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34 Taxation of Coals, considered in an Address to the Inhabitants of the Cities of London and Westminster, by David Hardie. 8vo.

London. 1792.
Nine Letters to the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London on the

State of the Prisons and Prisoners within their Jurisdiction, by
Josiah Dornford, Esq. 8vo.

London. 42 The Oration and Poem spoken at the Performance of Divine Musick

at Stationers Hall on the 6th of Jan. 1702. 4to. London. 1702. The Oration, &c. for the Month of May, by Cavendish Weedon, Esq. 4to.

London. 1702. The Door of Truth opened ; or, a brief and true Narrative of the Oc

casion how Mr. Henry Burton came to shut himself out of the
Church Doors of Aldermanbury. 4to.

London. 1645.
A concise View of the Scottish Corporation in London. 4to.
The Laws of the Musical Society at Haberdashers-Hall. 12mo.

London. 1759.
The Rules and Orders of the Society for promoting Natural History,

London. 1790. A Narrative of the Disinterment of Milton's Coffin, in the ParishChurch of St. Giles, Cripplegate. 8vo.

London. 1790. A Report of the Committee of Control over the Coal and Corn Meters, to the Court of Common Council. 8vo.

London. 1792. 12 Brief State of St. Bride's Charity Schools, for 1803. and 1806. 12mo. Constitutions, Orders, &c. of the Society for maintaining poor Orphans

of Clergymen, &c. for 1801. and 1806. 8vo. Annual Report of the Royal Humane Society, for 1797. 1799. and

1808. Bye-Laws and Regulations of the Magdalen Hospital. 12mo. London.

1791. General Report, &c. of Emanuel Hospital. 8vo. London. 1802. A Proposal for supplying London with Bread at an uniform Price. 8vo.

London. 1798. Two Memorials to the Committee appointed to enquire into the Affairs of the Corporation, by Josiah Dornford, Esq. 8vo. London.

1784. Seven Letters to the Common Council relative to their Committees, &c.

London. 1784.

London. 1785. An Answer to the Report from the Committee, &c.

13 The present State of the Thames considered, by William Vanderstegen, Esq. 8vo.

London. 1794. Plan of the London-Dock, with some Observations respecting the River. 8vo.

London. 1794. Two Plans of London-Dock, &c. 8vo.

London. 1795. Eastward Ho!!! or, Quoz's Letters relative to the Wet Dock Bill. 8vo.

London. 1796. A Letter &c. on Commerce and Free-Ports, and London Docks. 8vo.

London. 1796. A Letter on the Subject of the intended new Docks to be established at Wapping. 8vo.

London. 1796. Examination of William Vaughan, Esq. in the House of Commons on

the Commerce of the Port of London. 8vo. London. 1796. Reasons in Favour of the London Docks. 8vo.

London. 1796. Porto-Bello: or, a Plan for the Improvement of the Port and City of London, by Sir F. M. Eden, Bart. 8vo.

London. 1798. Report on a View and Examination of certain Impediments and Ob

structions in the Navigation of the River Thames, by William Tatham and Samuel Miller. 8vo.

London. 1803. A Letter to a Proprietor of a Fishery in the River Thames. 8vo.

Reading. 1787 An Essay on the Right of Angling in the River Thames. 8vo.

Reading 140 Report from the Committee appointed to enquire into the best Mode

of providing sufficient Accommodation for the increased Trade and Shipping of the Port of London. folio. (see also No. 144.)

1796. 148 A shorte and pithie Discourse, concerning the Engendring, Tokens,

and Effects of all Earthquakes in general ; particularly applyed and conferred with that most strange and terrible Worke of the Lord within the Citie of London, &c. 4to.

London. 1580. The dolefull Euen-Song, or a true, particular and impartiall Narration

of that fearefull and sudden Calamity, which befell the Preacher Mr. Drury at Black-Friers. 4to.

London. 1623. The open Heart and Purse, &c. or Memoirs of the illustrious Bounties,

Donations, &c. for the Relief of the Distressed by the Frost which commenced about London, Dec. 25, 1739. 8vo. London.


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A Guide for Malt-Worms, being a Description of the Manners and

Customs of the most eininent Publick Houses in and about the
Cities of London and Westminster. 8vo.

Paradise transplanted and restored in a most artful and lively Repre-

sentation of the several Creatures, &c. to be seen in Shooe-Lane, by J. Heath. 4to.

London. 1663. A Trip through London; containing Observations on Men and Things. 8vo.

London. 1728. An Account of some Roman Urns, and other Antiquities, lately digg'd

up near Bishops-Gate, by J. Woodward. 8vo. London. 1713. Remarks upon the antient and present State of London, occasioned by some Roman Urns, &c. lately discovered. third Edition. 8vo.

London. 1723. A critical Review of the publick Buildings, Statues and Ornaments in, and about London and Westminster. 8vo.

London. 1734. An Essay on the many Advantages accruing from the superior Neat

ness, Conveniences, &c. of capital Cities, particularly apply'd to London. 8vo.

