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6 Avium præcipuarum, quarum apud Plinium et Aristotelem mentio est, brevis et succincta Historia, per Gul. Turnerum. 12mo. Colon.

1544. 8 Exemplar aliud. 56 The first and seconde partes of the Herbal of William Turner, Doctor

in Phisick, lately ouersene, corrected and enlarged with the thirde parte, lately gathered, and nowe set oute with the names of the Herbes in Greke, Latin, English, Duche, Frenche, and in the Apothecaries and Herbaries Latin, with the properties, degrees and naturall places of the same. folio.

London. 1568. A most excellent and perfecte homish Apothecarye or homely Physick

Booke, for all the grefes and diseases of the bodye, translated out the Allmaine speche into English by Jhon Hollybush. folio.

Collen. 1561. 4 Mercurius Botanicus, sive Plantarum gratiâ suscepti Itineris, anno

1634, descriptio; accessit de Thermis Bathonicis Tractatus, per Thomam Johnson. 8vo.

Londini. 1634. 15 Exemplar aliud. 33 Exemplar aliud. 10 Medicinæ practicæ compendium Johannis Andreæ Schmitzi. 12mo.

Hardervici. 1653. 7 Hauboravodoyia, sive Enchiridion Botanicum, or a compleat Herball, by Robert Lovell. 12mo.

Oxford. 1659. 5 Britannia Baconica : or the natural Rarities of England, Scotland, and Wales, by J. Childrey. 8vo.

London. 1661. Histoire des Singularitez naturelles d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse, et du pays

de Galles, traduite de l'Anglois de M. Childrey. 12mo. Paris. 3 Pinax Rerum naturalium Britannicarum, authore Christophoro Merrett. 8vo.

Londini. 1667.


58 Fodinæ Regales, or the History, Laws, and Places of the chief Mines in England and Wales, &c. by Sir John Pettus, Kt. folio. London.

1670. 12 Caroli Claromontii, M. D. de Aere, Locis et Aquis terræ Angliæ, deque Morbis Anglorum vernaculis. 12mo.

Londini. 1672. 32 Catalogus Plantarum Angliæ et Insularum adjacentium, opera J. Raii, M. A. 8vo.

Londini. 1670. 31 Editio altera. 8vo.

Londini. 1677. .30 Synopsis Methodica Stirpium Britannicarum, Auctore Joanne Raio. 8vo.

Londini. 1690. 25 Editio tertia. 8vo.

Londini. 1724. 45

MSS - Clements. .15 Methodus Insectorum, seu Insecta in methodum aliqualem digesta, a Joanne Raio, M. A. 8vo.

Londini. 1705. 15 Three Letters of Dr. Wallis, concerning a Meteor seen in many distant parts of England. 4to. (“ Philosophical Transactions, No. 135.")

London. 1677. 15 England's most dreadful Calamity by the late Floods. 4to. London.

1682. 13 'Paxitidodogía; or a Tract of the Disease Rachitis, commonly called the Rickets, by Dr. J. Mayow. 12mo.

Oxford. 1685. 15 Martini Lister de Fontibus medicatis Angliæ Exercitatio nova et prior. 8vo.

Francofurti. 1684. 57 Historiæ Conchyliorum liber tertius, qui est de Bivalvibus marinis. folio.

Londini. 1687 9 Pharmacopæiæ Collegii Regalis Londini remedia omnia. 12mo. cura Ja. Shipton.

Londini. 1689. 15 Purpura Anglicana, being a discovery of a Shell-Fish found on the shores of the Severn. 4to.

London. 1689. The Natural History of the Chalybeat and Purging Waters of England,

with their particular Essays, and Uses, by Benjamin Allen, Med. Bac. 8vo.

London. 1699. 2 Joannis Caii Britanni de Canibus Britannicis liber unus. 8vo. Londini.

1699. 27 J. Caius de Canibus Britannicis, inter Opuscula ex editione S. Jebb, M. D. 8vo.

Londini. 1729. 15 Fodinæ Regales, or the History, Laws, and Places of the chief Mines




and Mineral Works in England and Wales, by Sir John Pettus, Knight. 8vo.

London. 1706. 24 Columbarium; or an Introduction to a Natural History of tame Pidgeons, by John Moore. 8vo.

London. 1735. The Timber Tree improved, by W. Ellis. 8vo.

London. 1738. 54 An Appendix to the Gardener's Dictionary by Philip Miller. folio.

London. 1735. 21 A Natural History of English Song-Birds, by Eleazar Albin. 8vo.

London. 1737

London. 1744. 23 A Synopsis of British Plants, by John Wilson. 8vo. 15' An Account of English Ants, by the Rev. W. Gould, A. M. 12mo.

