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Woolstone (Little), Backsuit

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los (St.), Monmouth

Witton with Twambrook, Cheshire Woodeaton, Stafford.

Wooley, Stafford C ollis
Wilton, Huntingdon
Woodond, Northampton

Wooley, Berks Ruthin'
Witton (East), York
Wood-Enderby, Lincolo

Woolhampton, Berks,9,
Wition West), York
Woodford, Cheshire

Woolley, Huntingdon 2011
Witton, Lancaster
Woodford (St. Mary), Essex

Woolstanton, Staffordrátyyntiti
Witton, Norfolk
Woodford, Wilts

Woolstanwood, Cheshire in
Witton, Norfolk
Woodford, Northampton

Woolstaston, Salop

i llin
Witton-Shiels, Northumberland Woodford, Northampton

Woolstborpe, Lincoln
Wivenhoe, Essex
Woodford-Grange, Stafford

Woolstone (Great), Bucksta

L e
Wiveliscombe, Somerset
Wood gastone, Hants

Rocks gallery
Wivelsteld, Sussex
Woodgreen, Hants

Woolstone, Gloucester

Wiveton, Norfolk
Woodbam-Ferris, Essex

Woolstone, Hants

Wixcombe, Wilts
Woodham-Mortimer, Essex

Woolstone with Martin
Wixford, Warwick
Woodham-Walter, Essex


2 en
Wixhill-under-Red-Castle, Salop Woodhall, Lincoln

Woolston, Somerset
Wix, or Weeks, Essex
Woodham, Bucks

Woolstrop, Gloncester-1072
Woburn, Beds
Woodbam, Durham

Woollos (St.), Monmouth in
Wokefield, Berks
Woodbay (West), Berks

Woolpit, Suffolk
Woking, Surrey
Woodhay (East), Hants

Woolion (Little), Lancashire
Woldingham, Surrey

Woodhorn, Northumberland Woolton Much), Lancater ",
Wold-Newton, York.
Woodburst, Huntingdon

Woolvercott, Oxon
Wold-Newton, Lincoln
Woodhouse, stafford

Woolverstone, Suffolk 75'
Wolshall, Wilts
Wpodhouse, Northumberland

Woolverton, Somerset

Wolfenden, Lancaster
Woodhouse, Leicester

Woolverton. Hants
Wolferlow Hereford
Woodhouse-Halls, Notts


Woolwich, Kent
Wollhaincote, Warwick
Woodland, Devon

Wooperton, Northumberland in
Wolford (Great), Warwick
Woodlaud, Durham

Woore, Salop
Wolford Little), Warwick

Woodland and Heathwaite, Lan. Wootton, Berks
Wolfordis worthy, Devon


Wootton-Newland, Dorset i llik
Wollaston, Northampton
| Woodlands, Dorset

Wootton-Glanville, Dorsett
Wollaston, Salop
| Woodlands, Stafford

Wootton-Fitzpain, Dorset
Wollaton, Notts
Woodland-Eyam, Derby

Wootton, Gloucester
Wolley, Somerset

Woodlands and Chaddenwicke, Wootton-under-Edge, Gloucester
Wollington, Barrey


Wootton, Hants in
Wolseley, Stafford
Woodland-Hope, Derby

Wootton (St. Lawrence), Hants
Wolston,or Weston-ny-End, Mont Woodleigh, Devon

Wootton, Kent
Woodlestord, York

Wootton, Lincoln dit
Wolston with Marston, Warwick Woodmancote, Gloucester

Wootton (North), Norfolk
Wolstone, Berks
Woodmancote, Gloucester
Wootton, Northampton

Wolterton, Norfolk
Woodmancote, Sussex

Wooton, Oxon ius
Wolverhampton, Stafford
Woodmancott, Hants

Wooton. See Hisland, Salop
Wolverley, Worcester
Woodmansey, York

Wootton, Stafford
Wolverley, Salop
Woodmansterne, Sarrey

Wooton (North), Somerset ut
Wolves-Newton, Monmouth
Woodnesborough, Kent

Wooton-Courtney, Somerset
Wolverton, Backs

Wood-Newton, Northampton Wootton-Waven, Warwick
Wolvey, Warwick
Wood-Norton, Norfolk

