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214 The Poll of the Livery-Men at the Election for Members of Parliament. 8vo.

London. 1722. 185 Curiosités de Londres et de l'Angleterre par Lerouge. 12mo. Bordeaux.

1766. 171 Londres. 12mo.

Lausanne. 1770. 173 176 Observations sur Londre et ses Environs, &c. 12mo.

Paris. 1777 168

Paris. 1788. 169} Londres et ses Environs avec des Planches. 12mo.

} Londres et ses Environs. seconde Edition, 12mo.


Paris. 1790.

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Civitas Londinum. Ann. Dom. circ. 1560, by Ralph Aggas, re-engraved

by Vertue for the Society of Antiquaries. 1737. (Gough's Maps,

No. 99. and 152.)
An exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, the

Borough of Southwark, with the Country near ten Miles round,
by J. Rocque. London. 1746. (Gough's Maps, No. 82. and 85.)

For Maps and Plans of London, see Gough's “ Maps, &c. No. 15. 16.

“ 17. 18. and 19."


10 The Customes of London. 4to. on parchment.
8 The Liberties, Franchises, Customs, &c. of London. folio.

Various Extracts from Holingshead's Chronicle.
Liber Consuetudinum Londini. folio.
Quietus of Sir Joseph Ayloffe, Bart. Clerk to the Commissioners for

building a Bridge cross the River Thames near the New Palace
Yard. folio.



2 Copy of the Statutes of the Court of Arches given by Archbishops

Laud and Whitgift. folio. 4 A Transcript of the Charters of London. folio. 6 A List of the Lord Mayors and Sheriffs of London from their first

Institution. 7 Papers relative to the Printers and Booksellers Bill. folio. 9 A true Manuscript of the Armes, Trades, &c. of all the Mayors and

Sheriffs of London, from 1189. to 1769. folio. 3 An Account of the State of St. Catharine's Hospitall neare the Tower

of London, from the Yeare 1695. to the Yeare 1699. folio. An Inventory of the Pencioners Goods, the Schollars and the Servants

that belong to Sutton's Hospitall. 1668. 4to. 12 Statuta Collegii Medicorum Londinensium. 8vo. 13 An Account of the Rise of the Society, who founded the Charity

School in Red Cross Street in the Parish of St. Giles without

Cripplegate. 12mo. 14 Letters concerning the great Fire in London Sept. 1666. 12mo.




8 REGES, Reginæ, Nobiles, et alii in Ecclesia collegiata B. Petri

Westmonasterii sepulti, usque ad Annum reparatæ salutis 1600. 4to.

Londini. 1600. 9 Reges &c. in Ecclesia B. Petri &c. sepulti usque ad Ann. 1603. 4to.

Londini. 1603. Reges &c. in Ecclesia B. Petri sepulti usque ad Ann. 1606. 4to.

Londini. 1606. 11 Monumenta Westmonasteriensia: or an historical Account of the

Original, Increase and present State of St. Peter's or the Abby
Church of Westminster, by H. K. 8vo.

London. 1682. 3 The Antiquities of St. Peter's, Westminster, by J. C. 8vo. London.

1711. 67 The Antiquities of St. Peter's, &c. in two Volumes; the third Edition. 7S 8vo.

London. 1722. 21 An Enquiry into the Time of the first Foundation of Westminster Abbey, by Richard Widmore, M. A. 4to.

London. 1743. An Account of the Writers of the History of Westminster Abbey. 4to. An History of the Church of St. Peter, Westminster, chiefly from

MSS. Authorities, by Richard Widmore, M. A. 4to. London. 1751. 12 An historical Description of Westminster-Abbey, its Monuments and Curiosities. 1 2mo.

London. 1753. 14?

Westmonasterium, or the History and Antiquities of the Abbey 15 S Church of St. Peter's, in two Volumes, by Mr. John Dart. folio.

London. 167 A Collection of the Plates belonging to Dart's. History of Westminster

Abbey. (see No. 15. and 16.) 18 Antiquities of Westminster; the old Palace ; St. Stephen's Chapel,

(now the House of Commons,) &c. &c. by John Thomas Smith. 4to.

