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(to conjoin

Fantasticalness, fån-tas'tė-kål-nés. s. mere Fashionable, fåsh'ún-å-bl. a. approved by

compliance with fancy; whimsicalness custom, made according to the mode; hacaprice

(humour ving rank above the vulgar Fantasy, fân'tå-sė. s. fancy, imagination ; Fashionableness, fash'ûn-a-hi-nés, s. modish Far, fár. ad. to great extent, remotely, at a elegance

(confortable to custom great distance; in a great part; to a great Fashionably, fash'ún-a-ble. ad. in a manner height; to a certain degree

Fast, fast. v. n. to abstain froin food Far, får. a. distant, remote; from far Fast, fast. 8. abstinence from food Farce, farse. s. a dramatick representation Fast, fäst. a. firm, innmoveable ; speedy, swift written without regularity

Fast, fåst. ad. firmly, immoveably; closely, Farcical, får'sė-kål. a. belonging to a farce swiftly Farcy, får'sė. s. the leprosy of borses Fasten, fås'sn. v. a. to make fast, to cement, Fardel, får'dèl. 8. a bundle, a little pack Fastener, fås'sn-ứr. s. one that makes fast or Fare, fåre. v, n. to be in any state good or firm

[vus bad; to feed, to eat, to be entertained Fasthanded, fåst'hand-éd. a. avaricious, covetFare, fåre. s. price of passage in a vehicle ;| Fastidious, fås-tid'é-ús, or fås-tid'je-is. a. provisions


[ad. squeamishly Farewell, fåre'wêl, or fåre-wel'. s. the part-||Fastidiously, fås-tid'é-ửs-lė, or fås-tid'jè-s

ing compliment, adieu ; act of departure Fastness, fast'nės. s. firmness; a strong place Farinaceous, får-é-nå'shús. ao mealy, tasting Fat, fåt. a. plump, fleshy like meal

Fat, fåt. s. the ucctuous psrt of animal flesh Farm, farm. 8. ground let to a tenant; the Fat, råt. s. a vessel in wh uh any thing is put

state of lands let out to the culture of! to ferment or be soaked tenants

Fåt, fåt. v. a. to make fat, to fatten Farm, fårm. v. a. to let out to tenants at a Fat, fất. v. n. to grow full-fleshed

certain rent; to take at a certain rate ; to Fatal, fà'tål. a. deadly, mortal; appointed by ultivate land

(ground destiny Farmer, får'mỦr. 8. one who cultivates bired Fatalist, få tål-list. s. one who maintains that Farmost, får'mbst. a. most distant

all things happen by invincible necessity Farraginous, får-rådje'é-nûs. a. formed of Fatality, rå-tal'e-tė. s. predestination ; dedifferent materials

cree of fate; tendency to danger Farrago, får-ragd. 8. a medley

Fatally, fà'tål-lé. ad. mortally, destructively; Farrier, får'ré-úr. 8. a shoer of horses ; al by the decree of fate horse-doctor

Fate, fåte. s. destiny ; event predetermined i Farrow, fär'ro. s. a little pig

death cause of death Farther, får'thếr. ad, at a greater distance ; Fated, fá'têd. a. decreed by fate

mure remotely (to greater distance Father, få'thếr. s. he who begets a child, apo Farther, får'thểr. a. more remote ; tending pellation of an old man; an ecclesiastical Fartherance, får'thér-ånse. s. encouragement writer of the first centuries; the title of a Farthermore, får-ther-more'. ad. besides, popish confessor; the title of a senator of over and above, likewise

(vance old Rome; the appellation of the first Farther, får'thếr. v. a. to promote, to ad person of the adorable Trinity Farthest, fár'thést. ad. at the greatest distance Father, få'thér. v. a. to take as a son or daughFarthest, får'thểst. a. most distant, remotest ter ; to adopt