Wootton-Bassett, Wilts
Wolverton, Norfolk
Wood-Plumpton, Lancaster

Wootton-Rivers, Wilts
Wolverton, Warwick
Wood-Rising, Norfolk

Wootton, Beds
Wolviston, Durham
Woodsetts, York

Wootton-under-Wood, Bucks
Womaston, Radnor
Woodsfield, Worcester

Wootton (South), Norfolk
Wombourne, Stafford
Woodsford, Dorset

Worcester, Worcester
Wombridge, Salop
Woodside, Cumberland

Word or Worth, Kent
Wobwell, York

Woodside-Quarter, Cumberland | Wordwell, Suffolk -
Wombleton, York
Woodside, Herts

Worgret, Dorset,

Womersley, York

Woodside, Northumberland Worfield, Salop
Womenswould, Kent
Woodside, Salop

Workington, Cumberland
Wonaston, Monmouth

Woodspeen and Bagnor, Berks Worksop, Notts
Wonersb, Surrey
Woodstock, Oxon

Worlaby, Lincoln
Wonston, Hants
Woodstone, Huntingdon

Worlaby, Lincoln
Wooburn, Bucks

Woodthorp. See Strubby, Lincoln Worldham (East), Hants
Wood, Kent
Wood-Thorpe, Leicester

Worldham (West), Hantsenti
Woodall, York
Woodthorpe, Derby

Worle, Somerset h
Woodall, York
Woodton, Norfolk

Worleston, Cheshire d !
Woodbank, or Rough-Shot wich, Woodwalton, Huntingdon

Worlingbam, Suffolklivetti

Woodyates (East and West), Dorset Worlington (East), Devon
Woodbastwick, Norfolk
Wookey, Somerset

Worlington West), Devon
Woodborongh, Notts
Wool, Dorset

Worlington, Suffolk
Woodborough, Wilts
Woolascott, Salop

Worlingworth, Saffolk
Woodbridge, Suffolk
Woolbeding, Sussex

Wormbridge, Hereford
Woodbury, Devon
Woolborough, Devon

Wormegay, Norfolk (140
Wood-Barcott, Northampton Wooldale, York

Wormbill, Derby
Woodchester, Gloucester
Wooler, Northumberland

Wormingford, Essex
Woodchurch, Cheshire
Woolfardisworthy, Devon

Worminghall, Bucks
Woodchurch, Kent
Wuolferton, Salop

Wormington, Gloucester sind
Woodcote, Salop
Woolhope, Hereford

Wormley, Herts
Woodcote. -See Southcote, Oxon | Woolland, Dorset

Wormleighton, Warwick
Woodcot, Cheshire
Woollaston, Statford

Wormshill, Kent
Woodcroft.-See Etton, North Woollastone, Gloucester

Wormsley, Hereford

Woo!avington (East and West), Worplesdon, Surrey
Woodcutt, Hants


Worsall (High), York
Wood-dalling, Norfolk
Woolavington, Somerset

Worsall (Luw), York
Wood-Ditton, Cambridge
Woolley, York

Worsley, Lancashire
Woodeaton, Oxon .

Woolsington, Northumberland Worstead, Norfolk


Wormonill, cord,

Worth, Sussex
| Wroxham, Norfolk

Yate, Gloucester
Worth, Cheshire
Wroxton, Oxon

Yate (Great), Stafford
Wortham, Suffolk

Wuerdale and Wardle, Lancashire Yately, Hants
Worthen, Salop
Wyardsbury, Bucks

Yate, Lancashire
Worthenbury, Flint
Wyaston, Derby

Yatesbury, Wilts
Wothersome, York
Wyberton, Lincoln

Yattendon, Berks
Worthing, Norfolk
Wsboston, Beds

Yatton (East and West), Somerset
Worthing, Sussex
Wybunbury, Cheshire

Yatton-Keynall, Wills
Worthington and Newbold, Lei. Wycliffe, York

Yaverland, Hanis

Wycomb and Chadwell, Leicester Yaxford, Suffolk
Worthington, Lancashire
Wycombe (High), Backs

| Yaxham, Norfolk
Worthorpe, Northampton
Wycombe (West), Bucks

Yaxley, Suffolk
Worth-Matravers, Dorset
Wycks-Bishop, Suffolk

Yaxley, Huntingdon
Worting, Hants
Wyddiall, Heris

Yaadon, York
Wortley, Gloucester
Wye, Kent

Yealand - Redmayne, Lancashire
Wortwell, Norfolk

Wyersdale (Over), Lancashire Yealand-Conyers, Lancashire
Wortley, York

Wyersdale (Nether), Lancashire | Yealptop, Devon
Wortley, York
Wyeston or Wiseton, Nolts