London. 1807

17 )





26 A List of Scholars of St. Peter's College, Westminster, as they were

elected to Christ Church College, Oxford, and Trinity College,

Cambridge ; collected by Joseph Welch. 4to. London. 1788.
Another Copy with MSS. Additions.
Another Copy with MSS. Additions.
A Collection of Advertisements, Letters, &c. relating to the last Elec-
tions of Westminster and Hasting. 12mo.

London. 1722. Copies of some Letters from Mr. Hutcheson, to the late Earl of Sunderland. 12mo.

London. 1722. A Copy of the Poll for a Citizen for the City and Liberty of Westminster. 8vo.

London. 1749. 4 The Case of the Hon. Alex. Murray, Esq. in an Appeal to the People

of Great-Britain ; more particularly, the Inhabitants of the City and Liberty of Westminster. 8vo.

London. 1751. A genuine and authentic Account of the Proceedings at the late Election. 8vo.

London. 1749. 10 Copy of the Poll for the Election of two Citizens to serve in Parliament for Westminster. 12mo.

London. 1780. 29 History of the Westminster and Middlesex Elections'; in November, 1806. 8vo.

London. 1807. 13 Statutes relative to the Sewers, within Westminster, and part of Middlesex. 12mo.

London, 1776. Reasons against building a Bridge from Lambeth to Westminster.

London, 1722 A short Review of the several Pamphlets, and Schemes, that have been

offered to the Publick, in relation to the building of a Bridge at Westminster, by John James. 8vo.

London. 1736. A Design for the Bridge at New Palace Yard, Westminster, &c. by B. Langley. 8vo.

London. 1736. A Reply to Mr. John James's “ Review of Pamphlets and Schemes, “ &c.” by B. Langley. 8vo.

London. 1737The present State of Westminster Bridge. 8vo.

· London. 1743. A Survey of Westminster Bridge, as 'tis now sinking into Ruin, by Batty Langley. 8vo.

London, 1748 The History of London Bridge ; to which is added a brief History

and Description of Westminster Bridge, &c. 8vo. London. 1758. A Dissertation on Rivers and Tides; intended to demonstrate in general

the Effect of Bridges, &c. by Robert Erskine. 8vo. London. 1780.



22 Some Considerations &c. for building a Stone-Bridge from Westminster to Lambeth. 8vo.

London. 1735. An Abstract of the Act for building a Bridge cross the River Thames

from the New Palace Yard in the City of Westminster, to the

opposite Shore in the County of Surrey. 12mo. London. 1736. A short historical Account of London-Bridge; with a Proposition for a

new Stone-Bridge at Westminster, by Nicholas Hawksmoor, Esq. 4to.

London. 1736. A short Narrative of the Proceedings of the Gentlemen, concerned in obtaining the Act, for building a Bridge at Westminster. 8vo.

London, 1738. Reasons against building a Bridge over the Thames at Westminster.

single sheet. A short Account of the Methods made use of in laying the Foundation

of the Piers of Westminster-Bridge, by Charles Labelye, Engineer. Bvo.

London. 1739. .; ini A Description of Westminster · Bridge, by Charles Labelye. 8vo.

London. 1751. Some Observations on the Scheme offered by Messrs. Cotton and

Lediard, for opening the Streets and Passages to and from the intended Bridge at Westminster, by Thomas Lediard. 4to. London.

1738. 23 Instructions to the Jury of Annoyance. 1763. 12mo.

The Power and Practice of the Court-Leet of the City and Liberty of . Westminster display'd. 8vo. ;

London. 1743. Observations on the Police or Civil Government of Westminster, with a Proposal for a Reform, by Edward Sayer, Esq. 4to. London.

1784. A Letter concerning the Bill for regulating the Nightly Watch in the City of Westminster. 12mo.

London. 1720. A Letter from Tom Tattle a literate Watchman of Westminster, to his

Brother Jack Drydrub of the City, concerning the “ Nightly " Watch Bill." 12mo.

London. 1720. The Case of the Burgesses and Inhabitants of Westminster against

the Bill “ for regulating the Nightly Watch, &c." folio single

sheet. Remarks upon the printed “ Case of the Burgesses and Inhabitants of « Westminster."

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