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And therefore when I pass that seat, Throbs every pulse with quickening beat;

Therefore my hand is on my heart; Therefore I watch with eager gaze The trembling of those beechen sprays,

And linger here unwilling to depart.



Winged with speed, the feet that bore me

From thy presence, Mary, flew; Yet thy form was still before me,

Smiling still it blessed my view.

Sweetly, sweetly round me blowing,

Breathed the freshening breeze of morn; And in gentle murmurs flowing,

Waved the fields of yellow corn.

Not for me the wild breeze blowing

Murmured sweetly as it blew; In

my ear thy voice was flowing, Still I heard thy last adieu.


Round my heart those accents playing

Like soft music o'er me stole,
And, each troubled thought allaying,

Calmed the tumult of my soul.

On I journeyed.... Proudly glowing

Rose the sun with fervid ray; Fierce he rose, on all bestowing

Equal heat and equal day.

Some there are, proud day-star, burning

Like thy hot meridian skies; Who, each fire-fraught glance returning,

Dart keen lightnings from their eyes.

Ah! let those whose warm blood dances

Wildly through their feverish frames, Dart on all their fiery glances,

Pour on all ungoverned flames.

Mary! no ungentle splendour

Under thy dark eye-lid streams, But thy glances, chaste and tender,

Shine with soft and tempered beams,

Soft as silver light, descending

O'er the clear lake's azure breast, When the moon, her mild rays blending,

Lulls the soul and charms to rest,

Home I came....Green bowers o'erspreading

Fenced me from the sun's hot glare ; Flowerets bloomed around me, shedding

Nectared fragrance through the air.

Roses there, with jasmines blended,

Hung like garlands to the ground; From those bowers a gale ascended,

Wafting odours all around.

Not for me those blossoms blended

Hung like garlands to the ground, Not for me that gale ascended,

Wafting odours all around.

Still my senses placed before them

Sweets no blossoms could bestow. What those sweets were, whence I bore them,

Mary! thou alone shalt know.

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