Yearsley, York
Worsthorne, Lancashire

Wyfordby with Bretbingby, Lei-Yeardsley, Cheshire
Worston, Lancashire


Yeaveley, Derby
Worston, Stafford
Wyham with Cadeby, Lincoln

Yeavering, Northumberland
Worton, Oxon
Wyke, Devon

Yeddingham, York
Worton (Nether), Oxon

Wyke, in Worplesdon, Surrey Yeldham (Little), Essex
Worton, Wilts
Wykeham (East), Lincoln

Yeldham Great), Essex
Wotton-low-Hill and ('phill, Wjkeham, York

Yeldersley, Derby
Wyke-Regis, Dorset

Yelford, Oxon
Woughton-on-the-Green, Bucks Wykes, Warwick

Yelling, Huntingdon
Wouldham, Kent
Wykin, Leicester

Yelvertoit, Northampton
Wrabness, Essex
Wylam, Northumberland

Yelverton, Norfolk
Wragby, York
Wyldecourt, Dorset

Yeovilton, Somerset
Wragby, Lincoln
Wymering, Hants

Yeovil, Somerset
Wragholme, Lincoln
Wymington, Beds

Yerbeston, Pembroke
Wrampliogham, Norfolk
Wymondham, Leicester

Yetminster, Dorset
Wrangle, Lincoln
Wymondham, Norfolk

| Yellington, Northumberland
Wrantage, Somerset
Wymondley (Great), Herts

Yielding or Yelden, Beds
Wratting (Great), Soffolk
Wymondley (Little), Herts

Ynisloughor, Glamorgan
Wratting i Little), Suffolk
Wyrley (Great), Stafford

Ynis-y-mond, Glamorgan
Wratton, Lancashire
Wyrley Little), Stafford

Yn y dre-Issa, Cardigan
Wraxall, Dorset
Wyre Piddle, Worcester

Ynys-aw-Dre, Glamorgan
Wraxall, Somerset
Wysall, Nitts

Ynys-Cynhajarn, Caerparvou .
Wraxall (South), Wilts
Wyntham, Berks

Yockleton, Salop
Wraxall (North), Wilts
Wythburn, Camberland

York, York
Wrawby with Kettleby, Lincoln Wythop, Cumberland

Yorkfleet, York
Wray, Lancashire
Wyton, York

Youlgrave, Derby
Wrea, Lancashire
Wyverstone, Suffolk

Youlthorpe, York
Wreatham (East and West), Nor. Wyvill with Hungerton, Lincoln Youlten, 'York

Yoxhall, Stafford
Wrecklesham, Surrey

Ysceifiog. Flint
Wreigb. Hill, Northumberland

Ysclydachi, Brecon
Wrepbury, Chesbire

Ysgwyddgwn, Glamorgan
Wreningham, Norfolk
Yafforth, York

Yskir-Vawr, Brecon

Wrentham, Suffolk
Yalding. hent

Yokir. Vechan, Brecon
Wrenthorpe, York
Yanwath, Westmoreland

Yspytty-Evan, Denbigh )
Wressel, York
Yanworth, Gloncester

Yspytty. Ystrad - Meiric, Cardigan
Wrestlingworth, Beds
Yapham, York

Yspytty-ystwyth, Cardigan
Wrelton, Norfolk
Yapton, Sussex

Ystrad, Cardigan
Wretton, York
Yarborough, Lincoln

Ystrad, Cardigan
Wrexham (Abbot and Regis), Yarburgh, Lincoln

Ystrad, Carmarthen
Yarcombe, Devon

Ystrad Devodwg, Glamorgan
Wrightington, Lancashire
Yardley, Worcester

Ystradgynlais (Upper and Lower).
Wrinebill (See Checkley), Che Yardley, Herts


Yardly-Gobion, Northampton | Ystrad-Owen, Glamorgan
Wrington with Broadbeld, So- Yardley-Hastings, Northampton | Ystrad velltey (Upper and LOW
Yarleside, Lancashire

