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Chronicle of the Romanes Warres, both Two Humble Petitions of the ApprenCiuile and Foren. Written in Greeke by tices of London and parts Adjacent, for the noble Orator and Historiographer, Lawfull Recreations : The first presented Appian of Alexandria.

With a con- to the Right Honourable the Lords and tinuation Imprinted at London by Commons February 9. 1646. Henrie Bynniman. Anno. 1578. The other presented to the Right Honblack letter.

ourable the Lord Mayor Febr. 12. Dedicated by the publisher to Sir Chris- 1646. London, Printed by J. Macock, for topher Hatton. On the title of the second Nathanael Webb, & William Grantham part the translator is said to be W. B.

1647. [Feb. 13, 1646-7.] 40, 4 Part I., A-Bbb 1 in fours : Part II., title

leaves. B. M.
and dedication, 2 leaves : , 4 leaves :
a-fff 2 in fours : table, with the errata; APRECE, SIR WILLIAM.
6 leaves. The continuation begins with a
fresh title on bbb 2.

The Declaration of Sir William Aprece

knight Granchilde and heire apparent to APPIAN.

Robert Aprece. Licensed to William The cosmographye of Peter Apian. Li

Jones, 17 March, 1616-17. censed to Thomas Purfoot in 1567-8.


The XI. Bookes of the Golden Asse : The Terannye of Judge Apyus. A

London, Printed by Thomas Harper, for ballad. Licensed to John Arnold in

Thomas Alchorne, .. 1569.

1639. 4°, black

letter, A-Gg in fours. APPLETREE, THOMAS. A briefe Discourse of the most haynous

Lucius Apuleius of the Golden Asse

translated by W. S. Licensed to John and traytorlike fact of Thomas Appletree:

Thomas, 12 July, 1637. Arber, iv. 389. For which he shoulde haue sufferd Death on Tuisday the one and twentieth of Julie ARCANDAM, last : wherin is set downe his Confession, The Most Excellent, Profitable and PleaWherevnto is annexed, the Report of the

sant Book of the Famous Doctor, and message sent to the place of execution Expert Astrologian ; Arcandam, or Alfrom hir most excellent Maiestie, by the

candrin With an Addition of Phyright honourable Sir Christopher Hatton siognomy, By William Warde Knight, Vizchamberlain to hir highnesse. Printed by W. W. for William Thackeray At London, Imprinted by Henry Bynne- 8°, A-M 4 in eights. With woodman. Anno Domini 1579. 4°, black

cuts. Black letter. letter, 4 leaves. Lambeth.

ARCHERY. The message sent by yo quene : when

The Renovacon of Archery, by prince Appletree shuld haue suffered. Licensed Arthure and his companions. A ballad. (under the special authority of the Earl Licensed to Edward White, 19 Aug. 1579. of Leicester and Lord Hunsdon) to Henry A ballad intytuled, Discry binge the valBynneman, 24 July, 1579.

luee of our Englishe Archers and shott A ballat wherein yee maie see The hartie that accompanied the Blacke Prince of sorowe of Thomas Appletree. Licensed Portugall their governor into the feildes to John Alde, 9 August, 1579.

on twesdaie the 12 of August with the

welcome into Lyme-street by master APPRENTICES.

Hugh Omey. Licensed to William Jones, The complaynte of an apprentice which

13 Aug. 1589. Dayly was shente. A ballad. Licensed

ARETINE, L. to A. Lacy in 1563–4.

The historie of Leonard Aretine, conThe prentize Indentures. Licensed to

cerning the warres betwene the ImpePeter Short, 6 Feb. 1594-5, to be printed rialles and the Gothes in the possession of for the Merchant Taylors' Company.

Italy, a worke very pleasant and proThe Remonstrance of the Vpright Ap- fitable. Translated out of Latin into prentices of London, Shewing their good Englishe by Arthur Goldyng. Printed affections to the King and Parliament, at London by Rouland Hall, for George and the reason of their dislike of the Bucke. 1563. 8°, black letter, a-b in Malignants Petition for Peace. With a eights, b 8 blank: A-Z 4 in eights. full copy of their honest Petition. Lon- Dedicated to Sir William Cecil by Golding don, Printed in the yeare 1642.

4°, 4

from Cecil's house in the Strand, 2 April, leaves. B. M.


