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In publishing a Title-page to “ THE FLY” for the year 1839, it will not be deemed out of place to offer the thanks of the Proprietors and Conductors to their patrons for the very liberal support which has repaid their labors during that period.

“THE Fly” now ranks as the first and best Illustrated Periodical

of the time ; and although its columns have been kept free from those silly puffs which mark the progress of many works, the Public amply testify that its intrinsic merits are such as well deserve the vast patronage

it is honored with.

The Editor seizes this opportunity to tender his thanks to his numerous Correspondents, whose talented productions have done so much towards establishing the character of “The Fly."

The great improvements made in “ The Fly's Picture Galleryduring the past year will be carried out to the fullest extent in our succeeding numbers and no opportunity will be lost of improving the work in every department.


December 31st, 1839.


No. 1.- Queen Victoria

No. 25.-Oh! say you 'll be my Bride. 2.-1, 2, 3! Kiss the dealer.

26.—Pray answer this quickly. 3.- The beau Window,

27.-Going to service. 4.-Getting a Rope's-end.

28.— The Village Toilet. 5.-Where have you been all the day?

29.-A Portrait of Mr Macready. Highland laddie, soldier ladie.

30.-A Portrait of Lady Flora Hastings. 6.--Old England's Queen, surrounded by 31.—The Dying Babe.

Britannia, Hope, Peace, and Plenty. 32.--The Queen going to a Review. 7.—A sudden Squall.

33.—My Favorite. 8.-Robert Burns and his Highland Mary. 34.—The Eglintoun Tournament. 9.-A Special Pleader sueing for Half a 35.—The Pride of the Village. Crown.

36.—The Fisherman's Children. 10.-Humming Birds.

37.-The Gipsy Mother. 11.-The Widow.

38.--Wellington & Nelson. 12.-A Portrait of Robert Burns.

39.—The Corsair. 13.- The Soldier's Return.

40.—My Darling. 14.-The Appointed Hour.

41.—The Sailor Boy. yriss 15.—The Sailor's Return.

* 43. _“Cupid.” 16.-A Portrait of Lord Byron.

44.-A Portrait of Lord Brougham. 17.—Love and Jealousy.

45.-- The Romp. 18.–Prayer.

46.--The Bachelor. !9.-I wish he would propose.

17.—The Married Man. 20.-Meditation.

48.–The Dying Request. 21.-Revenge.

49.- The Orphans. 92.--So, I've found you out..

50.- The Queen and her Intended. 23.--The Rival Pet.

51.--Curiosity. 24.-A Portrait of the Duke of Wellington. 52.-The Reverie.

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