Writhlington, Somerset

Yarlett, Stafford
Writtle, Essex

Yarlington, Somerset
Wrockwardine, Salop

Yaim, York
Wroughton, Wilts

Yarmouth, Norfolk
Wrotham, Kent

Yarmouth, Hants
Wrottesley, Stafford

Yarnbeld, Somerset
Wroot, Lincoln
Yarnscombe, Devon

Zeals, Wilts
Wroxa!l, Warwick

| Yarnton or Yarrington, Oxon Zeal- Monachorum,
Wroxeter, Salup
Yarwell, Northampton

Zenpor, Cornwall

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An INLAND COUNTY of England, bounded

on the North by Huntingdonshire and
Northamptonshire, on the East by Hert-
fordshire and Cambridgeshire, on the
South by Buckinghamshire and Hert-
fordshire, and on the West by Bucking.
hamshire. It is in an irregular some-
what oval form, and is about 34 miles long
and 19 broad. The area, or superficial
measure, of it, is 463 square miles, or
296,320 statute acres. The country is
generally level, and the land very good :
a large proportion is pasture land; but
the arable is, on an average, much better
than that of the average of England;
and some part of it is finer, it is sup-
posed, than any other land in England.
It is sufficiently wooded, is rich in pas.
ture and in all sorts of cattle and agri-
cultural produce, and has very little
waste or poor land.-It has no large
manufactories; but a part of the women
and children are employed in the making
of lace and of straw-plat; though these
are not in amount sufficient to prevent
us from calling this a purely agricultural
county. Its RIVERS are the Ouse and
the Ivel, the former of which divides the
county into two parts, and is navigable
as far as the borough of Bedford, which
is the capital of the county-The PRO-
DUCTS of Bedfordshire are, corn, meat of
all sorts in very great abundance, butter;
and all of the finest quality. This county
in the DIOCESE OF LIxcoLN, and in the
NORFOLK Circuir. It is divided into }
nine hundreds ; namely, Barford, Big.
gleswade, Clifton, Flitt, Manshead, Red-

bornestoke, Stodden, Willey, Wixham. tree. There are 131 PARISHES and TOWNSHIPS, and with distinct parochial jurisdiction ; and 10 MARKET-TOWNS ; namely, Ampthill, Bedford, Biggleswade, Dunstable, Harrold, Luton, Leighton - Buzzard, Potton, Shefford, Woburn. Bedford town sends 2 members to parliament; and its 2 members, with the 2 for the county, are all that this county is permitted to send. Before the Protestant “ Reformation," or devastation, there were 18 monastic establishments at the following places : Bedford, Biggleswade, Bissemede, Caldwell, Chicksand, Dunstable, Eaton-Socon, Elstow, Farle, Grovesbury, Harwood, Melchbourn, Market Street, Newenham, Northill, Warden, Woburn; under the names of which places a particular ac. count of these establishments is given. There are 24 PUBLIC CHARITIES in this county, mostly very ancient.--Of the 131 PARISHES which the county contains, there are 6 which have less than 100 inhabitants each; 10 which have no parsonage houses ; 39 which have parsonage houses, wbich, in a return inade to parliament in 1818, the in. cumbents represent as unfit for them to live in ; and, in the whole county, there are 124 churches; there being 7 parishes and townships with no churches. The poor-rates of the county amounted annually, agreeably to a return made to parliament in 1818, to 80,6381. 18. 5 d.; the number of PAUPERs was 7,030 ; the ANNUAL RENTAL of all the real property of the county amounted to 343,6821, 19s.