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answers, touching the estate of mans A short History of Valentinus Gentilis bodie. [Wood cut.) At Edinborough, the Tritheist, Tryed, Condemned, and Printed by Robert Waldgraue, 1595. put to Death, by the Protestant City and Small 8', A-N in eights. Douce Coll. Church of Bern in Switzerland, for asserting the Three Divine Persons of the

The Problemes of Aristotle, with other

Philosophers and Phisitions. At Trinity to be [Three Distinct, Eternal

London, Printed by Arnold Hatfield. Spirits, &c.] Written in Latin by Bene

1597. 89, A-M in eights. B. M. dictus Aretius, a Divine of that Church ; and now Translated into English for the

The Problemes . . . London Printed by use of Dr. Sherlock. . . . London, Printed,

Arn. Hatfield. 1607. 8°, A—M in eights.

B. M. and Sold by E. Whitlock . . . 1696. 8°,

There are later editions. A (misprinted B-K 4 in eights.

Aristotles Politiqves, Or Discourses of ARGALUS AND PARTHENIA.

Government. Translated ovt of Greeke The Unfortunate Lovers : Or the His

into French, with Expositions . . . by tory of Argalus and Parthenia. In Four

Loys Le Roy, called Regius. Translated Books. Adorn'd with Cuts. The Fifth

out of French into English [by I. D.) At Edition. London: Printed for C. Hitch

London printed by Adam Islip. Anno and L. Hawes . . . 12°, A-G in twelves. Dom. 1598. Folio, A-Nn in sixes, With a frontispiece.

first and last leaves blank. Dedicated to ARGUMENTUM.

Sir Robert Sidney, Governor of Flushing. Argumentum Anti-Normannicum: Or Aristotle's Compleat Master-Piece. In An Argument Proving, from Ancient Three Parts ... The Seventeenth EdiHistories and Records, that William, tion. Printed, and Sold by the BookDuke of Normandy, made no absolute sellers, MDCCXXVIII. 12°, A-F in Conquest of England by the Sword ; in twelves, including the frontispiece, but the sense of our Modern Writers. exclusively of a folded woodcut. London : Printed by John Darby. 1682.

One of the spurious pieces. 8o. Title and frontispiece, 2 leaves : A, ARMSTRONG, SIR THOMAS. 4 leaves : B-K in eights : L, 6 leaves : The Proceedings against Sir Thomas M, 4 leaves.

Armstrong, In His Majesties Court of ARGYLE, ARCHIBALD, MARQUIS OF.

Kings-Bench, at Westminster, upon an The Grand Indictment of High-Treason Outlawry for High-Treason, &c. As also An Against the Marquess of Argyle, at the Account of what passed at his Execution Instance of His Majesties Advocat : Ex- at Tyburn, the 20th of June 1684. Tohibited to the Parliament of Scotland, gether with the Paper he delivered to the With an Account of what hath followed

Sheriffs of London at the same Time and since thereupon. Printed for the Author. Place. London, Printed for Robert Horn, 1661. Folio. [A]-[C] in twos : [D], 1

John Baker, and John Redmayne. 1684. leaf : A–N in twos: (a)-[b] in twos :

Folio, 2 leaves. [c] 3 leaves.

A True Account of the Bringing up of ARISTOPHANES,

Sir Thomas Armstrong to Westininster, The Worlds Idol. Plutus: A Comedy

On Saturday the Fourteenth Day of June, Written in Greek. By Aristophanes,

1684, and of the Award for his ExecuTranslated by H. H. B. Together with

tion, to be Drawn, Hang'd, and Quartered, his Notes, and A Short Discourse upon

on Friday the 20th of the same Month. it. Some dare affirm that Comedies may

London, Printed by Geo. Croom, teach More in one hour than some in ten

1684. A folio leaf. can preach. London, Printed by W. G. A True Copy of a Letter sent by S. J. an and are to be sold by Richard Skelton at Eminent Minister of the Church of Engthe Hand and Bible in Ducklane, Isaac land, to Sir Tho. Armstrong, Prisoner in Pridmore at the Golden Falcon neer the Newgate, on the 18th of this Instant New Exchange, and H. Marsh at the June, 1684. London, Printed for A. Princes Arms in Chancery-lane. 1659.

Bancks. A folio leaf. 4°, A-G in fours. Bodleian.

Some Remarkable Observations on the ARISTOTLE.