Efather Farthing, får'thing. s. the fourth of a penny Fatherhcod, fá'thér-hid. s. the character of a Farthingale, får'thing-gål. s. a huop used to Fatherless, father-les. a. without a father

spread the petticoat (the consuls Fatherly, få'thér-lé. a. paternal, like a father Fasces, fås'sėz. s. rods anciently carried before Fatherly, få'thér-lé, ad. in the manner of a Fasciation, fash-e-a'shủn. s. bandage

father Fascinate, fås'se-náte. v. a. tr bewitch Fathom, fath'úm. 8. a measure of length conFascination, fås-se-nd'shủn. 8. the power or taining six feet; reach act of bewitching, enchantment

Fathom, fath'im. 7. a. to encompass with the Fascine, fås-sê ne'. s. a fagot

arms; to sound Fascinous, fås'se-nús. a. caused or acting by Fathomless, fáth'ům-lês. a. bottomless witchcraft

Fatidical, fa-tid'ê-kål. a. prophetick Fashion, fash'ún. s. form, state of any thing Fatigue, fa-teeg'.s. weariness, lassitude ; toil

with regard to appearance ; custom; node ;| Fatigue, fa-téėg'. v. a. to tire, to weary rank

Fatling, fåt'ling. 8. a young animal feed fat Fashion, rásb'ản. V. a. to form; to fit ; to for the slaughter

make according to the rule prescribed by Fatness, fåt'nés. s. the quality of being fat; custom

uuctuous matter, fertility

to increase



Fatten, fåttn. v. a. to feed up, to make feshy ; Feathered, féth'ůrd. a. clothed with feathers,

(pered carrying feathers Fatten, fåt'tn. V: n. to grow fat, to be pam-Featherless, feth’úr-les. a. without feathers Fatuous, fåtsb'8-ús. a. stupid, foolish Feathery, féth'ůr-é. a. clothed with feathers Fatuity, fa-tu'é-tė. s. foolishness, weakness of|Featly, féte'lė. ad. neatly, nimbly mind

Featness, féte'nės. s. neatness, dexterity Fatwitted, fåt'wit-êd. a. heavy, dall Featu.e, fè'tshåre. . the cast of the face ; any Fatty, fat'tè. a. unctuous, oleaginous


(to beat Favour, fá'vůr. v. a. to support ; to assist | Feaze, féze. v. a. to untwist the end of a rope;

with advantages or conveniences; to re- Febrifuge, rêbórè-füje. 5. any medicine sersenible in feature

viceable in a fever Favour, rä'vůr. 8. countenance ; support ;| Febrile, fêb'ril. a. constituting or proceeding lenity; leave ; pardon; any thing word froin a fever

[in the year openly as a token

February, féb'rů-a-re. s. the second month Favourable, fà' vér-a-bl. a. kind, propitious Feces, fè'sėz. s. dregs, sediment; excrement Favourableness, fa'vůr-a-bl-nés. s. kindness, Feculence, fêk'u-iênse.

8. muddiness benignity

[favour Fecuiency, rêk't-len-se. Farourablý, få'růr-å-blé. ad. kindly, with Feculent, fêk'u-iént. a. foul, dreggy Favoured, fá' vård. parti a. regarded with Fecund, fék'únd. a. fruitful, prolifick kindness; featured

(loved | Fecundation, fêk-kản dà'shún. s. the act of Favourite, fa'vůr-it. $. & person or thing be making prolifick