10d. ; the POPULATION, by return of an Hospital of St. Leonard's Hospitalers, 1821, was 83,716; and the number of founded in the reign of Edward IV., by houses 15,412. So that the poor-rates a townsman, whose yearly revenue was amounted to a fourth part, within a frac 161. 6s. 8d. in 26 Henry VIII.; now tion, of the whole of the rental; and worth 3261. 13s. 4d. A Franciscan there were, on an average, 1 pauper to Friary, founded by Mabilea de Platesevery two houses throughout the county. hull, in the reign of Edward II., valued According to the same return of 1818, yearly at 51., now worth 1001.; granted, the annual poor-rates of this whole 31 Henry VIII., to John Gostwyke; at county amounted, in 1776, to only Caldwell, an Augustine Priory, founded 16,3101.—There are, in this county, on in the reign of John, by Robert of an average, 181 persons to each square Houghton. Revenue 1481, 15$. 10d., mile, which is about 4 acres of land to now worth 2,9751. 16s. 8d.; granted, 5 every person ; and there are, within a Elizabeth, to Thomas Leigh"; and at fraction, 18 acres of land to every in Newenham, a Monastery of Augustine habited house, including the most miser. Canons, founded in the reign of Henry able houses in town and country, and II., by Simon Beauchamp. Yearly not excepting alms-houses.—The male revenue 3431. 15s. 51., now worth population of the county is 40,385. The 6,8751.8s. 4d.; granted, 32 Henry VIII., return states 10,754 families to be em to Urian Brereton. Popula. 5446. Mar. ployed in agriculture ; 4,827 families in ket, Mond., Tues. and Sat. Fairs, first trade and handicraft; and 1,792 families Tues. in Lent, Apr. 21, July 5, Oct. 11, to consist of all other descriptions of

Dec. 19 for cattle of all sorts. persons. The male agricultural popula. | BEESTON, in Sandy parish, and popula. tion must, therefore, be 25,000 all but a

included therein. 3 miles N.W, from fraction. Of these we must allow one

Biggleswade. half to be children, men past labour, or men infirm : there then remain, inclu- By

BIDDENHAM, 2 miles W. from Bedford. ding the farmers themselves, 12,500

Popula. 393. agricultural labourers; that is to say, BIGGLESWADE with Holme and Stratton, one labourer, on an average, to every seated on the river Ivel, 45 miles N.E. 234 acres of land.

from London. Popula. 2778. Market, AMPTHILL, 45 miles N.W, from London.

Wed. Fairs, Feb. 14, Sat. in Easter Popula. 1527. Market, Thurs. Fairs,

week; Whit-Monday; Aug, 2, Nov. 8. May 4, Nov. 30, for catile.

At this place there was a Chantry; reARLSEY, 264 miles S.E. from Shefford.

venue 71., now worth 1401. Popula. 562.

BILLINGTON, in Leighton-Buzzard paASPLEY GUISE, 2 miles N.E. from Wo

rish, and popula. included therein. ?

miles S. from Leighton-Buzzard, burg. Popula. 848.

BLETSOE, 6 miles N. from Bedford. PoASTWICK, 4 miles S.E. from Biggleswade.

pula. S83. Popula. 99. BARFORD (Great), 5 miles N.E. from

BLUNHAM,44 miles N. from Biggleswade.

Popula. 945. Bedford. Popula. 635.

BOLNHURST, 5 miles N.E. from Bedford. BARFORD (Little), 5 miles N.W. from Potton. Popula. 123.

Popula. 264. BARTON-IN-THE-CLAY, 3 miles s.

BROMHAM, 3 miles N.W. from Bedford. from Selsoe. Popula. 668.

Popula. 298. BATTLESDEN, 3 miles S. from Woburn. BROOK-END, in Northill parish, and poPopula. 151.

pula, included therein. BEDFORD, the county town of Bedford-BROOM, in Southill parish, and popula.

shire, seated on the river Ouse, 50 miles included therein. 14 mile from Big-
N.W. from London. It has five parishes :
St. Cuthbert, St. John, St. Mary, St. | BUDNOR, in Northill parish, and popula.
Paul, and St. Peter Martin. It is a cor.

included therein. porate town, having a mayor, record.

CALDICOTTS (Upper and Lower), in er, deputy recorder, two bailiffs, two

Northill parish, and popula. included chamberlains, thirteen common-council.

therein. men, and an uncertain number of alder. men, and sends two members to parlia- CAMPTON with Shefford, 1 mile S.W. ment. At or near this place there were, from Shefford, Popula. 1,028.

CARDINGTON, 4 miles S.E. from Bed. | EGGINTON, in Leighton-Buzzard parish, ford. Popula. 1,194.

and popula. included therein. 14 miles CARLTON With Chellington, 7 miles N.W.

E, from Leightoa-Buzzard. from Bedford. Popula. 429.

