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10 Observations on the Coal-Trade in the Port of Newcastle. 8vo. Statutes, Rules, and Orders for the Government of the Infirmary for

the Sick and Lame Poor of the Counties of Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne and Northumberland. 8vo. Newcastle

upon Tyne. .

1752. Experiments made in the Month of December, 1769, on Waters in

and near Newcastle upon Tyne, by James Tytler. 4to. 1770. The Principles of analysing Waters briefly explained, and Cock's

Lodge Water analysed : being the Substance of a Lecture by Dr.
Wilson and Dr. Hall. 8vo.

Newcastle. 1770. The Poll at the Election of Members &c. for the Town of Newcastle upon Tyne. 12mo.

Newcastle. 1734. 17 A most pleasant Description of Benwel Village, in two Books, by Q. Z. 12mo.

Newcastle upon Tyne. 1726. 15 An exact and circumstantial History of the Battle of Floddon, in

Verse, published, from a curious Manuscript, by Robert Lambe. 12mo.

Berwick upon Tweed. 1774. A Letter describing the Ride to Hulne Abbey from Alnwick in

Northumberland. 1765. 12mo. 19 A Description of Alnwick Castle, and Warkworth Hermitage, Northumberland. 12mo.

Alnwick. 1800. 14 The History of the Roman Wall, which crosses the Island of Britain,

from the German Ocean to the Irish Sea, by W. Hutton, F.A.S.S. 8vo.

London. 1802. 12 The Botanist's Guide through the Counties of Northumberland and Durham. Vol. I. 8vo.

Newcastle upon Tyne. 1805. 8 A Letter written by Dr. Lucas Hodgson, Physician at Newcastle, con

taining some Observations made by him of a subterraneal Fire in a Coal-Mine near that City. (“ Phil. Trans. No. 130.") 4to.

1676. Remarks on a Fragment of an old Roman Inscription lately found in

the North of England, and transcribed by the curious and learned

Dr. James Jurin, M. D. 4to. “ Phil. Trans. No. 356.") 1718. A Letter from Mr. J. Durant, concerning a Coal-Mine taking Fire

near Newcastle upon Tyne ; of the Blue Well; and of a subter

raneous Cavern in Weredale. (“ Phil. Trans. No. 480.") 4to. 1746. An Index of Places mentioned in Mr. Horsley's Map of Northumberland. 8vo.

Edinburgh. 1753.

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8 The Constituents, a Poem, by P. Stockdale. 4to. London. 1765. The Poll at the Election &c. for the County. 4to.

Newcastle. 1748. Another Edition of the same Poll. 4to.

1748. An Enquiry into the Name of the Founder of Huln Abbey, Northum

berland, the first in England of the Order of Carmelites, by Ro

bert Uvedale, B. A. 8vo. The Happy Village, a Poem, by the Rev. Richard Wallis. 4to. So.

Shields. 1802. The Hermit of Warkworth. A Northumberland Ballad. 4to. London.

1771. The Poll &c. for the Town of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1741. 8vo.

Newcastle. The Poll &c. for the Town of Newcastle, 1780. 8vo.


Newcastle upon

For Maps and Plans of this County, see Gough's “ Maps, &c. No. 4.

« and 21."





Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, extracted out of Records, original Evidences, &c. by Robert Thoroton, Doctor of Physick. folio.

London. 1677. 31 Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: republished, with large Ad55 ditions, by John Throsby. 3 Vol. 4to. Nottingham. 1790. 87 Antiquities historical, architectural, chorographical, and itinerary in 95 Nottinghamshire and the adjacent Counties, in two Parts, by W. Dickinson, Esq. 4to.

Newark. 1801. 10 Nottinghamia vetus et nova. Or an historical Account of the ancient

and present State of the Town of Nottingham, by Charles Deering, M. D. 4to.

Nottingham. 1751. 12 Queries and Reasons offer'd by Sir Thomas Parkyns, of Bunny, Bart.

why the County-Hall, Goal, &c. should be built in the County of Nottingham. 4to.

London. 1724. An Appendix to the “ Queries and Reasons offer'd by Sir Thomas “ Parkyns, Bart.” 4to.

Nottingham. 1724. A Letter from the Hon. Brigadier Sutton to Sir T. Parkyns, Bart. Reasons for repealing the Order of Sessions made by the Justices of

the Peace for the County of Nottingham, 1724, relating to a County Hall, &c. folio.