[fu Faucet, fåw'sết. s. a pipe inserted into a res-Fecundify, fé-kún'dd-M. V. a. to make fruit

se] to give tent to the liquor (puzzle Fecundity, fé-kůn'de-tė. s. fruitfulness Fault, rålt. s. offence, slight crime ; defect; Fed, têd. pret. and part. pass. of to feed Faultily, al'td-lè. ad. not rightly, inproperly Federal, féd'ér-al. a. relating to a league or Faultiness, fàl'tė-nés. b. tadness, vici- usness Faultless, fålt'lês. a. without fault, per fect Federate, fêd'êr-åte. a. leagued Faults, fál'tė. a. guilty of a fault, blan leable Fee, féė. e. recompense ; payment occasionFaun, fåwu, s. a kind of rural deity

ally claimed by persons in office ; reward Fawn, cảwn. s. a young deer

paid to physicians or lawyers Fawn, fåwn. v. n. to bring forth a young Fee, fèé. v. a. to reward, to pay ; to bribe deer; to court servilely

Feeble, fé'bl. a. weakly, debilitated, sickly Fawningly, fåw'ning-lè. ad. in a cringing Feebleness, fé'bl-nės. 6. weakness, imbecility, servile way

ipfirinity Fay, fà. s. a fairy, an elf

Feebly, fè'blè. ad. weakly, without strength Fealty, fé'al-tė. s. duty due to a superior lord Feed, féèd. v. a. to supply with food; to Fear, fére. s. dreaj, horror; awe; anxiety graze ; to nourish ; to entertain Fear, fére. V. a. to dread; to terrify, to make Feed, fééd. s. food; pasture afraid

Feeder, rééd’úr. s. one that gives food; one Fearful, fére fúl. a. timorous ; awful; dreadful that eats Fearfully, fére'ful-lè. ad. timorously; terribly. Feel, réél. v. n. pret. Felt. part. pass. Felt. dreadfully

(bitual timidity to bave perception of things by the touch Fearfulness, fère'rål-nès. s. timorousness, ha-Feel, íèél. v. a. to perceive by the touch ; Fearlessly, fére'lés-lé. ad. without terror to have sense of pain or pleasure Fearlessness, fère'lés - nės. 8. oseinption from Feed, réél. s. the sense of feeling, the touch fear

Feeling, féėl'ing. part. a. expressive of great Fearless, fère'lés. a. free from fear, intrepid sensibility ; sensibly felt Feasibility, fé-ze-bil'é-tė. s. a thing practicable|| Feeling, féėr'ing. s. the sense of touch ; sede Feasible, fé'ze-bl. a. practicable, that may be sibility, perception effected

Feelingly, féél'ing-le. ad. with expression of Feasibly, fé'ze-blè. ad. practicably

great sensibility Feast, feest. s. an entertainment of the table, Feet, réét. s, plural of Foot å sumptuous treat

[to delight Feetless, félt'lès. a. without feet feast, fèést. V. a. to entertain sumptuously ; Feign, fåne. v. a. to invent; to dissemble Feat, fete. s. act, deed, action

Feign, fåne. V. n. to relate falsely, to image Feat, fete. a. ready, skilful; nice, neat

from the invention

(truly Feather, féth'úr. s. the plurve of birds ; an or-Feignedly, išre'éd-lè. ad. in fiction, not

(enricbl Feipt, ránt. s. a false appearance Featheis féth’úr. v. 2. to dress in feathers; to Felicitate, ré-lis'é-tåte. v. a. to make bappy ; Featherbej, réth'ůr-béd. 5. a bed stuffed with to congratulate

Ition feathers

Felicitation, fè Ile-e-ta'shủn. 6. congratula

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Felicitous, fè-lis'e tún. a. happy

Feoffee, fér'réé, 8. one put in possession Felicity, ré-lis'é-tė. s. happiness

Feoffer, fèrrůr, s. one who gives possession of Feline, fé'ilne. a. like a cat, pertaining to a cat

any thing

[possession Fell, fél. a. cruel, barbarous ; savage

Feoffment, fêf'mênt. s. the act of granting Fell, fel. r. a. to knock down, to hew or cut Feracity, fè-rås'é-tė. s. fertility down

Feral, fé'rål. a. funeral, mournful Fell, tél. pret. of To fall

Ferine, fè'r!ne. a. will, savage (uesa Fellmonger, fél’ming-gůr. s. a dealer in Ferineness, ré-rine'nės. s. barbarity, savage Lides

