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31 An Account of the Valuations of all the ecclesiastical Benefices within 45

the County of York, &c. to which are added the Names of the Patrons and Dedications of the Churches, by T. Beckwith. 2 Vol.

large 4to. 5 Historical Account of the Family of Foljambe ; and also of Reigate,

Reygate, Rigate, or Ragate, Possessors of the Mannor of Stiveton,

now called Steeton, &c. by T. Beckwith. large 4to. 12 A List of the Clergy, both Rectors, Vicars and Curates of every

Parish in the County of York, by T. Beckwith. 1779. 4to. 13 The Orders of the Free Grammar School of Bolton in Craven, ap

proved of by his Grace John Lord Archbishop of York. 1708. 4to. Rates of all the West Riding. 4to. 15 An alphabetical List of all the Parishes within the Diocese of York.

4to. 16 Eboracum Antiquum; or, an Account of Antiquities which have been

found at or near York, since the Publication of Drake's “Ebora“ cum,” or not noticed by him, collected by William White of

York, F.A.S. 1770. 4to. 17 List of a few of the rare Plants, which grow wild in the West Riding

of Yorkshire, 4to. 18 Description of the north-east Parts of Cleveland. 19 Transcripts of Charters and old Deeds relating to the Church of York.

4to. 20 A Survey of all that Part of the Mannour of Linton upon Ouse in the

North Riding, formerly the Estate of the late Dr. Ratcliffe, but now in the Possession of University Colledge, by Robert Wright.

1744, 4to. An Estimate of the Estate of Linton upon Ouse, fixed and settled by

T. M. and W. R. 1746. 4to. 22 An Inventory of all the Jewells, Plate, Copes, Vestments and other

Ornaments as well with in the Revestry of the cathedrall Church of York, as allso appertaining to the high Alter there in the Time

of King Edward the Sixth. 8vo. The Names of all the Colledges, Houses of Religion, Frieriges, Nun

neries, Parish Churches and Chappells with in the Citty of York

and Suburbs of the same. The Names of all the Arch-Bishops of York from Paulinus the First,

Anno Dom. 625.


22 A brief historicall View of the severall Foundations and Buildings of

the Cathedrall Church of York, in three Parts. The Names of all the Mayors and Bayliffs, Lord Mayors and Sheriffs,

of the City of York, from the Reign of King Edward the First. An. Do. 1272.

Plan of the Manor of Bessicar in the North-Riding of Yorkshire, 1719.

MS. on Parchment. (see Gough’s “ Maps, &c. No. 151.")

U u

W A L E S.


HISTORIÆ Brytannicæ Defensio, Joanne Priseo Equestris Ordinis 15

Brytanno Authore. Ad finem, De Mona Druidum Insula, Epistola
Humfredi Lhuyd. 4to. (see No. 78.)

Londini. 1573. 29 The Historie of Cambria, now called Wales, translated into English

by H. Lhoyd; corrected and continued by David Powel, D. D. 4to.

London. 1584. 30 Another Copy of Powels Historie ; imperfect; but continued in MS.

to the Reign of Queen Anne. 6 A Fragment, of 44 Pages, of a new Edition of Powel's History, printed

at Oxford, 1663. with Vaughan's and Ellis's Additions. 4to. (see

Gough’s British Topography, Vol. II. p. 486.)
The History of Wales, written originally in British by Caradock of

Lhancarvan ; and formerly published in English by Dr. Powel,

now newly augmented by W. Wynne, A. M. 8vo. London. 1697. 14 Another Edition of the History of Wales, by W. Wynne. 8vo. London.

1702. Pontici Virunnii Britannicæ Historiæ Libri sex ; ad Pag. 49. Itinera

rium Cambriæ, et Cambriæ Descriptio, Auctore Sil. Giraldo Cambrense, cum Annotationibus Davidis Poveli, S. T. P. 12mo.

Londini. 1585. 71 Itinerarum Cambriæ, &c. nova Editio. 4to.

Londini. 1806. 697 The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales, A. D. 1188, by

Giraldus de Barri, translated into English, &c. by Sir Richard
Colt Hoare, Bart. 2 Vol. 4to.

London. 1806. 2 The History of the ancient and moderne Estate of the Principality of

Wales, Dutchy of Corncwall, and Earldome of Chester, by Sir
John Dodridge, Kt. 4to.

London, 1630. 7 An historical Account of the ancient and modern State of the Princi

pality of Wales, &c. by Sir John Dodridge, Kt, second Edition. 8vo.

London. 1714.