Nottingham. 17 Catalogus Stirpium, &c. or, a Catalogue of Plants naturally growing,

and commonly cultivated in divers Parts of England, more especially about Nottingham, by Charles Deering, M. D. 12mo.

Nottingham. 1738. 18 A complete alphabetical List of the 2525 Burgesses and Freeholders who polled at the late Nottingham Election. 12mo. Nottingham.

1803. 16 Coke and Birch. The Paper War, carried on at the Nottingham Election, 1803. 12mo.

Nottingham. 15 General View of the Agriculture of the County of Nottingham, drawn

up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture, by Robert Lowe. 4to.

London, 1794. 14 Another Edition of Lowe's View of the Agriculture of this County. 8vo.

London. 1798. 15 A Continuation of the annual Meteorological Register, kept at Mans

field Woodhouse, for the Years 1801, 1803, 1804, and 1805, by H. R. 8vo.

Nottingham. Description of an ancient Medallion in the possession of H. Rooke, Esq. 8vo.

Nottingham. 1800. A Letter to the late Recorder of Nottingham. 8vo.

London. 13 The History of Mansfield and its Environs, by W. Harrod. 4to.

Mansfield. 1801. 2 A History of the Antiquities of the Town and Church of Southwell, by W. Dickinson Rastall, A. M. 4to.

London. 1787. 6 The History and Antiquities of the Town of Newark, by William Dickinson. Part. I. 4to.

Newark. 1806. 7 Descriptions and Sketches of some remarkable Oaks in the Park at

Welbeck, in the County of Nottingham, by Hayman Rooke, Esq.
F. S. A. 4to.

London, 1790. 11 The Case of the Burgesses of Nottingham, in reference to the sur

rendring of their Charters, truly stated, August the 21st, 1682. single sheet.

London. Account of the Hospital of St. Mary Magdalene near Bautre, (from

Hearne's “ Peter Langtoft.") 8vo. An impartial Relation of some late Parish Transactions at N-k. 8vo.

1751. Remarks on a Book intituled “ An Account of the Donations to the Parish of N-k." 8vo.

1751. Another Edition of the Remarks. 4to.

1751. A Discourse addressed to the Inhabitants of Newark against the Mis

application of public Charities, &c. by the Rev. Bernard Wilson, D.D. 4to.

London. 1768.

For Maps and Plans of this County, see Gough’s “ Maps, &c. No. 4.

< and 21."



77 THE Natural History of Oxford-Shire, being an Essay towards the Natural History of England, by Robert Plot, L. L. D. folio.

Oxford. 1677. 76 Another Copy of “ Plot's Natural History of Oxfordshire,” with MSS.

Notes by Thomas Austen, M. A. of Rochester. 78 Another Edition of “ Plot's Natural History of Oxfordshire." folio.

Oxford. 1705. 40 Flora Oxoniensis, exhibens Plantas in Agro Oxoniensi sponte crescentes, Auctore Joanne Sibthorp, M. D. 8vo.

Oxonii. 1794. A Letter containing an Account of some Antiquities between Windsor and Oxford, &c. by T. Hearne. 8vo.

Oxford. 1725. Sad and deplorable News from Oxford-sheir and Bark-sheir, being a

lamentable and true Relation of the drowning of about sixty Persons near Goring, &c. 4to.

London. 1674. Tragi-Comedia. Being a brief Relation of the strange and wonderfull

Hand of God discovered at Witny, &c. 4to. Oxford. 1653. An Answer to a scandalous Pamphlet entituld “ The present State of “ the Free-School at Witney,” by John Goole, A. M. 8vo. Oxford.

1721. Remarks upon Mr. Goole's “ Answer to the present State of the Free“ School at Witney,” by R. Collier. 8vo.

London. 1721. Memoirs of Osney Abbey near Oxford, by John Swaine, Esq. 8vo.

London, 1769. Crouch-Hill, a descriptive Poem ; with some Account of the Sieges of

Banbury Castle, in the Reign of Charles I. 8vo. Banbury. 1789. Description of Nuneham Courtenay in the County of Oxford. 12mo.

1797 A short View of the Possibility and Advantages of draining, dividing, and

enclosing Otmoor, by Alexander Croke, Esq. 8vo. London. 1787. The Answer of Mr. Taunton, of Oxford, to a Letter written by Dr.

Alexander Croke, to the Proprietors of the Common of Otmoor. 8vo.

Oxford. 1800.

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