Ferment, fér-ment'. v. a. to exalt or rarefy Fellnes, fli'nés. 8. cruelty, savageness

by intestine motion of parts Felloe, fèl'16. s. the circumference of a wheel Ferment, sér-ment'. v. 2. to have the parte Fellow, fél'ld. e. an associate; one of a pair ; a put into intestine motion

mean wretch ; a member of a college that Ferment, fêr'ment. s. intestine motion, tu shares its revenue


(fermentation Fellow, fèi'ld. v. a. to suit or pair with Fermentable, fér-ment-a'bl. a. capable of Fellowship, fêl'18-ship. 6. association; equal-Fermentation, fêr-men-ta'shủn. s. a slow mo

ity; partnership ; an establishment in a tion of the intestine particles of a mixt college with a share in its revenue


(mentation Felo-de-se, fè-13-de-se'. s. in law, be that Fermentative, fêr-mên'tå-tív. a. causing fer

committeth felony by murdering himself Fern, férn. 8. a plant Felon, fêl'ún. s. one who has committed a Ferny, férn'è. a. overgrown with fern capital crime; a whitlow

Ferocious, -ro'shỉs, a. savage, fierce Felonious, fè-10'ne-ús. a. wicked, traitorous, Ferocity, re-róc'è-té. s. savageness, fiercegest malignant

(way Ferreous, fér'ré-ửs. a. consisting of iron, beFeloniously, fé-18'nė-ís- lè. ad. in a felonious

longing to iron Felony, fèi'ún-ė. s. a crime denounced capi- Ferret, fêr'rît. s. a quadruped of the weasel tal by the law

kind; a kind of narrow riland Felt, félt. pret. of feel

Ferret, fér'rit. v. a. to drive out of larking, Felt, félt. s. cloth made of wool united with

places out weaving: a hide or skin

Ferruginous, fér-rd'; in-ús. a. partaking of Felucca, re-lůk'à. B. a small open boat with the particles and qualities of ircn

Ferrule, fêr'ril. s. a ring put round any thing Female, fè'måle. 8. a she, one of the sex which to keep it from cracking brings young

(to a she Ferry, fêr'rè. v. a. to carry over in a boat Female, fè'måle. a. not masculice, belonging||Ferry, fér'rė. s. a vessel of carriage ; the Feminality, fêm-e-nil'é-té. s, female nature passage over which the ferry-boat passes Feminine, fém'e-nin. 2. female ; soft, deli-Ferryman, fêr'ré-mån. s. one who keeps a cate; effeminate

Femoral, fém’d-rål. a. belonging to the thigh|Fertile, fér til. a. fruitful
Fen, fén. 8. a marsh, a moor, a bog Fertility, fér-til'd-tė. . abundance, fruitful-
Fence, fense. s. guard; enclosure

(inake productive Fence, fense. v. a. to enclose, to secure by Fertilize, fêr'tfl-lize, 7. a. to make fruitful, to an enclosure or hedge ; to guard Fervency,

fêr'vén-se. s. heat of mind, ardour; Fence, rense. v. n. to practise the art of

zeal manual defence; to figut according to art Fervent, fêr'vênta. hot, boiling ; vehement Fenceless, fênse'lés. a. without enclosure, Fervently, têr'vent-le. ad. eagerly, vehe. open

me ntly; with pious ardour [zealous Fencer, rén'sůr. 8. one who teaches or prac-Fervid, fêr'vid. a. hot, burning ; vehemente tires the use of weapons

Fervidness, fér'vid-nés. 8. ardour of minda
Fencible, fén'se-bl. a. capable of defence zeal
Fend, fend. v.a. to keep off

