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Anatomy of the Earth, by Tho. Robinson, Rector of Ousby. 4to.

London. 1694. The Case of the Curate of Penrith's taking upon him the Office of Church-Warden considered. 4to.

London. 1707. 6 An Answer to a Pamphlet entituled “ The Case of the Curate of Pen“ rith &c.” by Hugh Todd, D.D. Vicar of Penrith. 4to. London.

1707. An Account of the damp Air in a Coal-pit of Sir James Lowther, Bart. near Whitehaven. (“ Philosophical Transactions, No. 429.”) 4to.

1733. Vallum Romanum : or, the History and Antiquities of the Roman

Wall, commonly called the Pict's Wall in Cumberland and North

umberland, &c. by John Warburton, Esq. 4to. London. 1753. 1 A descriptive Poem, on returning from viewing the Mines near Whitehaven, by John Dalton, D. D. 4to.

London. 1755. A Description of the Lake at Keswick. 8vo.

Kendal. 1770. Account of the Irruption of Solway Moss, by Mr. John Walker. (“ Phi

“ losophical Transactions, Vol. LXII. p. 123.") 4to. 1772. 6 Netherby : a Poem, by Mr. Maurice. 4to.

Oxford. 1776. 11 A Guide to the Lakes in Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Lancashire. 8vo.

London. 1780. 7 Observations, relative chiefly to picturesque beauty, on several Parts of

England, particularly the Mountains and Lakes of Cumberland and Westmoreland, by William Gilpin, M. A. 2 Vol. 8vo.

London. 1786. 6 Boletarium, or a Collection of Papers, Squibs, &c. written on the memorable Mushroom Contest at Carlisle, April 1786. 8vo. Carlisle.

1786. 2, 3 The History of Cumberland, by William Hutchinson, F. A. S. 2 Vol. 4to.

Carlisle. 1794. 4. The first part of the 2nd Vol. of Hutchinson's Cumberland.

6 Windermere, a Poem, by Joseph Budworth, Esq. 8vo. London. 1798. 8 A Topographical Description of Cumberland, Westmoreland, Lan

cashire, and a part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, by John Housman. 8vo.

Carlisle. 1800. 9 A Descriptive Tour and Guide to the Lakes, Caves, Mountains, and

other natural Curiosities in Cumberland, Westmoreland, Lancashire, and a part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, by J. Housman. 8vo.

Carlisle. 1800. 10 The literary Life of William Brownrigg, M. D. to which are added an

Account of the Coal Mines near Whitehaven, and Observations on the Means of preventing Epidemic Fevers, by Joshua Dixon, M. D. 8vo.

Whitehaven. 1801.

For Maps of this County, see Gough's " Maps, &c. No. 2, and 8."


1 THE Benefit of the auncient Bathes of Buckstones &c. compiled by John Jones, Phisition. 4to.

London. 1572. A Treatise on the Nature and Virtues of Buxton Waters. 8vo. London.

1761. The third edition, by A. Hunter, M. D. 8vo.

London. 1773. 8,9 Observations and Experiments for investigating the Chymical History

of the tepid Springs of Buxton, in two Volumes, by George Pearson, M. D. 8vo.

London. 1784. 17 Newes from Darby-shire, or the Wonder of all Wonders, being a per

fect and true Relation, &c. of Martha Taylor, who hath fasted forty

Weeks and more, by T. Robins, B. D. 12mo. London. 1668. 2 A Discourse upon prodigious Abstinence; occasioned by the twelve Moneths Fasting of Martha Taylor, by John Reynolds. 4to.

London. 1669. 1 Mirabile Pecci, or the Non-such Wonder of the Peak in Darby-shire discovered in the Preservation &c. of Martha Taylor. 12mo.

London. 1 Ad nobilissimum Dominum Gulielmum Comitem Devoniæ &c. de Mi

rabilibus Pecci, Carmen Thomæ Hobbes. 4to. 20 De Mirabilibus Pecci : being the Wonders of the Peak, in English and Latine. 8vo.

London. 1678. 1 Another edition. 8vo.

London. 1683. 22 De Spiritualibus Pecci. Notes, (or Notices) concerning the Work of

God, and some of those who have been workers together with
God, in the Hundred of the High Peak, by W. Bagshaw. 8vo.

London. 1702. 21 A Discourse, occasioned by the sudden Death of the Rev. Mr. John

Ashe of Ashford in the Peak, by J. Clegg. 12mo. London. 1736. 17 A Description of the High Peak, &c. 12mo. Manchester. 1788.

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The Liberties and Customes of the Lead-mines within the Wapentake

of Wirksworth, composed in Meeter by Edward Manlove, Esq. 4to.