London. 1747. Medicina Britannica, or a Treatise on the Physical Plants of Great Britain, by Thomas Short, M. D. 8vo.

London. 1747. 15 Wade's Proposals for improving Great Britain. 4to. London. 1755. 15 An Account of the English Nightshades, and their Effects, by William Bromfeild. 8vo.

London. 1757. 60 A Methodical Synopsis of Mineral Waters, by John Rutty, M. D. 4to.

London. 1757. 2 The Natural History of England, by Benjamin Martin. 2 Vol. 8vo.

London. 1759. 49 S 35 A general Treatise on the different Sorts of cold Mineral Waters in England. 8vo.

London. 1766.

London. 36, British Zoology, by Thomas Pennant, Esq. 4 Vol. 8vo. 39

1768-1770. British Zoology, by T. Pennant. 4 Vol. 4to. Warrington. 1776. 44 Synopsis of Quadrupeds, by T. Pennant. 8vo.

Chester. 1771. Genera of Birds, by T. Pennant. 8vo.

Edinburgh. 1773.

London. 1781. 61 History of Quadrupeds, by T. Pennant. 2 Vol. 4to.

London. 1784. 63 } Arctic Zoology, by T. Pennant. 2 Vol. 4to. A short Introduction to the Knowledge of the Science of Botany, by P. Miller, F. R. S. 8vo.

London. 1770. 50 Flora Britanica, sive Synopsis methodica Stirpium Britanicarum,

Londini. 1770. Auctore J. Hill, M. D. 8vo. 51 2 A Treatise on Mineral Waters, by Donald Munro, M. D. in 2 Volumes.



64 67



London. 1770. 8vo.


teney, M. D.


53 Edvardi Luidii Lithophylacii Britannici Ichnographia. 8vo. Oxon. 1760. 50 The Naturalist's and Traveller's Companion. 8vo.

London. 1772. 55 The History of Imbanking and Draining divers Fens and Marshes, by Sir W. Dugdale. folio.

London. 1772. 15 Philosophical Transactions No. 143. containing an account of the House

Marten or Martlet, by the Rev. Gilbert White. 4to. London. 1733. 15 Three Tracts concerning the Torpedo, by John Walsh, Esq. F. R. S. published in the Philosophical Transactions.

1773. 42 A generic and specific Description of British Plants, translated from Linnæus, with notes and observations by James Jenkinson. 8vo.

Kendal. 1775. 43 A Botanical Arrangement of all the Vegetables naturally growing in

Great Britain, with descriptions of their Genera and Species, by
William Withering, M. D. 2 Vol.

Birmingham. 1776. 47 The British Flora, by Stephen Robson. 8vo.

York. 1777 19 Gulielmi Hudsoni Flora Anglica. 2 Vol. 8vo. cum notis MSS. — Pul

Londini. 1778. Editio altera. 8vo.

Londini. 1798. 26 Outlines of the Natural History of Great Britain and Ireland, by

John Berkenhout, M.D. in three Volumes. 8vo. London. 1769, 1782. 59 Jacobi Dickson, Fasciculus Plantarum Cryptogamicarum Britanniæ. 4to.

Londini. 1785. 16, The Natural History of the Mineral Kingdom, by John Williams.

} 17 2 Vol. 8vo.

Edinburgh. 1789. 28 Synopsis Plantarum insulis Britannicis indigenarum, curante J. Symons, A. B. 8vo.

Londini. 1798. 29 The Clinical Guide, Part 2nd. by W. Nisbet, M. D. 12mo. Edinburgh.

1799. 18 The British Flora, or a Linnean Arrangement of British Plants, by John Hull, M. D. 8vo.

Manchester. 1799. 40 A Treatise on the Chemical History and Medical Powers of some of the most celebrated Mineral Waters, by Wm. Saunders, M. D.

London, 1800. 14 Peziza Cuticulosa, or Cuticle Peziza. 20 Eight Tracts on Mineral Waters. Viz. On Holt, 1747 ; on Spa, hy

Nessel, 1714; and by Turner, 1733 ; on Road, by Williams, 1731 ; on New Tunbridge, near Islington, 1751 ; on Glastonbury, 1751; on Scarborough, 1735; and on Tilbury, 1737. 8vo.





1 AN Account of the Places in the severall Counties of England, where

Dr. Woodward's Native Fossills were procured from. Places where Dr. Woodward's English extraneous Fossills were found. Names of Places whence Mr. Loyd had his Fossills. Loca Angliæ, ex quibus Lysterus Fossilia sua extraxit. Fossills where found by Dr. Plott in Staffordshire.


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