Fervour, fêr'vůr. s. heat of mind, zeal
Fend, fénd. s. n. to dispute, to shift of a Fescue, fês'ků. s. a small wire by which thosa

who teach to read, point out the letters Fender, fên'dür. 6. a defence against cinders Festal, fes'tål. a. belonging to a feast ; fes Fennel, fén'aêl. . a plant of strong scent tive, joyous

lient Fenny, fén'nė. a. marshy, boggy

Fester, fés'tûr. v. n. to corrupt, to grow viruFeodal, fü'dál, a. hela from another

Festinate, fes'te-pète. a. kasty, hwried
Feodary, fü'da-re. s. one who holds his estate i Festival, fes'tė-vål. t. pertaining to feasts,

under the tenure of suit and service to a su joyous
perior lord

(with right Festival, fés'te-rål. s. time of feast
Feoff, ief. v. a. to put in possession, to invest | Festive, fén’t’7. a. joyous, say

six oars


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nór, nôtentube, tůb, bả11---11---pňůnd--thin, this.

FIL Festivity, fés-tiv'è-té. s. festival, time of re-||Field, fééld. s. ground oot inbabited; cultijoicing

vated tract of ground; open country ; Festoon, fés-t88n'. s. an ornament of carved place of battle ; space; extent; the surface

work in the form of a wreath or garland of a shield

cf flowers, or leaves twisted together Fieldmarshal, fééld-mår'shål. . commander Fetch, fêtsh. v. a to go and bring ; to obtain of an army in the field as its price

Fieldpiece, fèèld'péėse. 8. small cannon used Fetch, fétsh. s. a stratagem, a trick

in battles Fetid, fè'tid. a, stinking, rancid

Fiend, féend. s. an enemy, Satan Fetidness, fêt'id-nés. s. the quality of stinking Fierce, féérse. a. savage, ravenous Fetlock, fét'lôk. s. a tuft of hair that grows Fiercely, féérse'lé. ad. violently, furiously behind the pastero joint

Fierceness, féérse'nès. s. ferocity, sarageness Fetter, fêt'tůr. . a. to bind, to enchain Fiery, fl'ér-é. a. hot like fire; vehement, arFetters, fết'túrs. 8. chains for the feet

dent ; passionate ; unrestrained; heated by Fettle, fêt'tl. v. n. to do trifling business fire Fetus, fè'tủs. s. an animal in embryo, any Fife, flfe. 8. a pipe blown to the drum thing yet in the womb

Fifteen, flitéén. a. five and ten Feud, fude. 8. quarrel, contention

Fifteenth, fifteenth., a. the fifth after the Feudal, fu'dål. a. held of a superior lord

tenth Feudal, fú'dål. s. a dependence, sosnething||Fifth, fifth. a. the next to the fourth beld by tenure

Fifthly, fifth'lė. ad. in the fifth place (ninth Feudatory, fú'da-tůr é. s. one who holds byFiftieth, fif'tė-êth. a. the next to the fortysome conditional tenure

Fifty, rif'tè. a. five tens
Fever, fè'vůr. 8. a disease in which the body Fig, fig. 5. a tree and its fruits

is violently heated, and the pulse quickened Fight, fite. v. n. pret. Fought ; part. pass. Feverisb, fè'vůr-ish. a. troubled with a fever Fought. to contend in battle, to make war; tending to a fever

to contend in single fight (against Few, få. a. not a great number

Fight, flte. v. a. to war against, to combat Fewness, fu'nés. 8. smallness of number Fight, flte. e. battle ; combat, duel Fib, rib. s. a lie, a falsehood

