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the toilet boxes of gold, very handsome. The Reading Closet, a beautiful little chamber, is hung with painted satin; on the other side of the dressing-room is a bird-closet, in which are many cages of singing birds. This suite is terminated by a bedchamber, 25 feet square.

But the principal beauties of Wentworth Castle may be found in its highly ornamented grounds, on every side disposed with the utmost taste. The water and woods adjoining are formed by a masterly hand. The first extends through the Park in a meandering course, and wherever it is viewed, the terminations are no where seen, having the effect of a very beautiful river. Groves of oak. fill up the curves of the stream, and give it a most picturesque appearance ; here they are seen in thick masses at the water's edge, there breaking away to a. few scattered trees.

Winding up the hill among the plantations and woods, the summit is crowned by a light Chinese temple, at the end of a lawn thickly encompassed with evergreens. The next object is a statue of Ceres, in a retired spot, terminating an arcade through which the distant prospect appears with beautiful effect.

From the platform of grass within the castle walls, over the battlements, is a surprising prospect on every side ; the centre of this court is adorned with a statue of Thomas, Earl of Strafford, who built the house.

At the bottom of the Park is a Menagerie well stocked with pheasants, &c. It is adorned with a Shrubbery of a different character from that near the House, from which a distant prospect is beheld. This plantation is cool, shady, sequestered, and spread over two fine slopes, enclosing a long winding dale, exquisitely beautiful; at the upper end is a Gothic Temple, over a little grot, which forms an arch; the temple is a light airy building, judiciously disposed; behind it is water, surrounded by hanging woods, and an island prettily planted; from the seat of the river god, the view into the Park is fine and much admired.

Wentworth Castle is situated at the distance of two miles and a half south of Barnesley.

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List of the principal Pictures at Ucientworth Castle.


Portrait of Thomas, Earl of Strafford, on Horseback.
Portraits of the Kings of Poland, Prussia, and Denmark.
The Prince and Princess of Orange, the parents of King William III.
Four Views of Rome ........... Canaletti.


Abraham's Offering to Rebecca ...... Paulo Mattei.
Diana and Actæon . . . . . . . . ... Carlo Maratti.
David with Goliath's Head ........ Guercino.
Two Cattle-pieces.......... Rosa da Tivoli.


Lord Strafford and his Secretary ..... Vandyck.
The Czar Peter. .......... Amiconi.
The Duchess of Newcastle . . . . . . . Sir P. Lely.
Charles the Second . ......... Sir P. Lely.
Portrait of Lady Wentworth and her three Children.
Portrait of Lady Strafford.


Portrait of Lady Eleanor Brandon . . . . . Lucas de la Heere. The Duchess of Wirtemberg. ...... Vanderhelst.


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Portrait of Sir Philip Sydney ..... Vanderhelst. The Death of Dido . . . . . . . . . Carlo Maratti. Diana . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlo Maratti, The Flight into Ægypt . .......Albano.


The Woman taken in Adultery. . . . . . Rembrandt. The Marriage of St. Catherine ...'. . Carlo Maratti. The Bloody Issue cured......... Carlo Maratti. Lucretia . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vandyck. Cleopatra . . . . . . . . . . . .

Murillo. Charles I. in the Isle of Wight .... Vandyck. Charles I. and his Queen . . .

.. Vandyck.
The Children of Charles I. ... :: Vandyck.
Oliver Cromwell . . . . . . . . :: Sir P. Lely.
Lord Strafford . . . . . .'. . . . .. Vandyck.
View of St. Mark's Place at Venice .... Canaletti.
Two Views on the Rhine . . . . . . . . Mompert.
Lord Danby . . . . . . . . . . Vandyck.
Lord Pembroke . . . . . .

: . Vandyck.
A Bacchanalian Scene . . . . . . . . . Otho Venius.
Count Gondamar . . . . . . . . . . Velasquez.
Portraits of the Count and Countess of Wirtemberg Mirevelt.
Ships of the Line . . . . . . . . . . Clevely.

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Portrait of a Canon of Strasburg .... Fratel.
Portrait of Carlo Maratti . . . . . . . . Carlo Maratti.
Gypsies . . . . . . . . . . . . . Caravagio.
Nymphs and Satyrs ...

. . Nicholas Poussin.
Portrait of Rubens . . . . . . . . . . Rubens.
St. Francis at Devotion . . . . . . . . Annibal Caracci.

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There are also Portraits of

Charles XII. of Sweden.
Mr. Wortley Montague.
The late Duke of Brunswick.
Queen Anne.
Lady Stafford, &c. &c.

Cannon Hall, Yorkshire ;



CANNON Hall is situate to the North-west of Barnsley, in the West Riding of the County of York, in a country of fine and commanding outline, embellished by rich cultivation and luxuriant woods.

It is surrounded by a Park and ferme ornée of about three hundred acres. The Deer-Park, which consists of about one-half, is very pleasantly varied, shaded by fine old timber; while an extensive piece of water, formed from a branch of the River Dearne, flowing at the foot of two sloping hills, gives light and spirit to the composition.

The House, which does not boast of much architectural ornament, is convenient and suited to the accommodation of a numerous family. The principal apartments are upon the ground floor, and consist of a well-proportioned Hall, Library, Drawing-room, Anti-room, Dining and Billiard Room; the five last opening en suite, have a southern aspect.

The Library contains a very valuable collection of books, made principally by the late John Spencer, Esq. It contains, likewise, a great curiosity, in the bow of Little John, the famous outlaw, and companion of Robin Hood. It was brought many years ago from Hathersage, in Derbyshire, an old seat of the Ashtons, but later, in the possession of the Spencers, where Little John was buried. The bow, which is of yew, and of great weight, measures yet, though both ends, where the horns were attached, are broken off, six feet, seven inches long, which corresponds with the tradition, that Little John was a man of great stature, and called “ Little” ironically, a tradition confirmed by the great size of some of the bones found in his grave, when opened about forty years ago, the thigh-bone whereof was said to measure twenty-eight inches and a half, and is now in the possession of Sir G. Strickland, of Boynton.

On the left of the House is the Pleasure Ground, a very beautiful piece of ground, ornamented by fine evergreens and shrubs, and boasting some singularly fine forest trees.

Cannon Hall was, for many years, in the possession of the Bosvilles of New Hall, who had great estates in these parts. It is mentioned, in an old manuscript relating to the feuds of the families of Elland and Beaumont, which took place

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