London. 1754. Cheap-side Crosse censured and condemned by a Letter sent from the

Vicechancellour and other learned Men of the famous Universitie of Oxford, &c. 4to.

London. 1641. The Downe-fall of Dagon, or the taking downe of Cheap-side Crosse. 4to.

1643. London. King Charles His Augusta, or City Royal. 4to.

London. i

1648. A Sermon occasioned by the late Earthquake in London, by Samuel Doolittle. 4to.

London. 1692. Reasons formerly published for the punctual limiting of Bartholomew Fair to three Days. 12mo.

London, 1711. The last Will and Testament of Sir Thomas Gresham, Kt. 12mo. Londons Improvement and the Builder’s Security asserted, &c. folio.

London. 1680. The City Hermit, or the Life of Henry Welby, Esq. 12mo. London.

1741. An Essay on the many Advantages accruing from the superior Neatness, &c. of capital Cities. 8vo.

London. 1754. A Letter to Sir T. Chitty, Kt. Lord Mayor, on the Guild-Hall Subscription, &c. 8vo.

London. 1760.


155 The Privileges of the Free-Artificers of the City of London, defended.

An Act for establishing a Ferry across the Thames at Ratcliff. 8vo.

The humble Representation of Stevens Totton to the Lord Mayor,

Aldermen, and Common Council, 1795. 8vo. London. 1805. 272 The Liberties, Usages and Customes of the City of London, collected

by Sir Henry Colthrop, Kt. Recorder. 4to. London. 1642. The City Law, or the Course and Practice in all manner of juridicall Proceedings in the Hustings in Guild-Hall. 4to. London.

1647. The Abridgement of the Charter of the City of London. 4to. London.

The Liberties, Usages, and Customs, &c. of London. 4to. London. 1674.
The Order of my Lord Mayor, the Aldermen and Sheriffs, for their

meeting and wearing of their Apparel throughout the whole Year.

London. 1715.
The Order of my Lord Mayor, &c.

A Journey to London in the Year 1698, translated from French of
M. Sorbiere. 12mo.

London. 1698.
Augusta Triumphans: or, the Way to make London the most flourish-
ing City in the Universe. 8vo.

London. 1728.
Great Britains Glory, or, a brief Description of the present State,

Splendor, and Magnificence of the Royal Exchange, by Theophilus
Philalethes. 4to.

London. 1672.
A List of the Persons who have polled for Sir John Williams at the

late Election for Sheriff for the City of London. folio. 1723, 4.
Truth Vindicated : or a Detection of the Aspersions and Scandals cast

upon Sir R. Clayton and Sir G. Treby, Justices; and Slingsby

Bethell and H. Cornish, Esq. Sheriffs. 4to. London, 1681.
An Answer to a Common-Council-Man, on the proper Place for a

Mansion House. 8vo.
A Collection of Notices, Handbills, and Election Papers and Letters

relating to the City of London.
157 A Letter occasion'd by the Bill now depending for regulating Elec-
tions in the City of London. 8vo.

London. 1725.
The Livery-Man; or plain Thoughts on Publick Affairs, &c. 8vo;

London. 1740.

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157 A short Account of the several Wards, Precincts, Parishes, &c. in London, by John Smart. 8vo.

1741. An Examination of the Conduct of several Comptrollers of the City of

London in relation to the City's Estate, call’d Conduit-Mead, now
New Bond-Street. 8vo.

London. 1743. The City Secret ; or, Corruption at all Ends of the Town, containing a succinct History of the 100,000l. Jobb, &c. 8vo. London.

1744. The Necessity of a well-regulated and able-bodied Nightly-Watch, for the Preservation of London. 8vo.

London. 1752. A seasonable Alarm to the City of London, on the present important Crisis, by Zachary Zeal. 8vo.

London. 1764. Smart's Account of Wards and Parishes, &c.

London. 1711. A true and impartial Account of the Poll of the Inhabitants of the Ward of Broad Street upon the Nomination of an Alderman. 8vo.

London. 1711. The Art of managing popular Elections ; being a complete Collection

of all Advertisements, &c. in the Election of Common-CouncilMen for the Ward of Faringdon-Without. 8vo.

London. 1724. The Report of the Committee appointed by the Parish of St. Botolph without Aldersgate. 8vo.

London. 1733. The second Edition. 8vo.

London. 1733. Remarks upon a Pamphlet called “The Report of the Committee, &c.” 8vo.

London. 1733. A compleat Collection of all the Letters, Papers, &c. relating to the Election of Common-Council-Men for Bishopsgate Ward. 8vo.

London. 1740. Parish Corruption in part display’d; or, a Narrative of some late Transactions in St. Luke's Parish. 8vo.

London. 1740. A true State of the Case in respect to the late Disputes in the Parish of St. Leonard's Shoreditch, concerning the Poor's Rates. 8vo.

London. 1744. A Letter to the Rev. the new elected Lecturers of St. M—y W-(-). 8vo.

London. 1763. Report of the Committee for regulating the Watch in Broad-Street Ward.

1772. 164 A Decree of the Starre-Chamber; concerning Inmates and diuided Tenements in London. 4to.

London. 1636.

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