Fighter, fl'tür. 8. warrior, duellist Fib, rib. v. 0. to tell lies

Fighting, riting. part. a. qualified for war, it Fibber, fib'bůr. 8. a teller of fibe

for battle Fibre, fl'bůr. s. small thread or string Figment, rig'mént. s. an invention Fibril, rl'bril. 8. a small fibre or string Figulate, fig'd-låte. a. made of potter's clay Fibroue, fi'brůs. a. composed of fibres Figurable, fig'd-rå-bl. a. capable of being Fickle, flk'kl. a. changeable, inconstant brought to certain form, and retained in it Fickleness, rik-kl-nes. s. inconstancy, un-Figurability, fig-u-ra-bil'é-te. s. the quality certainty

of being capable of a certain and stable. Fictile, rik'til. a. made by the potter


[terminate form Fiction, fik'shủn. s. the act of feigning, the Figurate, fig'll-råte. a. of a certain and dething feig ned; a falsehood

Figurative, fig'd-rå-tiv. a. representing someFictious, fik'shús. a. fictitious, imaginary thing else, typical Fictitious, rik-tish's. a. counterfeit, not Figuratively, fig'd-rå-tiv-lè. ad. by a figure genuine

[terfeitlyFigure, rig'dre. 8. shape ; person, external Fictitiously, tik-tish'ús lé. ad. falsely, coun form, appearance ; a statute, an image ; Fiddle, fid'di. 8. a stringed instrument of representation in painting; a character demusick, a violin

(to trife

noting a number Fiddle, fid'al. v. n. to play upon the fiddle ;| Figure, fig'ùre. v. a. to form into any deterFiddler, fld'di-or. s. one that plays upon the mined shape ; to cover or adora with fiddle

(a fiddle figures; to form figuratively Fiddlestring, fla'dl-string. 8. the string of Filacecus, fé-là'shủs. &. corsisting of threads Fidelity, fé-dél'é-tė. s. honesty, faithful ad-|Filacer, fil'à-sůr. . an officer in the Common herence

Pleas Fidge, fidje.

Filament, fil'k-ment. 8. a slender thread Fidget, fídj'lt. v. n. to move nimbly and

Filbert, fl.'bůrt. s. a fine hazel-nut irregularly

Filch, filsk. v. n. to steal, to piller Fiducial, fé-de'shål. a. confident, undoubting Filcher, filsh'ůr. s. a thief, a petty robber Fiduciary, fé-du'she-a-ré. s. one who holds]File, file. s. a line on which papers are any thing in trust


strung; a catalogue, roll; a line of solFiduciary, fè-dd'shé-å-rè. a. confident, un diers ranged one behind another; an inFiel, fèéf. s. a fee, a maaor

strurnent to smooth metals M


File, file. v. a. to string upon a thread or|Finesse, fé-nës'. s. artifice, stratagem wire ; to cut with a file

Finer, fl'nůr. &. one who purifies inetals File, rlie. v. n. to march in file

Fine-spoker, fine'sp8-kn. a. affectedly polite Filemot, ril'é-måt. 6. a brown or yellow Finger, fing gúr. s. a flexible member of the brown colour

hand; a small measure of extension Filial, lil'yål. a. pertaining to a son Finger, fin'gúr.' v. a. to touch lightly; to Filiation, fil-e-a'shỉn. s. relation of a son to touch an instrument of musick a father

[by the file Finical, iin'é-kål. a. nice, foppish Filings, fl'lingz. 6. fragments rubbed of Finically, fin'é-kål-ė. ad. forpishly Fill, fil. v. a. to store till no more can be Finicalness, fla't-kål-nês. superfluou

admitted ; to satisfy ; to make full, to cc nicety Cupy by bulk

Finish, l'in'ish. v. a. to perfect, to complete Fill, fil. v. n. to give drink; to grow full Finisber, fin'ish-úr. s. one that finishes Fill, fil. s. as much as may produce complete Finite, si'nite. a. limited, bounded

satisfaction; the place between the shaftsFiniteless, fi'nite-lea. a. without hounds, unof a carriage


[to a certain degree Fillet, fil'lit. 8. a band tied round the head Finitely, fl'nlte-lè. ad. with certain limits,

or other part, the fleshy part of the thigh, Finiteness, fi'ulte-nés. s. limitation applied commonly to veal: Meat rolled Finless, fin'lés. a. without fins together, and tied round

