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If you can bring certificate that you were gulld Ana. I am strong, of 'em,

And will stand up, well girt, against an host Or any formal writ out of a court,

That threaten Gad in exile. That you did cozen yourself, I will not hold them. Love. I shall send you Man. I'll rather lose 'em.

To Amsterdam, to your cellar. Love. That you shall not, sir,

Ana. I will pray

there By me, in troth. Upon these terms they are Against thy house: may dogs defile thy walls, yours.

And wasps and hornets breed beneath thy roof, What should they ha' been, sir? turn’d into This seat of falsehood, and this cave of coz’nage! gold all?

Love. Away, you Harry Nicolas, do you talk ? Mam. No: I cannot tell.

(Beats DRUGGER away. It may be they should. What then?

Face. No, this was Abel Drugger.-Good sir, Love. What a great loss in hope have you


(To the Parson. sustain'd!

And satisfy him ; tell him, all is done: Mam. Not I, the commonwealth has.

He staid too long a-washing of his face. Face. Ay, he would ha' built

The doctor he shall hear of him at Westchester;
The city new, and made a ditch about it And of the captain, tell him, at Yarmouth; or
Of silver, should have ran with cream from Some good port-town else, lying for a wind.-
Hogsdon :

If you get off the angry child, now, sir
That, every Sunday in Moorfields, the younkers, Kast. Come on, you ewe, you have match'd
And tits, and tomboys, should have fed on gratis.

most sweetly, ha' not?
Mam. I will go mount a turnip-cart, and preach Did not I say, I would never ha' you tupp’d
To the end o' the world, within these two months.

(To his Sister. Surly, what! in a dream?

But by a dubb'd boy, to make you a Lady-Tom? Sur. Must I needs cheat myself,

Slight, you are a mammet! 'O, I could touse With that same foolish vice of honesty !

you now.
Come, let us go, and hearken out the rogues. Death, mun' you marry with a pox!
That Face I'll mark for mine, if e'er I meet him. Love. You lie, boy ;
Face. If I can hear of him, sir, I'll bring you As sound as you; and I'm aforehand with you.

Kast. Anon!
Unto your lodging:-for, in troth, they were Love. Come, will you quarrel ! I will seize

To me:- I thought them honest as myself, sir. Why do you not buckle to your tools ?
Trib. 'Tis well, the saints shall not lose all Kast. God's light!

[They come forth. This is a fine old boy as e'er I saw! And get some carts

Love. What, do you change your copy now?
Love. For what, my zealous friends ?

Ana. To bear away the portion of the righteous Here stands my dove ! stoop at her if you

dare. Out of this den of thieves.

Kast. 'Slight, I must love him ! I cannot chuse, Love. What is that portion ?

i'faith, Ana. The goods, sometime the orphans, that and I should be hang'd for't.-Sister, I protest the brethren

I honour thee for this match. Bought with their silver pence.

Love. O, do you so, sir? Love. What, those i' the cellar,

Kust. Yes; and thou canst take tobacco, and The knight sir Mammon claims?

drink, old boy, Ana. I do defy

I'll give her five hundred pound more to her The wicked Mammon, so do all the brethren,

marriage Thou profane man. I ask thee, with what con- Than her own state. science

Love. Fill a pipeful, Jeremy: Thou canst advance that idol against us

Face. Yes, but go in, and take it, sir. That have the seal? Were not the shillings num- Love. We will. bered

I will be ruld by thee in any thing, Jeremy. That made the pounds ? Were not the pounds Kast. 'Slight, thou art not hide-bound! Thou told out

art a jovy boy!
Upon the second day of the fourth week, Come let's in, I pray thee, and take our whiffs.
In the eighth month, upon the table dormant, Love. Whiff in with your sister, brother boy-
The year of the last patience of the saints

That master
Six hundred and ten ?

That had receiv'd such happiness by a servant,
Love. Mine earnest vehement botcher, In such a widow, and with so much wealth,
And deacon also, I cannot dispute with you, Were very ungrateful, if he would not be
But, if you get you not away the sooner,

A little indulgent to that servant's wit,
I shall confute you with a cudgel.

And help his fortune, though with some small Ana. Sir

strain Trib. Be patient, Ananias.

Of his own candour.—Therefore, gentlemen,

you, sirrah.

yet. Go,

And kind spectators, if I have outstrippd
An old man's gravity, or strict canon, think
What a young wife and a good brain may do:
Stretch age's truth sometimes, and crack it too.
Speak for thyself, knave !

