of the D

of C-t-b-y. folio half-sheet. An historical Description of the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ, Canterbury. 8vo.

Canterbury. 1772.

16 An Elegy written in Canterbury Cathedral, by John Duncombe, M. A. 4to.

Canterbury. 1778. Proposals for erecting an Office of Insurance from Loss or Damage by Fire in the City of Canterbury. folio half-sheet.

1738. A Sermon preached at the Consecration of the Parish Church of St.

Andrew, Canterbury, with an Appendix, by John Duncombe,
M.A. 4to.

Canterbury. 1774.
Report of the State of the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, by the Au-

ditors, for the year 1795. A prodigious and tragicall History of the Arraignment, Tryall, Confession, and Condemnation of Six Witches at Maidstone. 4to. London.

1652. A Copy of the Charter of the Town and Parish of Maidstone. 8vo.

Canterbury. 1748. The Poll of the City of Rochester for Members of Parliament. 8vo.

Rochester. 1768. The Poll of the City of Rochester, 1771. 8vo.

Rochester. 1771. An authentic Copy of the Charter, and Bye-Laws, &c. of the City of Rochester. folio.

London. Letters, and Instruments, relative to the Dispute about the RegisterBook at Chatham. 8vo.

London. 1766. Strictures on the “ Second Report of the Commissioners of Naval Enquiry” relative to Chatham Chest. 8vo.

London. 1804. 21 A Dissertation upon the Surface of the Earth, as delineated in a Speci

men of a Philosophico-Chorographical Chart of East-Kent, by Christopher Packe, M. D. 4to.

London. 1737. Avxoypapa, sive Convallium Descriptio, in which are briefly but fully ex

pounded the Origine, Course, and Insertion ; Extent, Elevation, and Congruity of all the Valleys and Hills, Brooks and Rivers, (as an Explanation of a new Philosophico-Chorographical Chart,) of East-Kent, by C. Packe, M. D. 4to.

Canterbury. 1743. An Assemblage of Coins, fabricated by authority of the Archbishops of Canterbury, by Samuel Pegge, M. A. 4to.

London. 1772. Testacea minuta rariora, &c. A Collection of the minute and rare

Shells lately discovered in the Sand of the Sea-shore near Sandwich, by W. Boys, Esq. considerably augmented by Geo. Walker. 4to.

London. 1784. Reports, with Plans, Sections, &c. of the proposed Dry Tunnel, or


Passage from Gravesend to Tilbury, by R. Dodd, Engineer.

London. 1798. Observations on the intended Tunnel, &c. by Charles Clarke, F. S. A. 4to.

Gravesend. 1799. 9 A Relation of a terrible Monster taken by a Fisherman neere Wollage, July the 15. 4to.

London. 1642.
An Abstract containing the Substance of the Rules and Ordinances of

the New Colledge of Cobham, of the Foundation of the late Lord
William Baron Cobham. 4to.

1687. Another edition. 4to.

1733. Morning and Evening Prayers as they are used in the New College of Cobham. 4to.

1733. 29 A Relation of the Troubles of the three forraign Churches in Kent,

caused by the Injunctions of Archbishop Laud. 4to. London. 1645. The Divell in Kent, or His strange Delusions at Sandwitch, 4to.

London. 1647. A Censure of that reverend and learned Man of God Mr. John Cotton upon the way of Mr. Henden of Bennenden in Kent, &c. 4to.

London. 1656. 51 The Inrichment of the Weald of Kent. 4to.

London. 1649. 29 Another Edition. 4to.

London. 1664. This Winters Wonders : or, a true Relation of a Calamitous Accident at Ber.nenden. 4to.

1672. A true Relation of the horrid Ghost of a Woman, which hath fre

quently been seen in various Habits, at the Three Mariners in
Depthford. 4to.

London. 1673.
Strange News from Arpington near Bexly in Kent; being a true Nar-

rative of a young Maid who was possest with several Devils or evil
Spirits, &c. 4to.

London. 1679. The History of the Kentish Petition, answer'd Paragraph by Paragraph. 4to.

London. 1701. Part of a Letter from Mr. Stephen Gray, concerning his Observations on the Fossils of Reculver Cliffe, &c. (“ Phil. Trans. No. 268.")

1701. A Letter of the Rev. Mr. John Sackette, A. M. giving an Account of a

very uncommon sinking of the Earth, near Folkestone. (“ Phil.
“ Trans. No. 349.")

1716. 9 An Account of the Manner of bending Planks in his Majesty's Yards at

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Deptford, &c. by a Sand-heat, invented by Captain Cumberland, by Robert Cay, Esq. (“ Phil. Trans. No. 371.")

1720 29 An Account of the several Strata of Earths and Fossils found in sink

ing the mineral Wells at Holt, by the Rev. Mr. Lewis. (“ Phil. “ Trans. No. 403.")

1728. An uncommon Sinking of the Ground in Kent. “ Phil. Trans. No. 405.")

1728. A Letter from the King's Officers at Sheerness and Chatham, giving

an Account of what they met with in opening an antient Well near Queenborough. (“ Phil. Trans. No. 411.")

1729 An Examination of Westashton Well-waters ; a Well about four miles from that of Holt, by A. G. Hankewitz. (“ Phil. Trans. No. 461.")

1741. A Letter from the Rev. Mr. William Gostling concerning a Fire-ball

seen in the Air, in Kent. (“ Phil. Trans. No. 461.") 1741. Charity still a Christian Virtue: or, an impartial Account of the Tryal

and Conviction of the Rev. Mr. Hendley, for preaching a Charity Sermon at Chisselhurst, &c. 8vo.

London. 1719. Proposals made in the Year 1720 to the Parishioners of Stroud, near

Rochester, for building a Work-house there, &c. 4to. London. 1725. A Sermon preached at Dartford at the opening of the new Work-house, by Charles Chambres, M. A. Vicar. 8vo.

London. 1729. A short Trip into Kent, in Hudibrastick Verse, by Phileleutherus Britannus. 12ino.

London. 1743. Comfort to the Afflicted; or, the wonderous Works of God, shewn to

the Widow and Fatherless in Mary Blake and her Children of

the Parish of Struton. The Trials of the Prisoners who were try'd at the Assizes held at Maidstone 1749. 4to.

London. 1750. Penshurst; inscribed to William Perry, Esq. and the Hon. Mrs. Elizabeth Perry. 4to.

London. 1750. Case of Elizabeth Perry of Penshurst-Place, &c. respecting her Claim to the Barony of Sydney of Penshurst. folio.

1782. The Trial at Bar, between the Earl of Leicester and Elizabeth Perry. 4to.

London. 1782. Some Experiments on the Chalybeat Water, near the Palace of the

Bishop of Rochester at Bromley, by Thomas Reynolds, Surgeon. 8vo.

London, 1756.

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