[fillet Finlike, fin'like. &. formed in imitation of fing Fillet, til'lít. v. a. to bind with a bandage or Finny, fin'nė. a. furnished with fins (made Fillip, fil'líp. v. a to strike with the nail of Fir, fér. . the tree of which deal boards are the finger by a sudden spring

Fire, fire. s. the element that burns; any Fillip, fil'lp. 8. a jerk of the finger let go thing burning; the punishment of the from the thumb

damned; any thing that infames the pasFilly, fil'lė. s. a young mare



ardour of temper; liveliness of Film, film. s. a thio pellicle or skin

imagination, spirit of sentiment; the

pasFilmy, ffl'mė. a. composed of thin pellicles sion of love Filter, fii'tir. v. a. to strain, to percolate Fire, fire. V. a. to set on fire, to kindle ; to Filter, (ii't`r. 8. a strainer, a charm, a love infame the passions, to animate Filth, filtb, 6. dirt, nastiness [potion Fire, fire. v. n. to take fire, to be kindled; Filthily, filth'é-iè. ad. nastily, fou!ly, grossly to be inflamed with pasoson; to discharge Filthiness, filth'é-nés. 6. nastiness, dirtiness ;

any fire-arms pollution

Fire-arins, fire'ármz. e. guns, muskets Filthy, filth'è. a. nasty, foul; polluted Firebrand, fire'bränd. s. a piece of wood Filtrite, fll'tråte. v. a. to strain, to percolate kindied; an incendiary Filtration, lil-trå'shủn. 8. a method by which Firelock, fire'løk, s. a soldier's gun

liquers are procured fine and clear Fireman, fire'mân. s. one who is employed to Fimbrialed, íim'bré-à-têd. a. fringed, edged extinguish burning houses Fin, fin. s. the wing of a fish [round Firepan, fire'pån. s. a pan for holding or

1 Finable, fi'nâ-bl. a. that admits a fine

carrying fire Final, fl'rål. a. ultimate, last; cocclusive Fireship, fire'shỉp. 8. a sbip filled with com Finally, fy nál-e. ad. ultimately

bustible matter to fire the vessels of the Finance, fê-nårse'. s. revenue

enemy Financial, fè-nän'shål. a. relative to finance Fireshore), ftre'shůy-vl. 8. the instrument Financier, rtu-nân-séér'. s. one who collects with which the hot coals are thrown or farms the publick revenue

Fire-side, fire-side'. s. the bearth, the chimney Find, find. v. a. to obtain by searching or Firestone, fire'stdne. s. stone that will bear seeking;

to meet with ; to discover; to the fire, the pyrites detect; to supply, to furnish

Firewood, fire' wid. s. wood to burn, fuel Fine, fine. a. refined, pure ; subtle; pellucid; Firing, fl'ring. s. fuel

[gallons delicate ; dexterous ; elegant; accomplish-Firkin, fêr'kin. &. a vessel containing ning ed; splendid

[end, conclusion Firm, ferm. a. strong ; constant, resolute, Fine, fine. 8. a mulct ; penalty ; forfeit; the unshaken; the name or names under which Fine, fine. v. a. to refine, to purify; to punish any house or trade is established with pecuniary penalty

Firmament, fêr'må-mênt. 8. the sky, the Fine, fine. v. n. to pay a fine (keenly heuvens

[of the upper regions Finely, fine'le, ad. beautifully, elegantly; Firmamental, rêr-må-mên'tâl. a. celestial, Fineness, fine'nés. s. elegance, delicacy Firmly, flrm'lė. ad. strongly ; immoveably

show, splendour; purity [pearance Firinness, fêrm'ués bo stability; steadiness, Finery, ri'ntr-ė. s. show, splendour of ap-li resolution

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