Face. So I will, sir.-Gentlemen,
My part a little fell in this last scene,

Yet 'twas decorum.-- And though I am clean
Got off from Subtle, Surly, Mammon, Dol,
Hot Ananias, Dapper, Drugger,-all
With whom í traded yet I put myself

you, that are my country!-and this pelf Which I have got, if you do quit me, rests To feast you often, and invite new guests.






Pleasure attend ye, and about ye sit

Take no example neither to begin, The springs of mirth, fancy, delight and wit! For some by precedent delight to sin: To stir you up, do not your looks let fall, Nor blame the poet if he slip aside, Nor to remembrance our late errors call, Sometimes lasciviously, if not too wide, Because this day we're Spaniards all again, But hold your fans close, and then smile at ease; The story of our play : and our scene Spain :- A cruel scene did never lady please. The errors too, do not for this cause hate, Nor, gentlemen, pray be not you displeas'd, Now we present their wit and not their state. Though we present some men fool'd, some disNor, ladies! be not angry if you see

eas'd, A young fresh beauty, wanton and too free, Some drunk, some mad: we mean not you, Seek to abuse her husband ;-still 'tis Spain,

you're free, No such gross errors in your kingdom reign!- We tax no farther than our We are vestals all, and though we blow the fire, You are our friends !--sit noble, then, and see. We seldom make it flame up to desire :


Duke of MODENA.
MICHAEL Perez, the Copper Captain.
CACAFOGO, an Usurer.

EsTIFANIA, her Maid, Wife to the Copper Cap-

tain. CLARA. First Lady. Second Lady, ALTEA.


With you.

With a light rein to rule my wife: if ever SCENE I.


Of the most subtile mould went beyond me, Enter JUAN DE CASTRO and MICHAEL PEREZ. I would give the boys leave to boot me out o' Mich. ARE your companies full, colonel?

th' parish. Juan. No, not yet, sir : Nor will be this month yet, as I reckon ;

Enter Servant. How rises your command?

Sero. Sir, there be two gentlewomen attend to Mich. We pick up still, and as our monies

speak hold out, We have men come: about that time I think Juan. Wait on 'em in. We shall be full too; many young gallants go. Mich. Are they two handsome women? Juan. And unexperienced.

Sero. They seem so, very handsome, but they The wars are dainty dreams to young hot spirits,

are veil'd, sir. Time and experience will allay those visions ; Mich. Thou put'st sugar in my mouth, how it We have strange things to fill our numbers.

melts with me! There's one Don Leon, a strange goodly fellow, I love a sweet young wench. Recommended to me from some noble friends, Juan. Wait on them in, I say.

[Erit Sero. For my Alferes ; had you but seen his person, Mich. Don Juan. And what a giant's promise it protesteth.

Juan. How you iteh, Michael ! how you Mich. I have heard of him, and that he hath

burnish! serv'd before too.

Will not this soldier's heat out of your bones yet? Juan. But no harm done, nor never meant, Do your eyes glow now? Don Michael,

Mich. There be two. That came to my ears yet; ask him a question, Juan. Say honest, what shame have you then? He blushes like a girl, and answers little,

Mich. I would fain see that; To the point less; he wears a sword, a good one, I have been in the Indies twice, and have seen And good clothes too, he is whole skinn'd, has

strange things, no hurt yet,

But two honest women ! -one I read of once. Good promising hopes; I never yet heard cer- Juan. Prithee, be modest. tainly

Mich. I'll be any thing. Of any gentleinan that saw him angry. Mich. Preserve him, he'll conclude a peace, if Enter Serdunt, Donna CLARA, and ESTIFANIA, need be ;

veiled. Many as strong as he will go along with us, Juan. You are welcome, ladies. That swear as valiantly as heart can wish, Mich. Both hooded ! I like 'em well though: Their mouths charg'd with six oaths at once, and They come not for advice in law sure hither; whole ones,

May be they would learn to raise the pike. That make the drunken Dutch creep into mole- I am for 'em : they are very modest,''tis a fine hills.

preludium. Juan. 'Tis true, such we must look for: but Juan. With me, or with this gentleman, Michael Perez,

Would you speak, lady? When heard you of Donna Margarita, the great Clara. With you, sir, as I guess, Juan de Castro. heiress?

Mich. Her curtain opens, she is a pretty Mick. I hear every hour of her, though I

gentlewoman. never saw her,

Juan. I am the man, and shall be bound to She is the main discourse: noble Don Juan de

fortune, Castro,

I may do any service to


beauties. How happy were that man could catch this Clara, Captain, I hear you are marching down

to Flanders, And live at ease ! she is fair, and young, and To serve the catholic king. wealthy.

