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education and that of a younger brother devolved solely upon


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BENJAMIN Rush was born in the township of Byberry, about twelve miles to the north-east of Philadelphia, on the twenty-fourth of December, 1745, on part of a farm, originally consisting of five hundred acres, which had belonged to his great grandfather, captain John Rush. The latter was of English birth and descent, and had served with credit in the army of Cromwell, as a captain of horse, but being a republican and displeased with the restoration of the monarchy, he emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1683. He had been personally known in the civil wars to Oliver Cromwell. One day, seeing his mare come into the camp without him, Cromwell supposed he had been killed, and lamented him by saying, 6 . " he had not left a better officer behind him." His sword, his watch, and his bible, are still in possession of his family in Pennsylvania. He died in 1699, on his farm at Byberry, at the age of about eighty, having been the father of ten children. No other account of the parentage of Dr. Rush has been preserved that merits a particular notice. The occupations of infant colonies are usually of no great interest, affording neither allurements to vice, nor very frequent opportunities of distinction.

Having lost his father at six years of age, the care of his educatiop and that of a younger brother devolved solely upon


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