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The Chriftian Merchant


Tb: third US, of Caution, 1. Canticm.


Ave a care ye fill not a good Coulib

lell not Gods Cause, fell not theo Cause and latereits of Religion and Trarb. Prov. 23, 23 Buy the Truth but fill it not. There be five

PP ways of selling a good Caufe. First Way ot selling a good Cause, is, by perfidis

NO ous betraying a good Caule. There are some wbo seem to be on the right side of the house for a time, who are not found or ftable in the Faith, but waver le like a wave of the Sea, & may be tempted through e clie deceitfulnels of their own bearts, to disclose the fecrets, to discover the trength or weakness, and treacberoullie to work the wrack and wo of those who are ingenuous and fedfalt for a good Cause, lo O but such deserve to be stigmatized with a brand of infamie, Lam, I, 2. fer. 9. 2, 3, 4, 5.

Second Way of felling a good Cause, is, by perfecuting a good Cause, there is never a Ger neration but Setan bath fame ander his Pay, lach fome Journey-men a work for carrying on thi Trade, Efiber 7. 4. W. are sold. I, und my People to be defroyed, &e. O Sirs, are there not come who make a Merchandize of the Saints, and rearch op eftates upon their roines, pillaging and perfecuts ing them, wherein ebey tbink they bave not onlie done themselves and their generation geod service, ter but even done God geod service, Job 16; 2. bat they

of Call not want their reward. To which

рироfа have a notable parage, Isa. 68. 5. Har ibt


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Vord of rbe ZORD, 9: Chuo rrembie ar His Fjoris, gour Brothren thar batcut you, that if you cat Jer

My Names Sake, Said, ler ile LORD to glarified: but He shall appear to your joy, and they fali biashamed. On which place Mr. Pool speaks plainlie aur mind of it. Says be, your Brethren by pation or by external profession of Religion, though false Brethren, they laut you out of their societie, or which is more probable excommunicat or east you out of their sy nagogues, for your owning of Me, and adherence to My Law, thinking thereby they do God good Service, bui there will come a day when God shall appear, and let them know His jodgement concers sing their Violence and Rage, chen shall ye bave Joy, and they shall be alhamed.

Tbird Way of selling a good Cause, is, by Apos Astizing from a good Caule, this looks like a roeing of the bargain that seemed (at least profesionally to be made with Christ, which not onfrequently fallech out, speciallie when inconveniencies and perfecutis ons attend Religion ; but often it is to be observed that an affrented God offereth not such to pass uo , punished, as in the fearfullinance of Francis Spira, who being deserted of God, and lashed with furious horrors ot conscience, deeplie and doloronfie res fented bis quitting & denying the Protestant Faith, as in the famous Story of his Apollacy may be seen.

Fourth Way of selling a good Cause, is by pres ferring our secular interests to the Cause & Concerns of Chrift; there have been manier-fuch Demofer, who have forsaken Chrilt to embrace this preleno World and seek their own things, and not th: rhin of Chrift:

Ľ :

Fifcb Way of selling a good Caute, is, by fyding with an ill Caale, for ordinar lie they who espouse an ill Caofe, do wbat they can to overthrow the con tiarie Caole, as a fic medium for throughing their pur pole, & Chiilt seems to glance at tbis when He fays, Matib, 12. 10. Herbat is not with Me is against Me, and bc tbot garbcrirb not with Me, festterett abroad.


2. . 1. Caution. Avea care ye fel nok a good contientes

which fhould be dearer to yoo than anie outward enjoyment, for if once it be sold and gone, the price of your whole Estate and Fortone will not buy it back again, and though a man had no more bue a good conscience towards God and man, be is richer than man could make bim, and as rich as God would bave him, for a good conscience caonot miss of Felicitie, feeing it is our Felicitie, be. ing the begioning of it here, and will furelie illae in the perfection of it hereafter. There are 6x Ways of selling a good Conscience.

Firit Way of selling a good Conscience, is, by f10% ning again the Light of Conscience; Conference in Man is the Cardle of tbe Lord, and the Lamp.of the Soul to thew him the right way from the wrong the ftraight from the crooked, and the parbs of life from cbofe that lead unto death; O how manie are ebere who choose darkness ratber than light, and willfullie put out cheir own eyes, that they may not fee themselves marching to their own miserie, che pericli to Satan(wbo is a readie Mercbant for such


bargains ) is great gain, our losses being always his Pront, yet fee we not manie walking lighelie under the burden of this piece of guilt of finding against Light, which is a digree of chat unpardonable fin of wind the Holy Ghof

Second Way of (c-Hing a good Conscience, is, by Imothering and bazehng convidions of conlcience; Oman, how manie a conviction bas been cooceived and quickned in thy conscience at a Sermon, chat bave obe Church for their Church-yard, and lo buried upon the place, their life & death being almolt at once, Hath not thy conscience been often con: vinced of tbe gailt of such and soch a fia, or with the regled of such & luch a dotie, & yer there hath De reformation followed, either in forlaking tin, or doing dorie?

Third Way of selling a good Conscience, is, by torning from Cruch to error tbrough the condu& of a misinformed conscience; the profeflion and patros Nage of truth, or the elpoufal and maintenance of error, are surelie matters of conscience, wherein it flands concerned to cognofce & judge, & according to the truel determination to ad atid appear, which if it be wrong or in Fayaors of Tenets contrare to found Dadrine, this is accountable a parting with or felling of a good Coascience, hence it is said of those whe concerning the truth bad erred, that they had made Shiprorack of Faith & of a good Conscience. Compare 2 Tim. 2. !73 18, witb i Tim. 1, 19, 20.

Fourth Way of felling a good Conscience, is, by committing conscience wafting lips, such as Perjury, Sacriledge, Adultery, Blasphemy, Parricide, Mort


Oppression, repeated relapses into gross fins, and o. ther the like atcrocious crimes, which cauterize the Conscience and debaucb it inco desperat Aapisitie,

Fifth Way of selling a good Concience, is, byly ing, equivocacing, cheating, gripping, and orber kinds of fraudulent dealing betwixt man and man, which are vices too too rife among Merchants, which do mightilie eat the conscience, as the profits gained that way use to bribe it into Glence,

Sixth Way of selling a good Conscience, is, by the ordinarie use of tbac common Oath, by my Cobícia ence; upon which I have these two remarks, it seems fuch mens conscience is ill and liccle werth, they give so large and lavish a penmiworth, swearing by their conscience for everie crifle; my other remark is that they who swear so prodigallie by their Faith, & by cheir Conscience, are readilie the people that have no Faith and no Conscience, for serious religious persons, that are concerned to keep Faith &a good Conscience,chey prize their precious Faith &agood Conscience at a higher rate, than to make a bachle or byword chereof in lựcb a flight manner,


3. Caation. Have a careye fell not be Goods of ers of this kind of merchandize,leaft it prove a math

our eftates, and a fretting canker to your confcic Oiny Friends, beware of Sacriledge it is a is crime, which God Himsell will avenge,

Partie injured by this sort of Robberie,

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