ELSTOW, 2 miles S.W. from Bedford,

Popula. 548. Fairs, May 14, 15, Nov, CHALGRAVE, 34 miles N.W. from Dun 5, 6, cattle of all sorts. At this place stable. Popular710.

there was an Abbey of Benedictine CHELLINGTON with Carlton, 7 miles

Nuns, founded by Judith, niece to the N.W. from Bedford. Popula. 121.

Conqueror, and wife to Waltheof, Earl

of Huntington. Yearly value $251.28. 1 d., CHICKSANDS, (Extra Pa.) Popula. 56. now worth 6,5021, 2s. 6d. Granted, T At this place there was a Priory of Nans

Edward VI., to Sir Humphrey Radcliff. of St. Gilbert, founded in the year 1150, by Pain de Beauchamp and his

EVERSHOLT, 2 miles S.E. from Woburn, wife. Yearly value, 2301. 3s. 4 d., now

Popula. 870. worth 4,6031. 7s. 6d. Granted, 31 Henry

EVERTON with Tetworth, 2 miles N.W. VIII., to R. Snow.

from Potton. Popula. 334. CLAPHAM. 2 miles N.w. from Bedford. | EYWORTH, 3 miles N.E. from Bigglea Popula. 204.

swade. Popula. 111. CLIFTON, 14 mile N.E. from Shefford.

FARNDISH, 11 miles N.W. from Bedford. Popula. 483.

Popula. 73. CLOPHILL, 2 miles N.E. from Selsoe.

FELMERSHAM, 6 miles N.W. from Bed.

ford. Popula. 390. Popula. 838.

FENLAKE, in Cardington parish, and poCOCKAYNE-HATLEY, 24 miles E. from pula, included therein.

Potton. Popula. 117.
COLMWORTH, 9 miles N.E. from Bed-

FLITTON.-See Selsoe. ford. Popula. 450.

FLITWICK, 24 miles S. from Ampthill, COPLE, 44 miles S.E. from Bedford. Po

Popula. 489. pula. 524.

GOLDINGTON, 14 miles N.W. from BedCOTTON-END, in Cardington parish, and

ford. Popula. 426. popula, included therein.

GRAVENHURST (Lower), 2 miles S.E.

from Selsoe. “Popula. 63. CRANFIELD, 51 miles N.W. from Ampt. hill.

GRAVENHURST (Upper), 24 miles E. Popula. 1,153.

from Selsoe. Popula. 291. DEAN (Nether and Upper), 12 miles N.W. from Bedford. Popula. 479.

| GRITFORD.-See Sandy. DUNSTABLE, 34 miles N.W. from Lon

HARLINGTON, 5 miles N.E. from Dundon. Popula. 1,831. Market, Wed.

stable. Popula. 398. Fairs, Ash-Wed. and May 22 for HATCH, in Northill parish, and popula. horses, Aug. 12, Nov. 12 for cattle. At included therein. this place there was a priory of Augus.

HARROLD, 7 miles N.W. from Bedford. tine Canons, founded by Henry I.

Popula. 939. Market, Tuesd. Fairs, Yearly value 4021. 14s. 7 d.; now worth

Tues. before May 13, Tues. before July 8,0541. 12s.6d. Granted to Sir Leonard

6, Tues. before Oct. 11, cattle of all Chamberlayne.

sorts. At this place there was a Priory DUNTON with Millo, 3 miles S.W. from of Augustine Nuns, founded, in the reign Biggleswade. Popula. 332.

of Stephen, by Sampson le Forte. Yearly EAST-COTTS, in Cardington parish, and value 471. 38. 2d., now worth 9431. 3s. 4d. popula. included therein.

Granted to William Lord Parr, 35 EATON-BRAY, 3 miles S.W. from Dun

Hen. VIII. stable. Popula. 816. At this place there HARROWDEN, in Cardington parish, was a College, or Guild. Yearly value and popula. included therein. į miles 71. 168., now worth 1561.

from Bedford. EATON-SOCON with Wyboston, 2 miles HAYNES, 34 miles N.E. from Selsoe. Pou

S.W. from St. Neots, in Huntingdon pula. 775. sbire. Popula. 2,039.

| HEATH, in Leighton-Buzzard parish, and EDWORTH, 3 miles N.E. from Biggle popula. included therein. 1 mile N. swade. Popula. 87.

from Leighton-Buzzard.

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