Proceedings against Sir Thomas ArmThe Problemes Of Aristotle, with other strong, London, Printed by Geo. Philosophers and Phisitions. Wherein Croom, 1684. A folio leaf. are contayned diuers questions, with their An Impartial Account of the Behaviour

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of Sir Thomas Armstrong, From the time of his Apprehension to his Execution .. London, Printed by Geo. Croom, 1684. A folio leaf. ARMY. An Exact and Perfect Relation of the Proceedings of the Army under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, From the sixth of this instant July, to the eleventh of the same. Wherein is expressed the particulars of the Victory obtained by the Parliaments Forces, over Goring, neer Langport in Somersetshire. ... London, Printed for Samuel Gellibrand, July 14, 1645. 4°, 4 leaves. Three Letters, From the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Fairfax, Lieut. Gen. Crymwell and the Committee residing in the Army. Wherein all the Particulars of the Great Victory obtained by our Forces against His Majesties (at Naseby] is fully related, fought the 14 of Iune, 1645. With a List of the Names of such Colonels ... there taken prisoners. And the Resolution of both Houses upon the same. London, Printed for Iohn Wright

1645. 4', A-B 2 in fours. The Case of the Army truly stated, together with the mischiefes and dangers that are imminent, and some sutable remedies, Humbly proposed by the Agents of five Regiments of Horse, to the respective Regiments and the whole Army. No place or printer's name. [1647.) 4', A-D 2 in fours.

Without any titlepage. The Armies Remembrancer. Wherein they are presented with a Sight of their Sinnes and Dangers. And also with a Scripture Expedient for their Preservation. By a Cordiall Friend to the Kingdomes welfare. R. London, Printed for Stephen Bowtell. 1647. 4. A, 2 leaves : B-E in fours, and a leaf of F. The Articles and charge of the Army, Exhibited in Parliament against the Kings Majesty, the Prince of Wales, and the Duke of York ; Read in both Houses yesterday, Novemb. 21, 1648. And Their Declaration and Resolution (sent to the Citizens of London). . . London, Printed for C. W. neer the Royall Exchange. 1648. 4°, 4 leaves. The Humble Answer of the General Councel of the Officers of the Army, under His Excellencie, Thomas, Lord Fairfax. To the Demands of the Honorable the Commons of England, Assembled in Parliament, concerning the late Securing, or Secluding of some Members

thereof. ... London, Printed by Mat. thew Simmons, for Hannah Allen. 1648. 4°, A-B in fours. A Declaration of the Army, Concerning the Kings Majesty, the Prince of Wales, and the Citizens of London, Agreed upon by the Officers and Souldiers, under the Command of the Lord Gen. Fairfax. London, Printed for R. Williamson, ... 1648. 4°, 4 leaves. An Alarm to the present men in Power, the Officers of the Army, and all Oppressors, from some oppressed People of Eng. land, on the behalf of themselves and others. Printed 1654 (May 26.] A sheet. B. M. A Declaration of the Faithful Soldiers of the Army : To all the honest People of the Nation, Shewing their Resolution to stand by the Good Old Cause And maintain the Liberties and Priviledges of the Subject. London, Printed in the Year, 1659. 4°, 4 leaves. The Humble Petition and Addresse of the Officers of the Army, to the Parliament of the Common-Wealth of England, &c. London, Printed by Henry Hills, for him and Francis Tyton, 1659. 4°, 4 leaves. The Army's Plea for their Present Practice : Tendered to the consideration of all ingenuous and impartiall men. Printed and published by special command. London, Printed by Henry Hills

1659. 4°, A-D in fours, last leaf blank. A Declaration of the General Council of the Officers of the Army : Agreed upon at Wallingford-house, 27th Octob. 1659.

London, Printed by Henry Hills, Printer to the Army ... 1659. 4°, A-C in fours, first leaf blank. The Remonstrance & Address of the Armies of England, Scotland, and Ireland, to the Lord General Monck ; Presented to His Excellency the 9th of April, 1660. By Colonel Charles Lord Howard, Accompanied by about Fourty of the most Eminent Officers of the Armies of England, . . . London, Printed by John Macock, 1660. 4°, A-B in fours, A 1 blank. An Argument, Shewing, that a Standing Army is inconsistent with a Free Government, and absolutely destructive to the Constitution of the English Monarchy. London, Printed in the year 1697. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-E in fours, E 4 blank. A Letter to a Foreigner, on the Present






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Debates about a Standing Army. Lon- ARCHDEKIN, R., of the Society of Jesus. don, Printed for Dan. Brown, 1698. R. P. Richardi Arsdekin Soc. Jesv Sac. 4°, A-C, 2 leaves each.

Theol. Professoris Theologia Tripartita A Short History of Standing Armies in

Universa .. Dilinga,

Anno England. [Quot, from Virgil Æn. ii.] M.DC.LXXXVII. Folio. Loudon, Printed in the Year MdcxcvIII. | ARTEMIDORUS. 4o A, 2 leaves : *, 2 leaves : B-G in

Certayne Dreames reade by Artemedorus. fours, G 4 with the Errata.