67 Another Copy of Dodridge's historical Account, interleaved in folio.

with MSS. Notes. 2 Arguments proving, the Jurisdiction used by the President and Coun

sell in the Marches of Wales, over the Counties of Glouc. Wor

cester, Hereford, and Salop, to be illegal, &c. 4to. London. 1641. 51 The Manner of the Proceedings in the Courts of great Sessions in the

Counties of Mountgomery, Denbigh and Flint, published by
R. V. 4to.

London. 1653. Practica Walliæ; or the Proceedings in the great Sessions of Wales, by Rice Vaughan. 12mo.

London. 1672. Jurisdiction and Practice of the Court of great Sessions of Wales upon

the Chester Circuit. 8vo. interleaved, and with MSS. Notes by Sergeant Adair.

London. 1795. 2 British Antiquities revived : or a friendly Contest touching the So

veraignty of the three Princes of Wales in ancient Times, hy Robert Vaughan, Esq. 4to.

Oxford. 1662. The Case of their Majesties Subjects in the Principality of Wales, in

respect of the Court held before the President and Council in the Marches of Wales. single sheet.

London. 1689. 64 Muscipula, sive Kaußequvonaxia. 8vo.

Londini. 1709. The Mouse-Trap: a Poem, written in Latin by E. Holdsworth, made English by Samuel Cobb, M. A. 8vo.

London. 1712. The Leek. A Poem on St. David's Day, by N. Griffith. folio. London.

1718. St. Taffy’s Day, or the Cambro-British Gamboles, by C. L. 8vo.

London. 1724. The Taffydeis; an heroic Poem, by Hywgi ap Englyn Margonwc. 8vo.

London. 1746. 25 The History of the Principality of Wales, by Robert Burton. 12mo.

London. 1730. 1 Welsh Piety: being an Account of the Rise, Method and Progress of the circulating Welsh Charity-Schools. 8vo.

London. 1740. A further Account of the Progress of the circulating Welsh CharitySchools, by the Rev. Mr. Jones. 8vo.

London, 1740. Welch Piety: being a further Account &c. from 1751. to 1752. 8vo.

London. 1753. Welch Piety ; being a further Account &c. from 1758. to 1759. 8vo.

London, 1759.


The Briton described, or, a Journey thro' Wales. 8vo. London. 1738. 78 Humfredi Llwyd, Armigeri, Britannicæ Descriptionis Commentario

lum: necnon de Mona Insula, &c. accurante Mose Gulielmio, A. M. 4to. (see No. 15.)

Londini. 1733. 2 An Address to the charitable and well-disposed ; in behalf of the Poor in the Principality of Wales. 8vo.

London. 1741. 62 A brief Introduction to the ancient British, or Welsh Language, by Thomas Richards. 8vo.

Bristol. 1753. 64 Account of a Journey into Wales in two Letters to Mr. Bower, by Lord Lyttleton. 4to.

1756. 2 Proposals for enriching the Principality of Wales, by Giraldus Cambrensis. 8vo.

Glocester. 1762. 1 Considerations on the illegality of presenting such as are unacquainted

with the Welsh or British Language to ecclesiastical Benefices in those Parts of Wales, where that Language is generally used and understood. 8vo.

London. 1767. 62 An historical Account of the British or Welsh Versions and Editions

of the Bible, by Thomas Llewelyn, L. L. D. 8vo. London. 1768. 13 A Gentleman's Tour through Monmouthshire and Wales. 12mo.

London, 1775. The Worthines of Wales, a Poem, by Thomas Churchyard. 12mo. reprinted from the Edition of 1587.

London. 1776. 63 British Remains, or a Collection of Antiquities relating to the Britons, by the Rev. N. Owen, Jun. A. M. 8vo. (see also No. 62.) London.

1777. 47 A Tour in Wales, 1773. by T. Pennant, Esq. 4to.

London. 1778. 48

London. 1781. The Journey to Snowdon, by T. Pennant, Esq. 4to. 49) 8 The Traveller's Companion, from Holyhead to London. 12mo. London.

1793. 68 A Tour through Parts of Wales, Sonnets, &c. by W. Sotheby, Esq.

London. 1794.
A picturesque Guide through Wales and the Marches, by James
Baker. 4to. Vol. I.

Worcester. 1795. 37 The Cambrian Register, for the Year 1795. 8vo. London. 1796. 38 The Cambrian Register, for the Year 1796. 8vo.

London. 1799 16 A Collection of Welch Tours, or a Display of the Beauties of Wales. 12mo.

London. 1797



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