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in process of time to be lo well acquainted with the intrigues of your Profession, as to be able to sua nage your bolioess with more facility, certainty and fuccels than others, Pfal.zi, 5.15, 16, 19. O Sirs, I nothing doubt but Young Converts have some kind of notable experiences, that older Years lye not in the way off; O what closs confids ? w bat feasonable alliances : wbao joyfull outgates? what triumphani offcomes that while they cannot well expo is but are forced to say.that ebe Lord hach led ebem in a way they knew not; and made them uns derstand things that were Myderies and Secrets to them before.

4. Roof. Being timously employed in a way of tra. diog, will help to prevent an unhappy set & babite of idleness that some do eally & foon contract, but cannot fo foon shake off again; are there not the many who have Hood all the day idle, and cannot con descend wbat they have done for God, or their Souls Gince they came into the World, neither can they for their hearts and in their hearts to fetcle at a Turn, or bolie themselves in seeking God, baving idled away their days iereligious and carnal; and by the way let me say it, there ara some too who you would think, bave been carefully pourished in Res ligion from their Youth, that yet are far from the inward and lively exercise of true Religion, baving been trained up in lazy, empty Forins of Devotion but never knew what it was to be lively and spiritos al in their Converses with God, but such wboreft in of Ward Forms of Devotion, shall ond no relt ja Ref:ctions tbac obey have done so, when God

a' wakens

awakens and disquiets ebeir minds in sense of their hins, for wben their consciences will be readie lo soggett, as good nothing at all, as nothing to purpose,

5. Rens. Being tyed to a Trade in Youth will tale ebe carefull Parents of manie Perplexities; furelie it goes near their tender bearts, to bave their dear Children in a way of settlement and weldoing, in order to their comfortable well-being; but much nearer I dare lay will it go to their hearts ( if they betroly godly to bave their Children engaged io the Lord, and brought up io che norture and admo. bition of his holie Word, his bolie Spirit, and holie Providepoe, and so ly fair for an intereft in Gods Fa: vour and Blessing : As upon the contrare. O whac ignorant persons are they, wbo if they get their chilo dren settled in a Trade for the proviGon of their Bodies: blockithly fancie, they have done all their dus e, & ne more is required at their hand, while in the mean time they take no thoughts about their souls, and thus alas they bring forth

a feed to the murderer, Prov. 23. 24. 25. 2 Tim. 1. 4. 5. Hof.9. 13.

6. Reaf. Being trained up in a Trade in Youth, may be feadable in Old-age for making a fend in a pinch, how manie by cross providences bave been reduced to fuch traits, that had they not been skil. led in a Trade chey might have farved miserablie; (o the young Cbrißian (as I bave been pointing beføre) having laid up in fore a fock of experiences; when he comes onder delertions and foul difficul ties, be makes comfortable recoorse thereco, and a good thift too, whos bar meminifc juvabt, Psal.77. 718, she Pfalmiú is grievoollie exercised with the



apprebenfion of Gods angrie biding countenance, but the thing that dispells bis darkom doubts, is the the seasonable remembrance of former experiences, ver 10, 11, I said this is my infirmity, bui I wilres member tbo years of rbe right band of the mofl High, I will rem:mber His Wonders of old,

7. Reas. O what bitter complaints and grievous grudges have some bad in their Old age, for miss Ipending and idling away their younger years, tha wbich error and unbappiness to prevent is certaioly a piece of great prudence, fome who have been cloatbed with raggs and fore pinched for lack of bread, low bathit cor them to the verie heart to res flect on their follie, chat cbey learned not a Trade in their Youth ; so how manie torturing thoughts bave some had in their perforced pealive arguings of this sort, alas how mad &unadvised bave I been in losing my golden Youthhood opportunities: ab fay fome, had I made my acquaintance with Godin the beginning of my days, I might now have enjoye ed comfortable converses with Him; 'had I beca mare diligent in duties, I thould now have been richer in grace, had I then closed with Chrilts Gora pel offers, I should now have been clearer in way ea vidences for eternal life; bad I then lived a more bos fie life, I needed not bave been fo much in bondage with the fears of death, as now I find wo's me ! for this day I remember my faults, even she faults of all my days bygone, and ibis great one troubles me in chief, 'that i bave spent the prime of my time in Vanities and lies, and have done little for God,and httle for my soul.O what will come of mpe for endless


days, Jer. 31. 19. Surely after that I was in Arual di fmote upon my sbigb, 1 mashamed, gee even cinjound: ed, because I did bear the reproach of iny Yourb,

But met bioks I bear some young Persons laoghing in their leeve at chose ferious Reasons I have been propoting, and preferring their own carnal reasonings to their felt deceiving, therefore I will endeavour to take off a main objeétion or two that ales much to work with them..

Objc&... What needs all this balt, there is time enough coming, why should I torment iny self before She zime; now I am young, Ibope to be old, now is my season to take my course of pleasures, why should limbitter chem co my fell, by fucb severe kind of exercises as are facer for old, lage, rectled persons, eban (uch young persons as I am, but I resolve when I am come to years to repent,& become very devore

Aufw. 1. Solpect this to be a foul temptation & fobtile loggestion from Satan, who employs all bis methods to flave off Goners from being serious about religious and soul matters, hence Auguftine complains, the Devil bad kept bim offfrom repen. tance feven years with chig verie Obje&ion; but all length che power of God reaching his heart, he crys que, O Lord, bow long shall 1fry, it is too soon :

2. Begin as soon as ye can, yet ye do not begin foloon as ye ought; for I goder fand by the frame of this Objection, that much of thy prime age is lapfed, wbereio tbou oughtest to have served God, &c yet halt been following Satans counsel hitberto, which is contrare to Gods, who by che Wireman thee, to remember now tky Creator


days of thy Yourb; he says net in ebé yéars of thy You:h, bot in the days of it, intimatiog that from the verie beginning of our days we ought to feek God, Eccl. 12. 1.

3. Bagin as foon as you tan to seek God, it will never repent ebee iftbou come to be old, that ihou begaoneft betimes, bur on the contrare, when tvet thoa falls in good ear neft to tbis work, it will be tby tegrate thou wat so long a begioning.

What fecuritie bave ye for living til Old-age as the proverb goes, w fooxts the Lambskin in the mercot as the Sheeps, haft chou more known fome of thine own familiars who in the flower of their age have been suddenlie fnatched away, pray produce thy cack for a leese of life till old age, longer than 6thers, or fo long as thon fancies, and does thou do also know ebat betwixe che cerras of Youthhood & Old-age there are vel mille periculomonis, for death hath innomerable doors to enter in at.

Abtract of Ecclefiaft: 5. 17.
Boalt not of Yourful years nor boatt
Of bealth of body nor of might,
A short whiles fickneft may three post
from time to an eternal night:
Mind thou muft die, birt when or where,
Toou cannelt nor divine, or tell,
The Lanıbskin often at the Fair

You'll find as foon's the Sheeps to fell This thy Obje&tion brings to my remembrance che rich man in the Parable, who jult as thou doelt; romised co himself a pleasant merrie life in the !!, Soul, says be, take tbine cafe, cat drink and he

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