Licensed to T. Marshe in 1558-9.
On the title of this copy is written: "By

ARTICLES. Gordon of Dorchestershire,” which is struck out; and on the back of the leaf Articles Devisid by the holle consent of occurs in another hand : “It was written the Kynges moste honourable counsayle, by a Great Minister in ye end of K. Wil

his gracis licence obteined therto, not liam's Reign, who did not approve of yo Kings Ministers. See Oldmixon's Critica

only to exhorte, but also to enfourme his History, p. 177. I think he intends La

louynge subiectis of the trouthe. [Col.] Sommers. P. 159, he [Oldmixon) calls him Londini In Ædibvs Thomae Bertheleti. that Noble Author,' weh shows he M.D.XXXIII. Cvm Privilegio. 8°, black thought him one of yo Nobility.”

letter, A-B 3 in eights, B 3 having only ARNWAY, JOHN.

the colophon. B. M. The Tablet Or Moderation of Charles the

Articles to be Inqvired of. 1548. [ColoFirst Martyr. With an Alarum to the

phon.] Imprinted in London the laste Subjects of England. Written both

daie of August. M.D.xlviii. in the second Historically and Prophetically by the learned pen of that Reverend Divine,

yere of the reigne of our moste drad &

souereigne lorde Kyng Edwarde the : John Arnway, D.D. late Arch-Deacon of

VI: By Richard Grafton Printer to his Lichfield and Coventry, in his exile.

highness. Cum priuilegio . . . 4°, black London, Printed by A. W. and are to be

letter, A-B in fours. sold by Henry Seile, and Richard Royston 1661. 8°, A-P 4 in

Articles to be enquyred, in the visitation, eights, title on A 2. With a portrait and

in the fyrste yeare of the raygne of our a preface by William Rider,

moost drad soueraygne Lady, Elizabeth

by the grace of God, Anno. 1559. ARS MORIENDI.

[Col.] Imprinted at London in Povles Ars Moriendi, That is to say, the Craft for to Die for the benefit of Man's Soul.

Churcheyarde by Richard Iugge, and Iohn

Cawood, Printers to the Quenes Maiestie. [W. Caxton, circâ 1491.) 4°, 8 leaves,

Anno M.D.LIX. Cum priuilegio Regiæ Bodleian.

Maiestatis. 4°, A-B in fours, B 3—4 Here begynneth a lityll treatise shorte blank. and abredged spekynge of the arte & crafte to knowe well to dye. [Col.]

Articles to be enquired in the visitation ; Thus endeth the trayttye abredged of the

in the firste yeere of the raigne of our arte to lerne well to deye / translated

moste dread Soueraigne Lady Elizabeth, oute of frenshe in to englyshe. by willm

... Anno domini . 1559. [Col.] ImCaxton the xv. day of Juyn / the yere of

printed at London, by Christopher Bar

kar, our lord_a Miiijclxxxx. [W. Caxton,

[1559). 4°, A-B in fours,

B 4 blank. 1491?] Folio, 13 leaves, besides a blank. Br. Museum and National French Library. Articles, Whervpon it was agreed by the ARSANES.

most reuerend father in God the ArchOrations, of Arsanes agaynst Philip the

bishop of Canterbury, & other the trecherous kyng of Macedone : of the

Bishopes & the whole Cleargie of the Embassadors of Venice against the

prouince of Canterbury, in the conuocaPrince that ynder crafty league with

tion or synode holden at Westminster, Scanderbeg, layed snares for Christen

. . Published by the Queenes Maiesties dome: and of Scanderbeg prayeng ayde

aucthoritie. [Col.) Imprinted at London, of Christian Princes agaynst periurous

by Richarde Iugge, : . . [1575). 4°,

4 leaves. murderyng Mahumet and agaynst the old false Christian Duke Mahumetes con- Articles to be Enqvired of, by the Minisfederate. With a notable example of Gods ter, Chvrch-Wardens, and Side-Men, of vengeance vppon a faithlesse Kyng, Quene, every Parish within the Arch-Deaconry and her children. Imprinted at London,

of London. Which were given in charge, by Iohn Daye. 8°, A-K in eights.