Juan. I am, sweet lady. Infinite wealthy, and as gracious too

Clara. I have a kinsman, and a noble friend, In all her entertainments, as men report. Employ'din those wars; may be, sir, you know him, Juan. But she is proud, sir, that I know for Don Campusano, captain of carbines, certain.

To whom I would request your nobleness, And that comes seldom without wantonness. To give this poor remembrance. (A letter. He that shall marry her, must have a rare hand. Juan. I shall do it, : Mich, Would I were married, I would find I know the gentleman, a most worthy captain. that wisdom,

Clara. Something in private.

Wench up

to me.

like me;


Juan. Step aside, I'll serve thee.

Mich. Mine was i' th’ 'clipse, and had a cloud (Ereunt JUAN and CLARA.

drawn over it : Mich. Prithee let me see thy face.

But I believe well, and I hope 'tis handsome.
Estif. Sir, you must pardon me;

She had a hand would stir a holy hermit.
Women of our sort, that maintain fair memories, Juan. You know none of 'em ?
And keep suspect off from their chastities,

Mich. No.
Had need wear thicker veils.

Juan. Then I do, captain ; Mich. I am no blaster of a lady's beauty, But I'll say nothing till I see the proof on't. Nor bold intruder on her special favours ; Sit close, Don Perez, or your worship’s caught: I know how tender reputation is,

I fear a fly. And with what guards it ought to be preserved, Mich. Were those she brought love-letters? lady.

Juun. A packet to a kinsman now in Flanders: You may

Yours was very modest, methought. Estif. You must excuse me, seignior, I come Mich. Some young unmanaged thing; Not here to sell myself.

But I may live to see Mich. As I am a gentleman! By the honour Juan. 'Tis worth experience. of a soldier

Let's walk abroad and view our companies. Estif. I believe you.

(Exeunt. I pray you

be civil; I believe you would see me, And when you have seen me, I believe



Sanch. What, are you for the wars, Alonzo ? But in a strange place, to a stranger too,

Alon. It may be ay, As if I came on purpose to betray you:

It may be no, e'en as the humour takes me. Indeed I will not.

If I find peace amongst the female creatures, Mich. I shall love you dearly,

And easy entertainment, I'll stay at home. And 'tis a sin to fling away affection ;

I am not so far obliged yet to long marches I have no mistress, no desire to honour

And mouldy biscuit, to run mad for honour : Any but you : (will not this oyster open ?) When you are all gone, I have my choice before I know not, you have struck me with your modesty

Sanch. Of which hospital thou wilt sweat in: (She will draw sure ;) so deep, and taken from me

wilt thou All the desire I might bestow on others : Never leave whoring? Quickly, before they come.

Alon. There is less danger in't than gunning, Estif. Indeed I dare not :

Sanchio: But since I see you are so desirous, sir, Though we be shot sometimes, the shot's not To view a poor face that can merit nothing

mortal, But your repentance

Besides, it breaks no limbs. Mich. It must needs be excellent.

Sanch. But it disables 'em : Estif. And with what honesty you ask it of me, Dost thou see how thou pull'st thy legs after When I am gone, let your man follow me,

thee, as they And view what house I enter; thither come, Hung by points ? For there I dare be bold to appear open:

Àlon. Better to pull 'em thus than walk on And as I like your virtuous carriage then,

wooden ones :

Serve bravely for a billet to support me.
Enter JUAN, CLARA, a Servant.

Sanch. Fy, fy, 'tis base.
I shall be able to give welcome to you.

Alon, Dost thou count it base to suffer ? She has done her business, I must take my leave, Suffer abundantly? 'tis the crown of honour ; sir.

You think it nothing to lie twenty days Mich. I'll kiss your fair white hand, and thank Under a surgeon's hands that has no mercy.

Sunch. As thou hast donc, I am sure: but I My man shall wait, and I shall be

yolir servant.

perceive now Sirrah, come near; hark.

Why you desire to stay ; the orient heiress, Serd. I shall do it faithfully.

(Erit. The Margarita, sir. Juan. You will command me no more services? Alon. I would I had her. Clura. To be careful of your noble health, Sanch. They say she will marry. dear sir,

Alon. I think she will. That I may ever honour you,

Sanch. And marry suddenly, as report goes too. Juan. I thank you,

She fears her youth will not hold out, Alonzo. Ind kiss your hands. Wait on the ladies down Alon. I would I had the sheathing on't.

there. (Ereunt Iudies and Servants. Sanch. They say too, Mich. You had the honour tu see the face She has a greedy eye, that must be fed that came to you?

With more than one man's meat. Juan. And 'twas a fair one: what was yours, Alon. Would she were mine, Don Michael?

I would cater for her well enough ; but, Sanchio,

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you, lady.

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