London. 1653. The Case relating to the Bill for ascertaining a certain customary Tyth

of Lead-Oar in the County of Derby. An Abstract of a Decree, concerning the Payment of a Tyth of Lead

Oar in the County of Derby. (another copy in No. 2.) 18 The compleat Mirzeral Laws of Derbyshire, by George Steer. 12mo.

London. 1734. The Miners Guide, or Compleat Miner, by William Hardy. 8vo.

Sheffield. 1748. 1 Proposals for publishing a Translation of Agricola “ de Re Metallica,” by Samuel Evatt.

1764. 17 A Letter to a Friend on the Mineral Customs of Derbyshire. 12mo.

London. 1766. 10 The Mineralogy of Derbyshire, by John Mawe. 8vo. London. 1802. 1 An Account of some Observations relating to Natural History, made

in a Journey to the Peak, by Mr. J. Martyn. (“ Philosophical “ Transactions, No. 407.") 4to.

1729. An Account of the dead Bodies of a Man and Woman, which were pre

served 49 Years in the Moors in Derbyshire, by Dr. Charles Balguy. (“ Philosophical Transactions, No. 434.") 4to.

1734. A Letter from Mr. Moreton Gilks, giving some Account of the Petrefactions near Matlock Baths, &c. (“ Philos. Trans. No. 456.") 4to.

1735. Extract of a Letter from R. Gale, Esq. concerning a Fossil Skeleton of a Man found near Blakewell. (“ Philos. Trans. No. 475.") 4to.

1744. An Account of an humane Skeleton of an extraordinary size found in

a Repository at Repton, &c. by Simon Degg, M. D. (“ Philos. “ Trans. No. 400.") 4to.

1726. An Account of an undescribed Roman Station in Derbyshire, by the Rev. Mr. Watson. (Archæologia, Vol. III.) 4to.

London. 1772. 17 The whole Tryals with the Examination and Condemnation of John

Taylor, and John Flint, who were executed at Derby for murdering their own Wives. 8vo.

London. 1706. 1 Dr. H(utchinson) vindicated, or the Case, relating to the Differences

about All-Saints Church in Derby, truly stated. 4to. Derby.

A Review of the Proceedings of the Corporation of Derby, relating to
Dr. Hutchinson. 4to.

Derby. 1728.
Tentamen Hydrologicum, or, an Essay upon Matlock-Bath, by John
Medley, M. D. 8vo.

Nottingham. 1730. 17 A Description of Matlock-Bath, &c. to which is added, some Account of

Chatsworth and Kedleston, and the Mineral Waters of Quarndon and Kedleston, by George Lipscomb, Esq. 12mo. Birmingham.

1802. 3, 4 The Natural, Experimental, and Medicinal History of the Mineral

Waters of Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, and Yorkshire, particularly

those of Scarborough, by Thomas Short, M. D. 4to. London. 1734. An Essay towards a Natural, Experimental, and Medicinal History of the principle Mineral Waters in England, by T. Short, M. D. 4to.

Sheffield. 1740. An Account of a large Silver Plate of Antique Basso Relievo, Roman

Workmanship, found in Derbyshire, 1729, by William Stukeley. 4to.

London. 1736. 17 The Chronicle of the Derbyshire Regiment with the mighty Acts of

D—sh-re their Colonel, and L-W- their Captain, by Nathan
Ben Shaddai, a Priest of the Jews. 8vo.

London. 1760.
The River Dove; a Lyric Pastoral, by Samuel Bentley. 4to. London. 1768.
The Roman Roads, Ikenild-street, and Bath-way, discovered and in-

vestigated through the Country of the Coritani, or the County of Derby, by Samuel Pegge, A. M. 4to. (Three copies: two of which were printed for private distribution, and have some MSS. notes of the Author's; the third is extracted from the “ Bibl. Top. Brit.”)

London. 1769. 2 An Elegy on the Death of Godfrey Bagnall Clarke, Esq. late Member of Parliament for the County. 4to.

Chesterfield. 1774. 17 An alphabetical List of the Burgesses of the Borough of Derby, who polled at the last Election.

1775. 19 Sketch of a Tour into Derbyshire and Yorkshire. 12mo. London. 1778.

Another edition, by William Bray, F. A. S. 8vo. London. 1783.
Ode to the Genius of the Lakes in the North of England. 4to. London.

1780. 1 An Account of some Druidical Remains on Stanton and Hustle Moor in the Peak, by Hayman Rooke, Esq. 4to. (“ Archæologia, Vol. VI.”)

London. 1780.



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