in the annuall Visitation of the Right



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Worshipfull m" Theophilus Ailmer, Doctor of Diuinitie, Archdeacon

of London, in the yeare of our Lord God, one thousand sixe hundred and twentie. London, Printed by Thomas Purfoot. (1620.) 4°, A-B in fours. Articles to be enquired of by the Minister, Church wardens, and Sidemen, of euery Parish and Chappelry within the Deanry of (left blank] In the yeere of our Lord God [left blank] and presentment to be made by them, contayning a particular ansver to euery Article. London : Printed by Iohn Bill. 1625. 4°, A-B in fours, A blank. Articles to be Inqvired of . . . within the Arch-Deaconry of London ... In the annuall Visitation of the Right Worshipfull M" Thomas Paske Doctor of Diuinity, Arch-deacon of London, in the yeare of our Lord God, one thousand sixe hundred, twentie, and Sixe. London, Printed' by Thomas Purfoot. 1626. 49, A-B in fours. Articles to be Enqvired of within the Dioces of London, In the Second Trienniall Visitation of the Right Honorable, and Right Reuerend Father in God William Lord Bishop of London. Holden in the yeere of our Lord God, 1631. Printed at London. M.DC.XXXI. 4", black letter, A-C in fours. Articles to be Enqvired of, in the Ordinarie Visitation of the Right Worshipfull, Doctor Hutchinson Arch-Deacon of Lewes. 1639. London, Printed by George Miller. Anno Domini 1639. 4°, 4 leaves. The Twelve Articles, or the Apostles Creed. Licensed to John Okes, 19 March, 1639–40. A broadside with pictures. ARUNDEL, HENRY FITZALAN, Earl

of. An epitaphe on the Death of therle of Arundell. Licensed to Thomas East, 8 March, 1579-80. ARUSIENS. A spedy Remyde for the pestelence, by a bysshope of Denmarke.

Licensed to W. Griffith in 1569–70.

Evidently a proposed reprint of one of

the earlier editions. ASCHAM, ANTHONY. A Discourse: Wherein is examined, What is particularly lawfull during the Confusions and Revolutions of Government. Or, How farre a man may lawfully conforme to the Powers and Commands of those who with various successes hold

Kingdomes divided by Civill or Forraigne Warres, .. Three Parts : By Ant : Ascham, Gent. London, Printed, Anno Dom: 1648. 8°. *, 4 leaves : A-K in eights. ASCHAM, ROGER. A Report and Discourse written by Roger Ascham, of the affaires and state of Germany and the Emperour Charles his court, duryng certaine yeares while the sayd Roger was there.

At London, Printed by Iohn Daye, dwelling ouer Aldersgate. Cum Gratia . . . [1570-1.) 4o, black letter, A-I in fours.

Prefixed is a letter from John Ashley to Ascham, and Ascham's answer, the former dated Hatfield, 19 October, 1552. Ascham's reply is, in fact, the Report itself, probably printed by Day about the same time as the

Schoolmaster. Disertissimi viri Rogeri Aschami, Angli, Regiæ maiestati non ita pridem a Latinis epistolis, familiarum epistolarum libri tres, magna orationis elegantia conscripti Quorum primo praefigitur elegantissima de Imitatione Oratoria. Huc accesserunt eiusdem pauca quædam poemata. Excusum Londini impensis Francisci Coldocki. [1576.] 8o. Title, &c., 12 leaves : A—Bb 6 in eights, Y 2 blank.

Edited, with a memoir of Ascham, by Edward Grant. Disertissimi Viri Rogeri Aschami Londini. Pro Francisco Coldocko. Anno. 1578. 8o. 1,8 leaves: 11,4 leaves : A-00 4 in eights. [Col.] Londini in Officina Henrici Middletoni Typographi. An. D. 1578. Disertissimi Viri Rogeri Aschami Angli, (Regiæ olim Maiestati a Latinis Epistolis) familiarium Epistolarum libri tres

Hvc Accesservnt Pavca quædam eiusdem R. A. Poemata. Item Oratio E[dwardi] G[rant] De Vita & obitu R. A. & eius dictionis elegantia. Londini. Pro Francisco Coldocko. Anno . 1581. 8o. T, 8 leaves : A--00 4 in eights.

This includes the commendationes. Dissertissimi Viri Rogeri Aschami Angli

Familiarum Epistolarum libri tres

Accesservnt hac postrema editione Ioannis Sturmij, Hieronymi Osorij, aliorumque Epistolæ ad Rog. Aschamum aliosque Nobiles Anglos missæ. Addita svnt pavca quaedam Rogeri Aschami Poemata .. Londini, In officina Typographica Ar. Hatfield pro Francisco Coldocko. 1590. 89, A-Mm in eights.

This includes Edward Grant's account of Ascham's life.

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