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other room, with a letter from Mr. money he should call for : but he $moakum, his banker, acquainting advises an adion to be commenced him that lady Jenkins had taken up against any person to whom her lathree hunderd pounds: this drives dytip had lost more than 10l. and the knight into a violent passion : promises large damages, besides conall the terrors of the Gazette Where- lidering himself very decently in the as stares him in the face, and he bill of colts. runs into his wife's room to upbraid Lady Jenkins giving him the her with her extravagance. Seeing time and parish, in which he loft the money on the table, he first 100 1. to one person, the poor lawyer pockets it, and then wakes her to a is thunderstruck, on enquiring the second altercation, in which he as., name, to find the party was his own fures her, that the shall never have wife; he runs out raving; Sir Jea guinea at her own command, and remy, threatening to employ anothat he will initantly relate her be- ther lawyer, as he intends to purhaviour to her brother. In the mean sue every tittle of his advice, lady time Mr. Nettle, the attorney, ar- Jenkins, through fear of being exriving (whom Mr. Jeremy had sent posed, promises never to touch acard for to know how he had proceeded again for any sum that can make against the banker who had paid herself blum, or Sir Jeremy uneasy, the money without his order) he is upon condition he forgets her past Mewn in. After a few interroga- indiscretion; to this the knight tories to the lady, Nettle tells Sir agrees ; the distress of the lawyer Jeremy that the money must be having put him in a good humour; paid, as the banker had received no and thus the affair is happily fiorder to refuse lady Jenkins any pished.

Anecdoie of Henry IV. King of France.

SOON after the peace of Vervins, himself; but he has a mistress, who

Henry IV. returning from hun. must have so many fine cloaths and ting, in a plain garb, and only two gewgaws, and it is we pay for all ; gentlemen with him, crossed the however, if he had her to hinself, Seine in a common ferry-boat. Per- it would not be so much ; but the ceiving the waterman did not know is so devilimly bely'd, Master, if the him, he asked him, what people said does not play the beast with two of the peace ? “ Faith, answered the backs with some others.” Henry waterman, as to this same fine peace Fourth, who had been excelsively I know nothing ofit; buteverything, diverted with this colloquy, fent I know, is taxed, even to this old tool

next morning for the waterman, of a boat, so that I can scarce get a and made him repeat before the living.” Well, but continued Henry dutchess of Beaufort, without min. Fourth, does not the king intend to cing one word, what he had said see the people eased? “ The king, the evening before. Her Grace was replied Charon, is well enough of fo incenfed, that nothing would serve her, but the king muit im-' suured by distress. His boat shall mediately order him to be hanged.' pay no tax, and then he'll be con“Poh! said Henry, are you mad! tinually singing, Vive Henri ! Vive Don't you see he is a poor devil, Gabrielle !''

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T 'HE name of this family has Which son was, after his father's

been, like others of long con-' death, in the same wars with Roger tinuance, variously written, as Sitfilt, earl of Hereford, and being taken Sicelt, Seycil, Seifel, and Cecil, &c.' prisoner at the siege of Lincoln, in yet it is evident, that though the the oth year of king Stephen, and name was so differently spelled, the paying for his ransom 400 marks, persons were of the same family.. was obliged to sell his lordship of It is agreed by Cambden, and other Beaoport, and his lands in Gloucesgenealogists, that Robert Sithlt, antershire. He had, by Maud his wife, affiftant to Robert Fitz-Hamon, in daughter of de Frenes, Evthe conquest of Glamorganshire, in ftace, his son and heir, who married the fourth year of the reign of king Eleanor, daughter of Sir Walter William Rufus, anno 1097, was an Pembridge, knt. and had issue Sir cestor to the family. Which Robert Baldwin Seifel, knighted by king was rewarded with lands by the faid Henry II. and Nain at the liege of Robert Fitz-Hamon, for his services; the castle of Cardiff, his father then and afterwards, by marriage, had living. He gave lands in Kegestone Alternnes, that part of Hereford- to the monks of Dore ; as also freeshire called Ewgas-lands, with other dom of common and pasture, and lands in Herefordshire and Gloucef- other liberties in his woods. This tershire : to whom succeeded his son Sir Baldwin, by his first wife, daughand heir, Sir James Sithit, or Seisel, ter of Maurice de Brampton, had baron of Beauport, (now called Beau- issue fix fons, Gerald, Euftace, pore) in Glamorganshire, Nain at Henry, John, and Walter ; as also the fiege of Wallingford-castle, in two daughters, Catharine, wife to the 4th year of king Stephen ; hav. Hugh ap Meredith Maredake; and ing then on a vetture, whereon was Eleanor; to Walter Wallis. And by wrought in needle-work, his arms his second wife Margara, daughter or enrigns, as they appeared on the of Sir Stephen Radnor, knt. had tomb of Gerald Sitfilt, in the abbey ifTue, Stephen, Roger, Hugh, David, of Dore, which were blazoned in a Maud, a nun; Joan, wife to John judgment given by coinmisfion from de Solers; and Anne, to Owen ap king Edward III. on a controversy Meredith. The eldest son, Gerald of the same arms, as I Mall here- Sitsilt, married Mabel, daughter of after shew. He left iflue, John his Sir William Moigne, knt. and had fon and heir, and four daughters. issue Gerald, who died an infauf,


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"Cecil Earl

of Oxeter.

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Robert, Owen, a monk in the abbey mentions. John Sitfilt the eldest fun, of Dore, in Herefordshire ; Catha- by the first wife, married Sibil, rine, wife of Sir Griffin ap Gere- daughter of Robert de Ewyas, had ford, knt. secondly, to David ap issue Sir John, and George, and a Evan; and thirdly, to Geffery, fon daughter, Margaret, wife of Sir Roof Sir Walter Bret, knt. Anne, wife bert Baskerville. Which Sir John to Robert, son of Richard Brom- Sitfilt being at a piace called Haliwich; EHen, wife to John, for of down-hill, near Berwick, in the Sir Richard Abrahall, knt. He was 6th year of Edward III. there arose succeeded by Robert Sitsilt, who mar- a great controversy between him and ried Alice, daughter of Sir Robert Sir William Fankenham, concernde Tregoże, knf. and had issue ing a banner of arms charged withi James, Gerald, Thomas, Baldwin, this coat, viz. a field barry of ten pieces, Margaret, and Elizabeth.

argent and azuré, on fix escutcheons ; James Sitfilt, eldest son of Robert, three, two, and one fable, as many lions had to wife Isabel, daughter of Sir rampant of the firft.

Which arms John Knell, kit. by whom he had each challenged as their right, and issue, James, who died young, and, offered to maintain the fame by Gerard, twins; Robert, John, Alice, combat in their proper persons ; wife to Walter Monington, Grace, but the king was pleased to forbid married to Roger, son of William it, and ordering the heraids to deBlunt, Eleanor, wife to Thomas cide the affair by law and justice, Paine, Margery, wedded to Morgan they folemniy adjudged the right of ap Meredith, and Cecil, wife to bearing those arms to Sir John Site Howel ap Blethin ; fecondly, to Sir fit, as heir of blood, lincally descendHugh Bruges knt. Gerard Sirlilt, ed from the body of James Sitsilt, eldest son, was buried in the abbey baron of Beaupott, fiain at the siege of Dore, in Herefordshire, under a of Wallingford castle, in the 4th tomb erected to his memory, there- year of king Stephen. This Sir on the arms of his ancestor, Sir John had a charge of men of arms James Sitfilt, fain at the fiege of for the custody of the marches Wallingford-castle, in the 4th year of Scotland, in the reign of Edof king Stephen. He married fout ward III. He martied Alice, fister wives: by his first wife, Margaret, to Sir Robert Baskerville, and had daughter of Stephen de la Bere, he issue John, his son and heir, who Nad iffue John: and by his second having married joan, daughter of wife, Bridget, widow of Sir Simon Sir Richard Mannington, knt. had Ward, knt. had a son James. Also, issue John, who died in his lifeby his third wife, --, daughter time; and Sir Thomas Sitsist of Al. of Martin Hopton, had iffue Martin, teren'nes, in Herefordshire, kot. Henry, David, and fane: and lastly, Which Sir Thomas married MarBy his fourth wife, Joan, daughter garet, daughter and heir of Sir of Robert Emerton, had itTue Sti- Gilbert Winston, knt. and had issue gand Seiffel, Nain' at the fiege of Richard, his son and heir, who had Strivelin, in Scotland, in the reign to wife Margaret, daughter of Sir of king Edward II. and had no issue, John Philips, knt. by whom he had as the register of the abbey of Dore Philip Sicelt, (as the name was there March, 1763.



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